HDtracks 2014 Sampler free download

HDtracks 2014 Sampler

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Leonard Bernstein milestone collection

Deutsche Grammophon New collection celebrating Leonard Bernstein's milestone recordings for the label. Lift-off LP-sized box (30cm x 30cm), featuring iconic portrait of Bernstein. 40 page deluxe LP-size book (in three languages E,F,G) including foreword by Bernsteins daughter (Jamie Bernstein) and articles by Bernsteins biographer (Humphrey Burton) and editor of The Bernstein Letters (Nigel Simeone). Four color coded compartments beneath the book to hold the CDs in original jackets. As a special DVD bonus, The Making of West Side Story is also included in the set.

BC Acoustique new power filter and power cable

BC Acoustique new power filter EX-001 and power cable EX-002. 

Magico LLC S3s speaker in pearl white

Magico LLC S3s in beautiful pearl white awaiting to be shipped to the new happy owner.

Vertical Rotary Power Socket

Now this is great idea and approach to our typical cable clutter. The Vertical Rotary Socket is a new way of looking at power cord extension or multi-plugs. The design offers a simple solution of a rotating base, giving you the liberty of plugging in the various shapes and forms of plug-heads, without them interfering with each other for space. Sweet!

A new age of analogue

The analogue 'look' has been experiencing a comeback in a range of media. But as the growth in vinyl sales prove, the retro trend is about more than just style. The FT's Seb Morton-Clark reports on analogue's revival and the new hope it is giving to an embattled music industry.

Antelope Audio free music download

Antelope Audio Free download. HOPE - Nick Wood feat. Julian Lennon, Tetsuya Komuro and BEYOND Tomorrow Students  192 kHz audio file download. Reference: The song is a collaborative piece written and produced by Nick Wood with the voice of Grammy-nominated Julian Lennon, piano by Japan’s mega-hit producer Tetsuya Komuro, and chorus by the Boston Boys and Girls Club and Beyond Tomorrow, to raise money for the earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. The promotional video was shot in Japan, Los Angeles, and New York. All proceeds from the song go to the recovery effort of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami through the NPO, BEYOND Tomorrow, an organization supporting orphaned children from the disaster.

Mica Clear two-step cleaner

NEW Mica Clear is a two-step cleaner developed and tested by Audiomica Laboratory. The liquid consists of two formulations described as Mica Clear One and Mica Clear Two. The application of this system is aimed to improve the condition of plugs and ensure a perfect contact with a receptacle. Dissolving and removing of various dirt make better contact and increase a current flow area. After the application of Mica Clear the dynamics of the system is increased and unnatural sharpness and roughness of the sound disappear.

Teufel Audio Aureol Real headphones

Teufel Audio Aureol Real headphones are coming in for a review in upcoming weeks. These stylish headphones comes in many colours, but the blue, black, and gold varieties are only available in company new Berlin Flagship store up to the end of April.

Teufel’s Aureol Real open, over-ear, high-definition headphones are incredibly lightweight and robust. Strong neodymium magnets and 44 mm linear HD drivers ensure a broad frequency range, enormous impulse fidelity, and distortion-free levels. Neutral tuning means that you’ll enjoy natural, true-to-source sound with music, movies, and gaming. Efficient drivers have no problem mustering high volumes from smartphones and MP3 players.

Soulution 560 D/A-Converter

At Highend 2014 in Munich Soulution will launch the new soulution 560 D/A-Converter. Top class digital-to-analog converters followed by preamplifier grade output stages transform every detail of the digital source material in to the analog world.

Five different digital inputs (AES/EBU, SPDIF, optical, USB and LAN) ensure a versatile use of the 560 D/A-Converter. The USB interface is an asynchronous design based on a high performance DSP. It is clocked by the 560s high precision master clock and gets powered by its ultra stable power supplies (not USB bus powered!). For the LAN connection the 560 is equipped with a separate dedicated DSP that manages the communication to the local area network and does buffer and decode the incoming music signals.

Daniel Hertz M9 integrated amplifier

The Daniel Hertz M9 is a compact integrated stereo amplifier with exceptional sound quality and attractive features. The Daniel Hertz M9 offers first rate sonic quality at a very affordable price. USB DAC and AirPlay make it ideal for matching with the internet – music downloads, youtube, and other sources that people enjoy but usually do not associate with excellent sound. With the Daniel Hertz M9, the most die-hard audio experts are stunned to hear internet audio become enjoyable and fulfilling, especially when a Mac with Daniel Hertz Master Class software is used a front end. 3 analog inputs allow connection to LP turntables, tape decks, DVD and SACD players, and other sources with analog outputs. 

Teufel Audio and hülsta next generation of furniture with integrated audio

Teufel Audio and hülsta present the next generation of furniture with integrated audio. The collaboration between the Berlin hi-fi manufacturer Teufel and the furniture manufacturer hülsta from Stadtlohn has born its first sonic fruit. Media lowboards from hülsta’s SCOPIA and XELO ranges combine elegant furniture design with sophisticated home cinema sound and music playback. The integration of the sound components within the furniture was seamlessly executed. “Our cooperation already began in the product design phase,“ explained Teufel CEO Edgar von Velzen. “The Teufel components were custom-designed for the hülsta furniture units and imperceptibly integrated without acoustic compromise.”

That’s right: these two passions are no longer at odds. Thanks to Teufel Audio’s recent collaboration with hülsta, you can enjoy powerful, true-to-source sound in your living room without compromising your interior. Hülsta’s new media lowboards unite sleek, timeless, high-quality design with the latest audio technology for thrilling and transparent playback with movies and music from an enclosure that enhances any interior.

Metaformen Acoustics RACKAUDIO Range

NEW Metaformen Acoustics RACKAUDIO Range with double shelves (also available with only a plinth). The upper shelf is damped with brushed aluminium spikes. Thickness of the plinth is 40 mm. High end audio furniture in Maple solid wood ! Total weight: 55 Kg. Handmade in France.

Jawil Audio Asgard integrated amplifier

Asgard amplifiers are characterized by separate current and voltage gain. A switchable Class A bias offers perfect musical reproduction. Asgard compare tonally with a triode amplifier: A flowing, warm, perfect playback, coupled with sufficient power reserves to cope with large dynamic peaks. Milled from the solid metal housing shows the dedication to the chassis approach.

KBL Sound Spectre series cables

KBL Sound cables from Spectre series just arrived at Mono & Stereo for a review. Spectre interconnects, speaker and power cable will soon get all the needed attention and burn in. Stay tuned for first impression and complete review in due time.

Wadia Intuition 01 integrated amplifier

Exclusive look at the Wadia Intuition 01 integrated amplifier outside and inside details. Take a look at the beautiful copper finish, that might go into the production soon and others photos...

Acurus Aries integrated amplifier

NEW Aries is a the first ever 2.1 integrated amplifier in the Acurus lineup. Aries was designed to provide a powerful high-performance audio experience from stereo or 2.1 sources all in a cool-running compact package. The intuitive front-panel interface provides a set of immediately familiar controls that fine tune the system for best performance without any hint of clutter and confusion. Our new hybrid analog class D amplifier technology runs cool and offers an affordable alternative to drive even difficult speaker loads with ease and accuracy. An option card slot on the rear panel allows for future upgrades and custom tailoring of features.

Mark Levinson Master Class

Daniel Hertz Master Class music player software for Mac finally just arrived today from Mark Levinson. I have heard a few high ravings, but now I can finally try it myself. Find below a short intro to the Master Class. I'll post first impression soon followed by a full review in due time.

In 1984, Mark Levinson collaborated with audio pioneer Dick Burwen to create the legendary Cello Audio Palette, the first and only analog equalizer with no distortion, noise, or unwanted sonic coloration. It was produced for 15 years straight with almost no changes. The Cello Audio Palette is now the most expensive and rare audio component on the used market, often fetching $10,000 to $20,000 or more.

Trafomatic T2 + TakeT H2 + amplifier production pictures

Very nice set of photos from the production and testing of Trafomatic T2 + TakeT H2 + amplifier. Check the complete set after the jump...