Win a free pair of Sennheiser Urbanite headphones

The Urbanite wants to give himself to you. Visit for a chance to win a free pair of Sennheiser Urbanite headphones. Find the Golden Ear: New York...

Tribute OPTVC, Silver Windings on Finemet Core

Thomas Mayer just got hands on the pair of line output transformers with TVC (transformer volume control) secondary. This is the same style he used in his 10Y line stage, but with the silver wire and Finemet (nano crystalline) core material.

RHA T10i In-Ear Headphone NEW

RHA today announced the introduction of the T10i noise isolating, in-ear headphone featuring high fidelity dynamic drivers with interchangeable tuning filters. The T10i will debut at the Berlin consumer electronics trade show, IFA, from the 5th of September.

Peak into EMMESpeakers' Art of Gilding

Lorenzo Martinelli just shared EMMESpeakers pictures of GALILEO Diamond Special Edition with Bronze and Black Leaves. Check the full resolution photos after the jump.

StraightWire Crescendo 3 Speaker Cables NEW

Straight Wire has introduced the latest version of their highly acclaimed “Crescendo” Speaker Cable with notable advancements. The CDA 101 conductors are now “compacted” with 6% compression instead of 3-4%. Composed of 12 conductors groups at 15awg – the Crescendo 3 can effortlessly bridge premium amplifiers (regardless of power or format). Dual insulation thicknesses (“soft” Foam un-sintered PTFE and “hard” Foam Polypropylene) were adjusted to account for the characteristics of the new conductors. The cable still has a core of 7 equal size TPE tubes that maintain a uniform mechanical foundation as the cable is bent or flexed. 

Blue Note: Uncompromising Expression: 75 Years of the Finest in Jazz NEW

A must reading for all the Blue Note and Jazz fans. All new Uncompromising Expression: 75 Years of the Finest in Jazz:

Released to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the coolest and best- known label in jazz, this book celebrates over seven decades of extraordinary music from a company that has stayed true to its founders commitment to Uncompromising Expression. Tracing the evolution of jazz from the boogie- woogie and swing of the 1930s, through bebop, funk and fusion, to the eclectic mix Blue Note releases today, the book also narrates a complex social history from the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany to the developments in music and technology in the late 20th century. Blue Note is not only known as the purveyor of extraordinary jazz but is also famous as an arbiter of cool. The photography of co-founder Francis Wolff and the cover designs of Reid Miles were integral to the labels success and this highly illustrated, landmark publication featuring the very best photographs, covers, and ephemera from the archives, including never-before-published material commemorates Blue Notes momentous contribution to jazz, to art and design as well as to revolutionizing the music business.

Aphex Twin Syro vinyl NEW

For those of us who were strongly affected not only by the late 70's and early 80's techno music, but also by the 90's Detroit and later UK scene lead by legendary Warp Records, Aphex Twin represents the pinnacle of electronic music exploring. His genius outputs marked the creative composing, that no one else touched in such similar hypnotic, lucid and galaxy far away creational energy.

Now Richard D. James returns after a long brake with his new album. You can find the preview track below, but like most out here I'm highly anticipating for the full release.

Sunday's Disk - Krakatau - Matinale (ECM 1529)

A great overlooked disk, pals... found it for a coffee at the local flea market, this morning... what a disk!

Seldom heard textures from Finland.

ACA Seraphim speakers NEW

We at ACA are extremely pleased to debut our brand new speaker, the Seraphim, at RMAF 2014. The Seraphim is a 3-‐way, floorstanding loudspeaker that raises the bar for performance at its price point. Picking up where our popular Trinity LCR leaves off, the Seraphim digs deeper and features a smoother, more refined top end, while maintaining the lush, detailed, intimate midrange that makes the Trinity such a winner. Come visit us in Room 442 and find out what a heavenly voice sounds like!

OBravo HMAT-1 Air Motion Transformer Headphones NEW

In the history and evolution of audio, Air-Motion Transformer (AMT) audio speaker technology was an industry influencing breakthrough by Dr. Oskar Heil. His original speaker design took a conventional seven-inch cone type mid-range driver and reduced it in size into an accordion-folded down design resulting in a more compact, incredibly small speaker of only one and a half inches, offering point-source dispersion. The resulting low-mass diaphragm was then suspended within a dipole magnetic field concentrating an intense field around diaphragm. When an audio signal current passed through the aluminum strips, the ensuing bellows-like motion of the folded pleats moved air five times faster than with a conventional cone driver and as a result producing unsurpassed sound quality. Many loudspeaker manufacturers have adopted this technology in their products. In small compact applications, speakers are still large in size and require external drivers, not with the HAMT-1. 

Kennerton Magister high grade headphones

This Hi-End model has a spotless high-class style and sound. Magister can be with equal success used both at home and in a studio. The model is equipped only with the best materials and components. Acoustic enclosure is made of solid Bog Oak Wood over 2000 years old. Three years of research and experiments resulted in unique geometry of the acoustic enclosure, which knows no equals in the world.

Vinyl cartridge cantilever importance

Interesting article about the importance of the cantilever:

"Cantilver is more important in quality performance level than stylus shape."

That's what Jonathan Carr says, and he's the designer of the famous Lyra MC-cartridges.

The diamond stylus of most cartridges is mounted on a little piece of thin material. This little pin in fact is just something like a very tiny flag pole. It's rigid material, but it flexes as the pole in the wind does. So there a mechanical losses between stylus movement and the electrical generator. Even very hard material is flexible, like everyone knows from the glass window, when wind is heavily blowing against it.

The way of doing things properly

No comment needed. Beyond nostalgia ...

Wilson Audio XLF speakers system

Another Wilson's pride, the XLFs landed in Malaysia and they won't be the last...enjoy

Tre Voci - Kashkashian, Magen & Piccinini: Tōru Takemitsu / Claude Debussy / Sofia Gubaidulina NEW

New release from the ECM label. Check out free preview...

Kim Kashkashian, who won a Grammy last year with her solo viola Kurtág/Ligeti disc, returns with a new trio. Tre Voci includes Italian-American flutist Marina Piccinini and Israeli harpist Sivan Magen. All three musicians have been acknowledged for bringing a new voice to their instruments. Kashkashian, Piccinini and Magen first played together at the 2010 Marlboro Music Festival, and agreed that the potential of this combination was too great to limit it to a single season. Since then they have been developing their repertoire. On this compelling first release it revolves around Debussy’s 1915 “Sonata for flute, viola and harp” and its influence, most directly felt in Takemitsu’s shimmering “And then I knew ‘twas Wind” and indeed to the music of Sofia Gubaidulina, whose “Garten von Freuden und Traurigkeiten” (“Garden of Joys and Sorrows”) makes its own reckoning with orient and occident.

Electric Recording Company new premium vinyl release

Electric Recording Company just released new limited 300 copies of highly sought Claude Debussy Préludes LIvre 1 and Estampes performed by Henriette Fauré. This £300 premium priced vinyl will for sure reach selected audience. Yet one can argue the high costing album against almost $1500 for the used vinyl. As usually Pete produced everything as close as possible to the original and in full analog domain. Mastered from the original tapes!

Berliner Philharmoniker vinyl premium package arrived

Wonderful exclusive package just arrived from Germany. Berliner Philharmoniker Robert Schumann's complete symphonies conducted by chief conductor Sir Simon Rattle in premium packaging and on my favorite medium. This is Berliner Philharmoniker first release on their new label and they wanted to start with something special. Great excitement for any music lover.


Tom Vu of Triangle just sent in more detailed info about new APOLLO MC CARTRIDGE.

As Zeus gave birth to Apollo, our Triangle Art Zeus Cartridge gave birth to the Stone body Apollo – the god of Music (and light/sun/healing)!

Exquisitely crafted with Onyx stone, the Apollo MC Cartridge use some of the Best Parts in the World and each components of this cartridge was fine-tuned and tweaked to deliver the performance worthy of carrying the Triangle Art Logo. Some Proprietary design change was made to the cartridge to yield much improved Sound Quality. We also took more time with each cartridge and meticulously assemble each with utmost care.


The Omnibus Wind Ensemble’s interest in Frank Zappa’s music dates back to the beginning of the1980s, almost from the very beginning. Under the motto “From Mozart to Zappa”, which also became the title of their first, widely acclaimed CD under the Opus 3 label, they have had many of Frank Zappa’s compositions on their repertoire over the years.