Interview with Daniela Manger of Manger Audio

MI: What was your first experience with high- end audio and how you got into the business?

Since I was a child, I have always been surrounded by the Manger Sound Transducers, influenced by the Manger credo and dedication to achieve perfect sound reproduction.  Those days I didn’t know it was high end, but it was always about getting the best sound. After studying electrical engineering I decided to enter the family business and after 25 years I still know it was the right decision.

MI: How and when Manger Audio was formed?

Manger was started as an offshoot of our family’s radio, TV and music store.  My father wanted to get better sound than at that time was possible from conventional loudspeakers, so in the late 60s he began looking into it. Manger officially began serial production of drivers in the late 80s.  Two years ago we changed the name to Manger Audio when we completed our new product line and launched our website with new branding.

MI: Is there a person or company in audio business that inspired your venture?

I have watched my father as a little girl.  He was my inspiration and the reason I continue to push the brand.  I learned my passion for sound from him. 

Sonus faber Pryma headphones 10k mark...

Quit an achievement for relative new headphones on the market. Sonus faber Pryma reached the no. 10.000 production threshold…

Verictum Cogitari power distributor NEW

First photos of upcoming, new Verictum Cogitari power distributor.

Thales Tonarm TTT-Compact II turntable production

Drive unit for Thales Tonarm TTT-Compact II turntable, consisting of 95 parts; getting ready to be matched into the turntable.

Cyenne Audio

"Cyenne is more and more switching over to custom designs. This special Contralto is made for a customer who wanted specifically a R2R DAC and no volume control in the digital domain. This will accomplished by a BB PCM63P-K based DAC printed circuit board (PCB)."

Thales Tonarm philosophy explained


While cutting the master disc of vinyl LP, the cutting-tool is hold on a massive support and guided linearly above the disc’s surface. This arrangement keeps the cutter-head rigid, even if high cutting forces occur.

While tracking the LP for playback, it’s totally different properties: the pickup-cartridge should follow the groove as smooth as possible and even tolerate eccentric and wavy vinyl. Therefore, radial pivoted tonearms are established as they allow to reduce unintentional forces at the tracking point tremendously. However, this mechanically preferred solution ends up with a geometrical error, since the cartridge is not guided tangentially to the groove anymore.

Vienna Philharmonic impression in Japan

Vienna Philharmonic / Wiener Philharmoniker photo impressions from their tour in Japan…

Tannoy Dual Concentric driver heritage

“In 1947 the  was launched at the London Radio Show. This revolutionary technology went on to define TANNOY and then later the whole audio industry.”

HIRO Acoustic Laboratory MODEL-CCCS speakers

Upgraded HIRO Acoustic Laboratory MODEL-CCCS aluminum speakers. Made in Japan.