Transparent Magnum Opus NEW

After setting a new absolute reference with Opus MM2 concept, the company founded in 1980 in USA, outdoes itself bringing to market its new flagship cables for connection to speakers: the Magnum Opus. Exclusive as few and exceedingly complex, the new Transparent Audio will be manufactured in very small quantities to achieve optimal results in each individual case. To do this, the most qualified technicians of the company are responsible for -ensamblada calibrate each unit by hand, of course that perfectly suits the impedance curves of the components of each system, the configuration of the listening room and even average room temperature of the same. It certainly is the most opulent ever built by Transparent Cable Audio, the Magnum Opus consists of numerous clusters of very thick OFHC conductors with a uniform rate and robust twisted. The next key element Magnum Opus technological adaptation network is embodied in a block size and complex shape which allows to achieve damping of electromagnetic origin resonances Opus much higher MM2 and the ability to transfer large amounts of current with a extremely low background noise.

Pranawire Linebacker Extreme NEW

Another world exclusive. Where else then at AE. Pranawire Linebacker Extreme NEW. It was originally planned to present at the 2nd AE super show. This is a fine piece of work by Joe Cohen over a period of more than 1 year. It is built like an amp.

Elina Garanca NEW upcoming album

Elina Garanca returns with a new album - perhaps one of her most personal albums ever. It's a beautiful selection of spiritual music dedicated to the eternal search and longing for inner peace and connects the listener with Garanca's Latvian roots. 

Magico Bass Driver

Magico ultra high efficiency Q7 12" Bass Driver

The music media change in past decades

Bowers & Wilkins to offer live recordings from Kings Place London

These recordings will be available as high-resolution downloads from Society of Sound. Together with Kings Place we will select a handful of recordings from their eclectic programme each year starting with Scottish singer songwriter and Idlewild front man Roddy Woomble.

McIntosh Laboratory MXA70 NEW

McIntosh Laboratory introduces the MXA70 a luxury all-in-one system giving music lovers authentic McIntosh sound quality in a compact and stylish package.

McIntosh Laboratory, the global leader in high-performance home entertainment systems for over 75 years, has launched an all-in-one system of unrivalled ability. The new MXA70, which comes complete with speakers, takes full advantage of the latest McIntosh technologies and gives space-tight consumers the best possible listening experience. The MXA70 is a highly versatile high-performance audio system that’s hand-built in McIntosh’s Binghamton (NY) factory. It contains an advanced 50-watt McIntosh amplifier, in-house aluminium loudspeakers and a dedicated headphone amp. Also included is a high- quality McIntosh DAC with four digital inputs, bringing the famous McIntosh sound quality to a wide range of digitally connected devices. 

Switzerland's Gems - at Serge Schmidlin's place

A couple of days ago I visited again Serge at his place, in Commugny, near Geneve.

A couple of years passed after my first and last visit at Audio Consulting's headquarters and must say - being, like all best audio systems I'm aware of - a work-in-progress, Serge and his cohort of Swiss artisans did an incredible series of smaller and bigger adjustements, little steps, one after another, which so deeply transformed and improved the overall sound and music enjoyment and listening pleasure.


Speical edition of AARON integrated with the name AARON LET'S ROCK. Priced at the 5.000 EUR with the limited numbers. 

Carlos Kleibe Complete Orchestral Recordings on vinyl NEW

It has been ten years since Carlos Kleiber passed away. Deutsche Gramophone celebrate the great conductor with the "Complete Orchestral Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon" which are NOW ALSO RELEASED ON 4 LPs. 

Faber Cables Reference power distributor NEW

Yesterday I had a chance to see the all new Faber Cables Reference power distributor. CNC machined  from solid aluminium block with cut outs only for the innards. Priced at 3300 EUR. Coming soon at Mono & Stereo for an exclusive review.

FM Acoustics experience at Natural Sound

As you requested. Complete pictures set (75+) and few more words about the FM Acoustics system approach and sound experience at Natural Sound hosted by Hari Štrukelj. 

This was rare opportunity to hear a complete FM Acoustics system and upon Natural Sounds invitation I've started early to reach Hari Štrukelj in Italy. We wanted to dedicated enough time for in depth listening and actually spent the whole day through the musical enjoyment as well as discussing the art of high-end audio technology. 

Tripoint Thor SE Master Reference ground cable

Tripoint Thor SE Master Reference ground cable. Getting ready to ship out to the new happy owner.

Koetsu cartridges signed by Yoshiaki Sugano

Now this is special rare opportunity for Koetsu and analogue fans. A gift from the past! Koetsu cartridges signed by Yoshiaki Sugano:

After about 40 years in the audio business I have collected -without really collecting- a lot of audio and audio related material. In fact after all these years a part of our warehouse is like a small audiomuseum. Lot of things, each with their own story. Today some of these hidden treasures we want to share with you here on the blog. 30 years ago we introduced Koetsu cartridges to the European market. I went to visit Yoshiaki Sugano, the man who built the cartridges, several times.

FM Acoustics 268 preamplifier

The FM Acoustics 268 pre amp has been heralded as one of the better audio component of its category for quite some time. It's not my intention to state the obvious about FMA products but to show a picture of a well experience audiophile will take good efforts to improve upon even the better audio component. I believe that we will be rewarded with the efforts put into better the performance of our cherished audio system. 

IsoTek Syncro EVO3 power cable Special Edition NEW

IsoTek, the leading brand of mains conditioning products for hi-fi and home cinema, has launched an upgraded ‘EVO3’ Special Edition of the Syncro, the pioneering power cable that’s much more than just a cable.

Originally launched in 2010, the Syncro is IsoTek’s most advanced mains cable. It incorporates unique performance-enhancing electronics housed in an anti-resonant aluminium cylinder positioned part way down the cable’s length. This key feature is essentially a ‘pre-filter’ designed to synchronise the mains supply in order to promote a perfectly symmetrical sine wave, delivering significant sonic improvements when used with any hi-fi system.

FM Acoustics at Natural Sound

Another peak into the full FM Acoustics system; Inspiration System XS - IIIB, Resolution Series FM 233 Phono Master, 4 x 111 monoblocks and Resolution Series FM 268 C flagship preamplifier. 

Computer Audio Design CAD Audio Transport

The new CAT is our highly advanced source component. It has been carefully designed to complement our award-winning 1543 DAC, combining exceptional sound quality with ease of use to provide a high-quality one-box solution for music storage and playback. Each CAT is built by hand to order here in the UK and is tailored to suit your home music set-up: either as a stand-alone two-channel system, or for integration into home networks.

FM Acoustics at Natural Sound

Directly from the Mono & Stereo exclusive visit at FM Acoustics room at Natural Sound. First vinyl on the full FM Acoustics system; Inspiration System XS - IIIB, Resolution Series FM 233 Phono Master, 4 x 111 monoblocks and Resolution Series FM 268 C flagship preamplifier.