Void Acoustics Air Array horn speakers

Is this something that might work for domestic audio application? Void Acoustics Three-way bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array is made out of fibreglass kevlar composite construction, offers frequency response from 90Hz to 26kHz ±3dB and can handle 143dB continous maximum output...

Air Array is the mid-high element of the Incubus Club System and unites many ground breaking technologies to deliver the best high level, hi-fidelity sound you will ever experience. Its radical looks are not just for show, as its form has taken shape from the need to correctly fuse all its sections together to form a coherent radiation pattern over its stated dispersion angles. 

ECM Records András Schiff/ Ludwig van Beethoven – The Piano Sonatas

This specially-priced 11 CD edition contains the complete piano sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven, recorded live in concert at the Tonhalle in Zürich. It also includes the encores from these concerts with works by Schubert, Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and Bach, as well as an extensive booklet, which re-collects all original conversations around the sonatas, and adds an insightful new text by András Schiff reflecting upon the “Encores after Beethoven”.

Shindo Laboratory Aurieges tube preamplifier

Shindo Laboratory Aurieges tube preamplifier being inspected and rechecked by Jean Luc Benoist of Docteur tubes. If something recalls gourmet food, then those Shindo’s Vitamin Q, sprague capacitors surely do the trick…

Nervine Instruments reference phono-9

True double mono with dedicated high definition shunts and triple gain option - 50dB / 63dB / 70dB.

HRS VXR Audio Stand

Latest HRS VXR Audio Stand is finally in production.  Official photos and info...

The VXR Audio Stand is a patent pending industry leading design that eliminates noise, revealing a new level of musical performance. The highly acclaimed HRS Isolation Bases load directly into the VXR frame as the shelf system. The boundlessly rigid VXR frame optimizes Isolation Base performance while offering unique flexibility and functionality. The VXR Audio Stand system was designed for the individual who wants reference level performance and unlimited current and future options and adjustability.

Metaxas Marquis "Memento Mori" exotic headphone amplifier assembly

Metaxas Marquis "Memento Mori" exotic headphone amplifier being assembled by Alessandros Metaxas…

DD Audio SPG Z6-30 Intelligent Subwoofer NEW

Worlds first ever intelligent subwoofer and amplifier combination? Ready for high-end audio application?

The SPG Z6-30’s main feature is our brand new Accelerated Force Mechanism technology, or AFM for short. Instead of a single voice coil driving the moving parts of the woofer, we’re driving the moving parts of the woofer with 26 radially distributed intelligent electro magnets. Using similar technology to modern Gauss cannons (which is essentially a Stupid Potato Gun), we were able to create the most powerful yet sonically accurate subwoofer in the world.

Audio Note ANE Spe HE signature speakers external crossover

Peek under the hood of Audio Note (UK) AN-E/SPe HE Signature speakers' external crossovers. AN-SPe pure silver loudspeaker cable, Audio Note (UK) copper foil Mylar in oil capacitors, hand would copper inductors... 

HRS S3 Isolation Base NEW

Harmonic Resolution Systems added the HRS S3 Isolation Base to their product line.

  • New level of noise reduction performance
  • Greater performance at the same price!
  • Manufactured from 7 different materials
  • New plinth construction that increased plinth mass
  • Available in a black or silver finish
  • Can be used on any surface or audio stand
  • Integrates directly into any HRS Audio Stand Frame