New Credo Reference Speaker System NEW

New Credo Reference Speaker System from Swiss will be available soon as a two-channel passive system or up to 128-channel active DSP setup (32bit 192 kHz). Credo will display it for the first time at "High-EndSwiss 2015".

Viva Audio Master Horn System review

Ask any ardent audiophile or seasoned mature high-ender about his ultimate “wet” dreams type of the speakers. Over eighty percent will go for the horn speakers. People might not have the dedicated listening spaces to host such a big speaker system, still, in my conversations over the past three decades interestingly and intriguingly large horn speakers still stand for most of them as an end of the game and ultimate choice. Even Magico as a trend setter offer as their flagship Magico Ultimate Horn…

Usually in high-end audio society there are still not clear grounds and a healthy perspective towards the ultimate gear. This still bewilders me, as passionates, aficionados and connoisseurs from high-end horogly and extreme cars society/industry have no problem with the utmost takes on the most complex watch complication and sports cars costing sky high. Their passion seems genuine and respectful towards the exotic creations and have no issue with the pricing even if they cannot afford such items. 

Miles Ahead Movie is coming...

For all the fans of Miles Davis, here is the tesaer of the upcoming movie...

Marc Bolan & Elton John & Ringo Starr Children Of The Revolution

Now, thats a classical rock jam.  Marc Bolan & Elton John & Ringo Starr performing Children Of The Revolution...

Amare Musica Tube DAC DSD NEW

Amare Musica Tube DAC DSD – without D/A Converter! World premiere at the AUDIO SHOW 2015 in Warsaw.

Metaxas & Sins Ikarus Case machined from block of solid metal

World Premiere. Here is the first video showing the start of the long and meticulous process of producing an IKARUS amplifier - machined from a block of solid aluminium.

Franco Serblin Accordo speakers at the Festival Son & Image 2015

Franco Serblin Accordo speakers will be displayed at the Festival Son & Image in Paris from 17-18 October. 

TOTALDAC D-1 Dual DAC arrived!

Another stand out, highlight and permanent addition to my system arrived today. The mighty TOTALDAC D-1 Dual DAC from Vincent Brient. TOTALDAC took high-end audio market by storm and captivated mind of many seasoned audiophiles and music lovers around the world. I'll go more in depth in future, but this ladder dac clearly opened up the grand transitional path in the high-end audio highway bridge between the analog and digital...

Dalby Ode (頌) AC Conditioner NEW

Dalby’s first ever reference level AC Conditioner just before leaving for AE Hong Kong...

Internal Dalby Ode wiring
• Litz construction
• Silver and CCC rectangular copper conductors
• special silicone insulation on Litz earthing
• Silk and Cotton insulation
• Passive filtration on polarities
• Resin compound for vibration control
• Lignum Vitae and mirror gold barrel connectors
• For both digital and analogue source
• Fully shielded
• silver solder employed
• anti static solution applied