DalbyAudioDesign D7 Ultimate Phono preamplifier NEW

DalbyAudioDesign D7 Ultimate Phono bespoke made for AE customer Douglas. Two full years in the making. The curves plug-ins. Decca, EMI, DGG. with jewellery like approach to the design. Check the picture set...

IsoTek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis Power Conditioner NEW

IsoTek, the game-changing brand of mains conditioning systems for enhanced hi-fi and home cinema performance, extends its ‘Ultimate’ range with a hybrid solution combining the brand’s two statement technologies in a single unit. 

The new EVO3 Mosiac Genesis is a five-way mains conditioning unit in an elegant half-width format, featuring three outlets for front-end source components and preamplifiers and two for high-current amplifiers, subwoofers and the like. It brings together IsoTek’s two statement technologies – which already feature separately in the brand’s top-of-range EVO3 Genesis and EVO3 Super Titan and which continue to garner rave reviews in the worldwide hifi press. 

Magico MProject speakers

Magico The MProject speakers makes its world debut in Milan.

AudioBent AB-7P vibration control device

The AudioBent AB-7P audiophile vibration control device is engineered and manufactured by audiophiles for audiophiles.  Unique and innovative, functional and purposeful.

Super Naim Statement

Super Naim Statement products paraphernalia.

Peak Consult Jeanne D'Arc speakers

Peak Consult Jeanne D'Arc rides in natural wood finish. D: 56 cm. W: 30 cm. H: 140 cm. weight: 150 kg. 28-30.000 all linear at 5 Ohm at +/- 1 Ohm from 40 Hz - 30.000 Hz.

Sonus faber factory

A view into the hearth of the matter... Vibrancy at work at the Sonus faber Vicenza factory. Few fresh insights...

Jadis Audio latest

Jadis Audio at Marriott hostel in Paris. The visitors had the opportunity to listen to all the last Jadis gears such as the unbalanced version of the PA100 and Pré1 and also a prototype called I-88 which is a double push/pull of KT150 uo to 90W/channel in pure class-A. They also could see and listen to the Thalie turntable working with the DPMC phono preamplifier.

Etheraudio Ultimate Extra high-end audio system

Ether audio Bulgaria will present their ultimate take on music reproduction at upcoming Hi-Fi EXPO Audio show. Their main purpose:

“To reproduce the music in the most faithful way! This is the inspiration to the creation of the products – every component is developed, manufactured and assembled exclusively by “Etheraudio”.”