Audio Wilson Alida loudspeaker NEW

Special Applications projects have a long and illustrious history at Wilson Audio. In 1983, Dave Wilson needed a small location monitor for the series of audiophile-ac- claimed classical music recordings he was doing at the time. Finding nothing suitable on the market, he went into his garage and built the original WATT®. Its truncated pyra- mid shape, constructed from mineral-filled methacrylic, broke the mold of then-current loudspeaker design and has been widely copied since for one reason: it worked extremely well. Mated to its dedicated woofer enclosure, the WATT/Puppy, now called Sasha W/P, continues to be Wilson Audio’s longest running and best-selling loudspeaker.

Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons and upcoming giveaway

Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons vinyl just arrived at Mono & Stereo. Very interesting album waiting for the tonight listening session. We're be hosting the exclusive giveaway with Universal Music Classics in upcoming days so stay tuned and get a chance to receive your copy for free :).

ARTESANIA AUDIO at High End Munich Show

Expert opinions from High End Munich Show. Racks from Artesania Audio in several rooms. Different brands collaborate with our brand to accomplish the best sound possible concerning the rack system.

Audel Art Loudspeakers

Latest update from Audel Art Loudspeakers. From today Nika also can be purchased in different colours. But even bigger news is the new mini trittiko support. 


NEW Roland UA-M10 UA Mobile Interface supports both PCM and ultra high-resolution DSD audio with ASIO support for low latency recording. All new Roland’s proprietary ‘S1LKi DSP audio engine is USB powered and use the same D/A Converter for both 2.8MHz DSD audio and PCM audio.

Supreme-Analog Limited edition turntable weight NEW

Supreme-Analog Owner and CEO Mihajlovic Dr. Zoran just sent in exclusive info about all NEW Supreme-Analog Limited edition turntable weights/clamps. There will be only six of each made in different colours. 

All clamps will be exclusively packed in the dedicated wooden box, with fine cloth inserts and golden print each costing 70 EUR + post & packaging.



Bowers & Wilkins Volvo XC90 audio system NEW

The first ever Bowers & Wilkins audio system built into a luxury SUV. The innovative Volvo XC90 is also the world’s first in-car system to use Bowers & Wilkins tweeter-on-top technology. The result is one of the biggest sounds of 2015.

Zygnus high-end

Something special is coming in September? Zygnus world class high-end Reference X, Reference Diamond etc. 

Magico Q7 Bass Woofers

Closer look at the Magico Q7 Bass Woofers.

Analog Squared Paper

Analog Squared Paper Japan unique hand made tube goodies. TU-05 #042, #044, #045, #050(Special number) in their completed form and ready to ship out. 

Advance Acoustic Advance Paris X-L1000 speakers

Few of the colour variations from the France's Advance Acoustic Advance Paris X-L1000 flagship speakers. 

MA Recordings Inner Sleeves

MA Recordings now offers the analog audiophile and vinyl enthusiast the most elegant LP storage solution conceivable. Our long term association with manufacturers in Japan, has empowered us to create the most beautiful Vinyl inner-sleeve ever produced. Made from two extremely soft synthetic fibers with inherent antistatic properties, these sleeves will not trap moisture and consequently, will prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the surfaces of your LPs.

Magico Q3 Faceplate machining video

The Magico Q3 Faceplate machined in house from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum.

Vivid Audio hard wood plinth elevator NEW

With the launch of Vivid Audio baby GIYA, the G4, Vivid Audio offered a hard wood plinth option for those who felt they would rather elevate the speaker, (by 100mm/4").  Here is a complete GIYA family picture of SIRIO G4 on the plinth, a G4 without a plinth in PEARL and the G3 in OYSTER on the right. Behind, the G2 in Porsche MIDNIGHT BLUE and the flagship G1 also in PEARL.

Fostac MAXiiMUS mains and electro smog harmoniser

Fostac MAXiiMUS mains and electro smog harmoniser is an interesting device, that can saves up to 30% of energy and clears the electro smog:

The Fostac-Maximus’ interior consists of copper-cores, which are wrapped with silicon-dioxide fibre glass tissue and additionally enclosed in a bromine alloyed glass casing. This system is meant to work like an antenna, which feeds the gained electrons into the joined circuit and thus, saves on electricity from the grid. The device produces alternative energy on the highest level, drawing on the constant flow of electrons within nature, which results from the natural tension between ionosphere and the earth. It reduces the use of energy, increases the energy yield (...), harmonises electric smog and heightens the quality of life.

Solid wood speaker from Davorin Žnuderl

Acoustic Preference's Davorin Žnuderl prototype drawings of the modern take on high efficient speakers with the vintage drivers:

Designing and manufacturing something rather different from my usual stuff, mostly for fun of it. Main part, 40cm wide, 140 degrees wooden midrange horn. Made from solid walnut. Tricky even to engineer and much more tricky to made. Simulations shows it should have almost perfect frequency response down to very low region, will see. Should be match for very high efficiency Vintage woofers I have and want to use, for some low wattage gear and tube amps. Will get some super tweeter on top, also.

Magnolia Research xNap amplifier NEW

NEW upcoming xNap amplifier embody all that Magnolia Research represent : innovation, research, craftsmanship and iconic design. xNap is new, revolutionary and unique.

Apertura Audio Armonia speakers unpacked

Finally managed to unpack the Apertura Audio Armonia speakers arriving from France. Impressive looks, design and high-glossy finish, that belong to the price range far above the Armonia! First listening impressions coming soon, until then here are few pictures to enjoy...