KAT AudioTerminator T1 isolation feet NEW

KAT Audio is chasing the ultimate goal of dealing with the hubris of resonaces and micro vibration with their all new KAT AudioTerminator T1 isolation feet:

KAT Audio new Terminator T1 that comes with numerous first of its kind designs in the world was created in Great Britain. T1 is delicate and extraordinarily classic thanks to its sophisticated anti vibrational mechanism design accompanied by uncompromising high quality production processes. Terminator T1 with the most outstanding sound performance is here to overturn all your cognition on Isolator Feet and is determined to establish a new standard and benchmark for pure sound lovers. 

More DSD, PCM ad high res digital audio intriguing facts

More insights from Trinity Audio’s CEO Dietmar regarding the digital audio and formats: 

Just one note about the formats, even if you download a Flac file from HDtrack for instance you cannot be sure that this is real a native PCM file. I have mentioned it earlier in this blog for instance the Muddy Water Folk Singer is based on DSD Equipment during the AD process and was later transferred to PCM for HDtrack.

What a shame since the original master tape was for sure an analog master since at that time we had not digital recording equipment.

Enclosed an analyzed tracked from this download. No Information above 22kHz, but a lot of sampling noise.

and here the same track, but this time from the HDAD from Classic Records. both tracks come as 192kHz/24bit tracks.

So we should not blame the PCM Format. The Format is technical speaking excellent, but it hurts me to see how some recording engineers use this Format and if you now consider in Addition the so called "loudness war" (more can be found here: www.pleasurizemusic.com) where all the recording were compressed in their dynamic range just to Sound loud, than I would agree to say it is not given that PCM is the better Format.

Technics NEW high-end turntable update

More official in depth info about the all new upcoming Technics high-end direct drive turntable:

Panasonic Corporation exhibited a direct drive analog turntable prototype equipped with a newly developed direct drive motor at the IFA 20152. Panasonic is accelerating further development of this technology with a view to market launch in 2016 under the Technics hi-fi audio brand. 

In conventional analog turntables, sound quality degradation caused by tiny vibrations of the motor and rotational speed fluctuations has been a major challenge. To overcome this challenge and assure smooth, highly-stable rotation, Panasonic has developed a new direct drive motor and redesigned high-precision motor control technology. This makes it possible to reproduce the warm sound and subtle nuances of musical expression engraved in the analog record grooves. 

The newly-developed direct drive motor has the following features:

・Careless stator design that eliminates cogging (3) 

・Twin rotors that reduce bearing load and minimize tiny rotational fluctuations (wow & flutter), while maintaining high torque 

・Oil impregnated high-precision bearings that minimize unwanted vibrations during rotation 

The redesigned direct drive motor control technology involves the following: 

・Spindle motor control technology (4) that switches the stator winding drive mode according to operating conditions to provide both high starting torque and high rotational stability 

・Adaptive rotational control technology (5) that achieves optimized compensation according to precision rotational position detection and load fluctuation factors 

Development background and goals 

Demand for analog turntables has been on the rise in recent years as music aficionados once again find the value in the sound of analog records, mainly in the North American, European and Japanese markets. 

Panasonic put on sale the world’s first direct drive analog turntable(6) in 1970 under the Technics brand. This was followed by the SL-1200 series(7), which earned the brand critical acclaim for its outstanding sound quality and reliability, not only from audiophiles, but also dance and music clubs, studios, broadcasters and other commercial users around the globe. Technics has become synonymous with “turntable” as the first choice of club DJs, whose support has remained strong and who are awaiting a new model to come out. 

Western Electric WE 4151 and WE 86 based system

Inspiring Audio16 boys little office system. Smaller that the we16a that used to sit there! We4151 driven by we86, Boyer compression driver connected to old western electric microphone horn. I may arrange that the red light at mouth of horn lights up when the system is on…sound good and easy even and just so smooth.

All fun….

Jadis JA80 MkII amplifier NEW

Photo-shooting of the all new Jadis JA80 MkII with KT150 Tubes. This new model spots 90W per channel in pure class A.

Technics is brining back the high-end turnable

Panasonic announced at IFA, that they’re brining back the legendary Technics turntable in 2016. This will be new all new direct drive turntable with new technical solutions under the hood. Reminiscent of the iconic Technics SP-10 turntable?

New model with feature a spindle motor control technology that switches the stator winding drive mode according to operating conditions. With this it provides high starting torque as well as high rotational stability. 

In achieving optimized compensation according to precision rotational position detection and load fluctuation factors they will implement the unique adaptive rotational control technology. More to follow…

I'm in audio nirvana !!!

I've asked my friend Song Soon Onn to write about his journey and experiences with real to real. Here a wholehearted, in depth story: 

When I read about Tape Project 5/6 years ago I was intrigued with the ideas of R2R. Many questions came to my mind. Are there enough tapes? Where to get the tapes? The tapes are too pricey?

Who to service my R2R if it fails ? Would I have enough time to devote to R2R since I have DAC, turntable, HT ? 

I wanted vintage turntable. I bought Lenco after reading lencoheaven.net. I wanted 301 & Thorens 124 & I bought it. I seem to want everything :). After much thought, I told myself why not go for R2R, after all we only live once & it's within my means. 

The first thing I did was to search for a portable R2R & I found a Studer A810 in mint condition through Audiogon & had it shipped to Botttlehead to be modified by Dan Schmalle for direct head output to Bottle Tube Repro external preamp. To cut the story short, I bought some tapes & found that the presentation through reel to reel was excellent, but not fantastic. Probably at that time I didn't have exception gears. Fast forward 5/6 years & with the proliferation of R2R & the tremendous interest in R2R playback I decided to revisit R2R especially after purchasing more than 10 tapes from Horch House in Munich Show 2015 & carried it all over Europe & having to pay overweight luggage when I flew back from Munich :).

When I restart my Studer A810, I encountered some problems & proceeded to ask for some help from the experts in R2R in whats best forum. I was fortunate to encounter Dr Edward Pong, an Orthodontist by training & a very passionate R2R advocator & producer of Ultra analogue recording, so much so he converted his home to record live performance. Through him I was advised 1 of the best transports to use for R2R is the 50/60s Studer A80 with plenty of parts & much cheaper & more mechanical than Studer A820 which I was considering. 

Man, I was amazed with the sound quality of R2R played through the stock electronic of Studer A80 with a 5m reasonable cheap XLR cables connected to a Lemo/XLR adapters. When my friends came by, I decided to let them sample through the sources that I have. We started with Vitus Masterpiece DAC connected to  Aurender W20. After a few songs we proceeded to play a few LPs through my Techdas AFO with Axiom tonearm & Koetsu coral stone platinum ( my current favorite catridge ) & amplified by Vitus Masterpiece phono stage. I believe my friends enjoyed the massive improved brought about by my few days old Vitus Masterpiece Monoblock. Tan commented "the over hang is gone. It's much more transparency & quieter". I totally agreed with his assessement. 

Analog Domain The Isis M75D Stereo integrated amplifier review is coming

Angel Despotov of Analog Domain just let me know over the phone conversation about M75D Stereo integrated amplifier being on the way to Mono & Stereo HQ’s. I’ve already reviewed Isis M75A (and loved it) with linear analogue volume attenuator (manual control), but Isis M75D brings stepped analogue volume attenuator and remote control. More fun, less sleep…

Aries Cerat Kassandra Mk2 DAC ultimate DAC arrived

Aries Cerat Kasandra MK2 DAC arrived today. No waiting of course as I eagerly waited for this unique DAC to arrive. First impressions? My gosh! This is certainly another highlight of the year and such a step up from typical DAC’s on the market, that its not even funny. 

On my visit to Aries Cerat this year Stavros Danos joked about getting me of the vinyl :). For the first time I’ve actually encountered a DAC, that is closing the gap tremendously… 

I’ll write more in few days time and elaborate in upcoming review, but this is an Über achievement for the digital audio and giant step forward for the digital high-end audio music reproduction. Hats off. Find below few photos and stay tuned…