Spatial Audio LUMINA 12Be Statement speakers

Rules of Engagement

The new Lumina series open-baffle speakers portray a level of emotional engagement seldom heard outside live music. Lumina's free breathing expression is a marvel to experience. Spatial's new X32 series of precision coaxial drivers incorporate the world's first pure Beryllium compression diaphragm for unparalleled transparency and natural tonal density. Lightning quick acceleration is courtesy of the X3212's 96dB Sensitivity and 35 lb magnetic structure. Twin 12 inch Servo Controlled Bass drivers provide crisp, resonance-free bass down to 15Hz. The open-baffle bass section is self-powered by monobloc servo amplifiers delivering massive bass impact, without the box boom. 

M O D E R N  D E S I G N

Sleek and beautiful, the Lumina is a refreshing break from conventional boxy speakers. Lumina's classic style will endure far into the future. Only the finest automotive paints are employed, providing long term beauty and enjoyment. Any available automotive paint color can be specified by supplying the manufacturer's color number.

New for 2015, truly world class wood finishes are available at extra charge. Each pair is crafted by the renowned Schuettinger Conservation Services firm in Maryland for unparalleled beauty and quality to last a lifetime.

Radsone AirDAC AD 200 review is coming

Radsone AirDAC AD 200 is a mighty, small package  Wi-Fi and USB DAC with integrated high performance headphone amplifier using proprietary RADSONE’s Distinctive Clear Technology (DCT). DCT is a special DSP algorithm, that deals with elimination of typical digititis - digital listening fatigue.  

AirDAC AD 200 comes with a dedicated IOS apps, that are letting full control of the functions. 

Stay tuned for more soon…

Black beauty and Helena, André Thériault tonearm

Black beauty and Helena, André Thériault tonearm - René Laflamme 

Kronos : It is in our opinion the best sounding tonearm available today. This level of performance stems from the fact that this tonearm was designed taking in consideration fundamental physics issues that had been previously neglected.

Firstly, the vertical location of the pivot point is at the level of the record groove (or very close to it). This removes a torquing force on the cantilever. It stabilizes the stylus within the groove and minimizes the negative effects of skating forces. Hence superior tracking performance is achieved without the use of anti-skating correction and thus eliminating this oscillating system.

Secondly, the mass of the tonearm is optimally distributed around the axis joining the stylus contact point and the pivot point, further enhancing the tonearm stability. This mass is also concentrated as close to the pivot point as possible, reducing inertia and improving response.

Finally, the innovative construction of the dual wall carbon arm tube maximizes rigidity while minimizing mass and resonance transmissions.

It is no wonder we are proud of this design. It allies effciency with absolute simplicity. It has all the required adjustment to get the most from your cartridge performance. Yet it retains a pure design in form and function.

Amarra for Tidal NEW

Why Amarra for TIDAL ?

Amarra for TIDAL brings the award winning Amarra sound to your TIDAL music experience! You will hear a wider soundstage, experience better dynamics, and feel the silence of a quieter background

Use our Sonic EQ presets to personalize the sound to your taste
Create playlists to share with your TIDAL mobile app
Upcoming support for Amarra Remote iOS mobile application
A complete TIDAL music experience

Customizable EQ

Take control of the sound from your TIDAL lossless stream
Fully customizable, professional-level EQ
Presets for different genres and speakers or headphones
Optimize the sound of your favorite songs
Save and recall unlimited personalized presets

PS Audio DirectStream Junior DAC NEW

There was only one problem for PS Audio owners...

The advanced FPGA and pure DSD technology employed in DirectStream was expensive, our most expensive DAC ever made. PerfectWave customers were asked to spend an additional 41% to enjoy the benefits of designer Ted Smith's seminal effort at redefining the very architecture of digital to analog conversion. And many thousands of customers did.

But not all could afford DirectStream. Many loyal PS customers had to sit on the sidelines, priced out of the market. Within a few months of DirectStream's launch, work began on a lower cost version code-named "Junior".

DirectStream Junior

Ted Smith learned much in the 7 years it took him to develop DirectStream. At first blush it seemed a relatively straightforward task to develop a lower cost version by taking costs out of low hanging fruit like the chassis, user interface, and PC boards. But our goals were loftier than that.

Our product directive asked for similar architecture to DirectStream in a PerfectWave-like chassis, with the network Bridge built in and performance not less than 85% of the original. A tall order by any measure.

Retooling the chassis, replacing the touch screen with a less expensive OLED display and manual volume control was relatively straightforward work by PS Engineering. The real challenge fell upon Ted Smith's shoulders. How do you get 85% of an instrument's performance with 41% less to spend? The answer turns out to have a number; two years of hard work. The end result is DirectStream Junior.

Who did we build DirectStream Junior for?

Customers who want to uncover what's been missing in their libraries, but could not manage a DirectStream DAC. At $3,999, DirectStream Jr. (DSJ), with its built in Bridge II, is slightly more than half a similarly outfitted DirectStream (DS). That makes it a  a more cost effective DAC than even the original PWD.

No, it is not a DirectStream when it comes to ultimate performance, but DirectStream Junior offers 85% of DirectStream's performance at a significantly lower price. 

Kronos production peek

Machining to the Kronos 12 inch boards. They are made of aluminum bronze, a very dense alloy very difficult to cut... but with special sonic properties. Both sides are faced to assure consistent thickness. After inspection, the parts will be grained and nickel plated.

The strange story of Soviet music on the bone

The iconic images of gramophone grooves cut onto x-rays of skulls, ribcages and bones have captured the collective imagination way beyond the music scene. Now for the first time, the complete story of the Soviet x-ray record has emerged, as told by the people who made it happen.

Gryphon Audio posters

Few of the Gryphon Audio posters, that can be purchased…


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