Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways

You're truly missed Gary. Sadly there is only one way to play the real blues... To live it :(. Among few of the vinyls I've practically worn out..

Ketil Bjørnstad A passion for John Donne ECM Records New Release

Track preview of upcoming album + more info:

Ketil Bjørnstad's passion for the English metaphysical poet John Donne (1572-1631) is a lifelong affair. His settings of Donne’s verse have led to recordings including "The Shadow", "Grace" and the ECM album "The Light". “After working with the texts of John Donne or more than twenty years, I still find new approaches to understanding what he wrote and I find music throughout. It is in the language, in the rhythm, in the silence between the sentences - a passionate quest for meaning and reconciliation. Donne's dramatic life is reflected in the texts and everywhere in them you will find the passion, melodies and sounds”. 


The enclosure is based on a double chassis made entirely from metal. This creates a perfectly closed shield, protecting the inside filter and power distribution system from RFI noise. The main element of the IPC-6 Power Clearifier is a set of passive filters and a unique system of voltage distribution to the separate sockets. The noise from the power grid is filtered in a circuit using low inductance capacitors and over-current and over-voltage limiters in the form of audio grade resistors. The whole circuit is mounted in a double-sided PCB with 6N OFHC iPower Cable of high cross-section. Separated wiring for each of the sockets guarantees an even and stable power distribution, regardless of the load on each of the sockets. The power strip is also equipped with three LEDs signaling proper function and a polarization detection circuit signaling proper power line polarity or grounding problems.

Magico Q- SUB

Magico Sibling Rivalry: Q-Sub15 vs. Q-Sub18 S5s and QSub 18 in MCast Pewter. 

Jadis Electronics JA500 power amplifier NEW

All new Jadis Electronics JA500 power amplifiers with KT150 tube at first listening test. These are custom made amps for the specific customer with the sound of the 300W at pure A class. 

Supreme Analog Basic line record weights ready for order

Supreme-Analog ''Basic line'' record weights are now available for order. Down to earth pricing. 70 EUR + post & package. They are also looking for worldwide distributors. All interested parties kindly contact Zoran at the email below. Check out the 20+ variations...

New DSD downloads Opus3

Opus3 has some new DSD downloads available in both DSD64 and DSD128. Check on links for full details of each DSD album.

These bring the present count to 24 DSD downloads from Opus3 and one download from Fidelio available from They offer the most reasonable pricing of both DSD64 and DSD128 downloads. Opus3 employs very natural recording techniques which really show what is possible in the DSD format. 

Decca • Wiener Philharmoniker: The Orchestral Edition NEW

“To my ear, in the right conditions and with the right conductor, it is the best orchestra in the world...” John Culshaw, Decca Producer

A luxurious and authoritative 64CD orchestral and concerto set, celebrating one of the world’s great orchestras and their 64-year relationship with Decca Classics. 

Sieveking Sound 24-Karat-Gold CD

Audiophile Sound 24-Karat-Gold CD in batch of 50? If you're mind is triggered get them here for 170 EUR ...

Clones Audio PA1 phono preamplifier review

When my corespondency with Funjoe entered to the topic of vinyl playback, he pointed the direction toward his development of phono preamplifier with full enthusiasm and dedication. It took quite few moons and suns in between for arrival of final production model. As with so far I’ve expected Clones Audio productive output to come as refined, well thought out and always on the musical side of high-end audio reproduction. So how well will AP1 stand out to the roots and how much of company DNA will it hold?

Nils Økland Lumen Drones NEW from ECM + preview listening

Lumen Drones is a fascinating and powerful collaboration between Hardanger fiddle master Nils Økland and Per Stainar Lie and Ørjan Haaland, respectively guitarist and drummer with Norwegian ‘post-rock’ group The Low Frequency In Stereo. The participants describe their project as a psychedelic drone band, but its stylistic reach is broad and evocative and will trigger many musical associations. Specific influences include the Doors, Sonic Youth, Durutti Column and “the jazz of the Dave Pike set”, but the Lumen Drones also rove through modal, ambient, multi-folk, minimal and noise zones, making exciting music all the way…

Dynaudio Focus XD High Resolution Wireless Loudspeakers NEW

With the new Focus XD series, the Dynaudio presents the next generation of the high-end system: actively-powered, digital and high-resolution with 24 bit/192 kHz.

The Focus XD also represents more than just a new high-end loudspeaker; it re-defines the Hi-fi system itself: Focus XD allows a simplified audio system that merges high-end sound performance with a new level of convenience, with only a music source needed. The Focus XD series, comprised of the compact 200 and floor-standing 400 and 600 models, provides a perfectly thought out solution for music playback: The digital music signal is transmitted losslessly from the source to the driver and without analogue conversion.

BEOPLAY A2 portable speaker NEW

BeoPlay A2 is a premium Bluetooth speaker that is made to move. Weighing in at just 1.1 kg, you can take it anywhere. Crafted with care from high-quality materials, this speaker looks and feels as good as it sounds.

Thomas Mayer ShellacSavor preamp NEW

This years ETF Thomas Mayer NEW ShellacSavor preamp with variable EQ settings for 78rpm records. New preamp version adds on the separate power supply to minimise PSU interference.

Lyn Stanley Potions vinyl is almost ready

Lyn Stanley Potions [from the 50s] vinyl in the making and soon to be released.  They are pressing Potions [from the 50s] at Record Technology Incorporated on PRESS #4... With the great team of Bernie Grundman and Al Schmitt this will be something special...

Impact on the Audio Quality of PCM to DSF Conversion

Yuri Korzunov small research about the impact to audio quality of PCM to DSF conversion.

"For checking I used well known third party analyzing software Rightmark Audio Analyzer (RMAA). My version of the software don't supporting DSF format, so I was forced to make more "hard" experiment."


Chord Electronics, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance hi-fi and digital audio products, has launched the Choral Ensemble, a stunning new solid-aluminium equipment support 

Chord Electronics introduces the Choral Ensemble equipment support, an impressively engineered modular support system for the beautifully styled Choral range of components. The new equipment support is based around a finely machined 30mm-thick aircraft-grade aluminium plate, supported by four stackable solid aluminium (50mm diameter) Integra legs. Its high-mass design offers the optimum environment for partnering electronics.

Shunyata Sigma Power Cords NEW

ΞTRON™ SIGMA Series of power cords are the most technically advanced products of their kind, incorporating multiple technologies that showcase Shunyata Research’s pioneering work in the area of Distributed Power Conditioning. SIGMA power cords work far more efficiently than traditional power conditioners because they intercept noise at its very source — the component power supply, and prevent it from being shared with other electronics in the system via CCI (Component-to-Component Interference).

Martin Scorsese honoring The Grateful Dead's 50th Anniversary

Martin Scorsese will co-executive produce an authorized feature documentary on the Grateful Dead in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the film will be directed by Amir Bar-Lev, who is known for his films The Tillman Story and Happy Valley. Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux will serve as the film’s music supervisor.

Eat tube production exclusive photos

Exclusive photos from Jozefina Lichtenegger's Eat Prag tube factory. You can spot the processes of tubes 2 Grid wiring machine, assembling of the 3rd Grid, KT88 Grid assembling, machines being used and their tube testers.