Information, time - knowledge

A great reminder of the utmost importance of proper balance between the mass amount of information we're being served, our precious time and the correlated knowledge it can be distilled... I'm daily struggling with the exact scenario via multitude of information, that must be curated down to few picks per day and are viable for our dear readers and followers. 

Disk of the Month - Trost inm Leid - C.P.E. Bach - Nsemble Precipitation (Psalmus)

Disk of the Month - Trost inm Leid - C.P.E. Bach - Nsemble Precipitation (Psalmus). A masterpiece... a must-have... an humble one, yet,,, such a beauty! Love this disk... 

Perfect piano reproduction...

Another take on perfect piano reproduction, this time coming in the form of Yamaha disklavier ENSPIRE piano. At one point, this is something that I envision in my possession. 

Audioarts NYC Zellaton Emotion Client Installation

Audioarts NYC Zellaton Emotion Client Installation...

YG Acoustics Sonja XV flagship Speakers New

Sonja XV is an extreme, four­ tower version of Sonja, created to celebrate YG Acoustics’ upcoming 15 year anniversary (2002­-2017). It combines everything that YG Acoustics knows about speaker­ design, and incorporates several next ­generation technologies that cannot be found elsewhere.

Sonja XV – an entirely new sonic benchmark, truly extreme in every way... handmade in U.S.A.

Innovations include, first and foremost, a breakthrough tweeter made in­ house, and proprietary cost­ no­ object bass inductors. These enhancements, together with an ability to move near­ limitless amounts of air, result in an effortless listening experience that is typically only associated with a live musical performance.

The bass, mid bass and midrange units are made in­ house using YG Acoustics’ proprietary BilletCore technology: the drivers are precisely machined out of massive slabs of air craft ­grade aluminum. This unique process offers overwhelmingly superior dynamics, musical delicacy and low distortion due to industry­leading rigidity and accuracy (tight tolerances). A pair of SonjaTM XV utilizes a total of 18 BilletCoreTM drivers.

The brand new BilletDome TM tweeter is YG Acoustics’ most complex mechanical invention to date: a resonance­ free soft dome is supported by a stiff, light airframe machined from aluminum billet. The airframe weighs a mere 30 milligrams (a thousandth of an ounce), but its critical sections are up to 14 times thicker than a typical hard dome, so its structural strength is vastly superior even to domes made of the most exotic hard materials. Finally, a tweeter that ends the age­ old debate of hard versus soft, by combining the best of both.

The tweeter’s motor is YG Acoustics’ ingenious ForgeCore TM system: in ­house CNC­ cutting introduces sophisticated 3D geometries into the magnet system. The resulting improvement is greatly reduced distortion and a sense of ease to the sound.

Avid Hifi Reference Four Loudspeaker NEW

Compact Reference...

Reference Four employs our unique cabinet construction and vibration damping techniques, sandwiching the drivers between metal plates and guiding unwanted resonances to our internal tuned mass damping element.

Channelling unwanted vibration normally felt in the loudspeaker cabinet to our mass damping element means the cabinet, loudspeaker chassis and especially the diaphragm itself remains free of colouration and the sound remains pure and smooth.

Matched to an appropriate room size it is more capable of performing to the same high levels as our other Reference loudspeakers.

Manufactured from up to 15mm aerospace grade aluminium plate at our Huntingdon factory, each visually fixture-free hand crafted cabinet houses a 6" Mid/Bass unit and a natural sounding 28mm soft dome tweeter, each driver retaining the Titanium voice coil former for lightness and rigidity, identical to our other Reference models.

The Reference Four cabinet is also reflex loaded, the bass drive unit optimized for low frequency performance. A tuned port exits from below the cabinet onto a diffusing plate minimising room positioning issues. 

Our dedicated optional stand is specifically designed to optimise the loudspeakers performance, combined with the ultra rigid cabinet ensures a colouration free sound.

God is in the irons - Silver Rock AVC - handmade in Switzerland


I got my 2004 Audio Consulting's Silver Rock AVC passive line-preamp... connected to my Partridge/Allen Bradley 300B mono blocks feeding the Cabasses' and Meridian's digital...

... and listened...

At the very beginning,  still remembering when Luxman AT 3000 was in place, the sensation was of a fuller-body, thicker overall sound.

I immediately felt the difference, yet fearful the sound was a bit slower than with AT 3000's... ahem, no! Thickness or...

Better: less bass shy...

These were just the first minutes listening... a sensation.

Tatsuyoshi Moriyama STC4212 single power amplifier...

Another Tatsuyoshi Moriyama wonder just completed. A special order from a music lover. The STC4212 single power amplifier… 

Satana Abraxas MoFi SACD release

“Santana "Abraxas" is now available on Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab SACD. This groundbreaking album from September 1970 was painstakingly transferred from the original two-track master tapes utilizing Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's hot-rodded Studer A80 tape transport and DSD converters. As with previous Mobile Fidelity versions, the channel orientation of the music accurately reflects the intentions of the original session producer, Fred Catero.

These all new transfers owe their extended resolution to Tim de Paravicini of EAR and Yoshino fame, with his modifications to the tape reproducer amplifier increasing the playback frequency response of our transport from 5 Hz to well beyond 50 kHz.