NAD N-Core Based M22 Power Amplifier NEW

Connect to the emotion of live performance through detailed sound with amazing control and transparency. This is the M22. It is easy to find amplifiers that can excel in one or two areas, but the M22 is truly an amplifier that does everything well. Wide open-loop bandwidth, extremely low-phase shift, almost non-existent noise, harmonic and intermodulation distortion independent of load (load invariant), high current capability, low output impedance (high damping factor) uniformly at all audible frequencies-it all adds up to incredible performance. You just have to hear it to feel it. 

AudioQuest Tour, Part III: In the Cable Assembly Room video NEW

AudioQuest's VP Operations, Bryan Long, leads us into the Cable Assembly Room (identical versions of which exist at AQ facilities in the Netherlands and Asia), where you'll get to see the Cold-Weld Technology used to connect AQ plugs to our conductors and watch as a Redwood loudspeaker cable is terminated, incorporating our Dielectric-Bias System, Carbon-Based Multi-Layer Noise-Dissipation System, non-metallic ABS breakout, 1000 Series Multi-Spade connectors, and more.

Best Tractor from Mint LP

Best Tractor from Mint LP by Mr.Yip from Hong Kong has been my better tool to properly set up my analog rig.

My recipe to good sound from any audio set up, be it analog or others, is to respect your components enough to have the proper tools and knowledge to do em up. If you fail to do so, please do not blame the component.

Mono & Stereo and The Universal Music Classics Voces8 NEW CD exclusive giveaway

We returned with Universal Music Classics and Mono & Stereo exclusive giveaway of Voces8 beautiful NEW CD. Win their new album!

"Music performs an essential function in our lives and in our communities; it has a unique ability to connect people, to improve education, and to mend broken spirits. We are very pleased to introduce VOCES8. The choir's debut on Universal Music Classics provides an immersive sonic experience which will soothe, beguile and inspire. They skillfully capture the space between day and night, a time for unwinding, for finding the calm and solace we all seek."

Icon Audio flagship limited edition MB81 monoblocks NEW

Has Icon Audio founder David Shaw designed the ultimate push-pull triode amplifier? Proudly created to fulfil a long-held personal goal, these gargantuan amplifiers will be sold in limited numbers as a very special edition.

For much of the last year, Icon Audio founder David Shaw has, in his own words, been building his own birthday present.  After discovering a quantity of ‘new old stock’ Russian GU81 transmitter valves, Shaw began to work on a prototype amplifier that would achieve a long-held personal goal: to effectively drive any modern low-efficiency high-end speaker to realistic levels. 

Audiofilia AF-S2 monitor speakers arrived for review

Jack Fabbri's Audiofilia AF-S2 monitor speakers with ribbon tweeter just arrived at Mono & Stereo for a review. More coming soon...

Black Pearls Aquarius Audio Phono Stage arrived

Black Pearls Aquarius Audio Phono Stage just arrived for the review. Konstantinos already proven his intuition and skills with Birth 100 integrated amplifier, so this will be interesting. Stay tuned for more soon...

Diesis Audio Mono & Stereo exclusive event

Pictorial of the Diesis Audio Mono & Stereo exclusive event. More detailed report and reviews are in the pipeline, but for now some of the aural pleasure. It was a wonderful opportunity to meed Giuseppe and Giulio in person. Wonderful people with real passion for music, making great looking and sounding speakers. I was literally blown away by the mid sized Diesis Aura speakers. After all the years in high end audio it rarely happens, that some speakers get under my skin instantly. Yet, both Aura and Caput Mundi offered a remarkable insight into the music and intimate emotional connection instantly. Mature, refined and aesthetically striking designed product. 

Mellow Motif's Sabuy Dee vinyl

Mellow Motif's Sabuy Dee vinyl album from Thailand. I do not follow the jazz scene over there and that I am not familiar with this group or the lead vocalist, Natasha Patamapongs. But, I will always welcome any good music that comes my way. Joe Poster Saksiri Pasothakang, being a generous individual, sent me this vinyl album (and 2 other albums) for a spin in my system. 

Genesis 1 upgrade

Not only is a Genesis 1 a huge system, even the upgrade of a Genesis 1 is a huge undertaking. Here, I Gary supervising the upgrade of a 20-year old pair of G-I that became a almost G1.1 about 8 years ago, and now up to almost the G1.2 level.

Tube Box Art, Part 16 : Delco

Thomas Mayer take on the Delco tubes. Delco was a subsidiary of General Motors, that manufactured car electronics and radios. They were also suppling the tubes under under the same name...

Alpha Design Labs A1 Headphone Amplifier DAC NEW

Tokyo-based ADL by Furutech bagged an armful of awards for the excellent X1 portable USB DAC/headphone amplifier, including ‘HiFi News Outstanding Product’. Now a new sister product, the A1, brings all of the benefits of the X1 to the Android user, and with DSD capability.

Some digital enthusiasts need small, portable DACs and headphone amps because they’re always on the move. Others need flexibility with their digital kit, notably the ability to insert a headphone amp into virtually any system and achieve impressive sonic performance. The new ADL A1 DAC/headphone amplifier is designed with both cases in mind.

Max Richter's Recomposed giveaway winner

The lucky new owner of Universal Music Classics and Mono & Stereo exclusive Max Richter's Recomposed giveaway is Ken Kuegeman. Congratulation Ken. Check your email later today. Thanks all for such a great and positive response. We'll bring more goodies in our exclusive collaboration soon.

Alkemia Vero speakers exclusive Mono & Stereo photos

As highly requested here are few more photos exclusive Mono & Stereo photos of one of the kind Alkemia Vero speakers. 




Company celebrates anniversary with new Warner deal; aims for 3,000 albums by year’s end

SALINA, KAN., Sept. 16, 2014 – Acoustic Sounds’ Super HiRez™ digital download platform, which was the first to offer mainstream albums in Direct Stream Digital (DSD) as well other high-resolution PCM formats when it launched in late 2013, is about to create another audio milestone.

Phase 4 - Stereo Concert Series: Recording and Mixing Demonstration NEW

Check out the video of recording engineer, Philip Siney, demonstrates Phase 4 recording and mixing techniques and shows Decca's Neumann M49 and M50 microphones.

Phase 4 is a comprehensive 40 CD overview of some of the most sonically-spectacular albums ever made, from a period when Decca enjoyed a clear technological lead over its competitors. 

Kudos Audio X3 loudspeaker NEW

Hot on the heels of the highly successful Kudos X2 ‘baby floorstander’, the new X3 loudspeaker goes above and beyond with its larger size, extended bass and exciting dynamic range.


GALLUS AUDIO TECHNOLOGY will premiere the all new Gallus THE LOUDSPEAKER at the Hi-Fi Show Ljubljana 2014. 

This will be three way loudspeaker in d'appolito configuration with four bass driver, operating at 16 ohms and 190 cm in heigh. More info coming soon.

Pre Audio TURNTABLE Model GL-1102N

Pre Audio TURNTABLE Model GL-1102N with interesting tangential tonearm.

Granite sub-chassis
Tone arm GL-1102
Downforce range 5-30mN
Optional couterweights cartridge weights 5-10g
Drive method belt drive
Motor synchronous AC