DalbyAudioDesign Celestial power station uncovered

DalbyAudioDesign Celestial power station uncovered. An exclusive look at the DalbyAudioDesign Celestial power station...


60mm thick Macassar Ebony top
Lignum Vitae 60mm lower chassis
Silver foil and micro litz conductors
Carbon earthing chamber
Filtration to live and neutral 
Solid silver earthing rails
Resin damped contact points
Captive Dalby Ode SRV2 mains cable with silk and silicone insulation
Integrated Lignum feet
9ct gold plated top panel

Schnerzinger WOW factor

“There are times when you experience a wow factor in your audio journey. This is the second time I had the opportunity to demo Schnerzinger products and I tell myself - wow wow wow.... A friend who demoed the products told me how effects were probably better than the ultra expensive Tripoint system. Schnerzinger products are certainly a class of its own & pretty unique too.

Acoustic Preference GRACIOSO 2.0 Limited Edition speakers

Acoustic Preference Gracioso 2.0 LE Limited Edition official high quality photos of the all new, upgraded and handcrafted loudspeakers, that will be produces only in 99 pairs.

Only the best high grade components are used and they are completely hand made from start to finish with the highest standards and quality control. Every pair is tested and partially burned-in (approx. 100 hours) before delivery.

Every produced pair comes a Limited Edition CERTIFICATE, with its own serial number.

New “state of the art” machines in the Vitus Audio and Alluxity production

Vitus Audio with Omron visibility 

Late November 2016 AVA Group, who produces the highly known and respected Vitus Audio brand, invested in an Omron S500 AOI (Optical Automated Inspection) machine to further improve quality and catch potential errors at preproduction stage.

"An AOI system is a must have for any size of electronic production company. The sheer speed, consistency and reliability is far greater than what any human eye could possibly catch, so it’s both more time efficient and it catches more errors than a manual inspection.

Decca Classics Choir of King's College Cambridge 29 CD set NEW

The period 1954-73 were golden years for the Choir of King's College, Cambridge under the leadership of David Willcocks. Discover the Decca Classics’ choir's rich recording heritage with 'The Choir of King's College Cambridge: The Complete Argo Recordings', a 29-CD set featuring great works such as Bach's St John Passion as well as recordings of Evensong and the world-famous Christmas service 'A Festival of Lessons and Carols'.

Joey Roth Ceramic Towers Speakers NEW

The new oey Roth Ceramic Towers Speakers ( $2350/Pair) are mass-loaded transmission line enclosures that extend frequency response down to 40 hz (f3) while maintaining the original Ceramic Speakers’ phase and time coherence. The crossover consists of a single copper inductor for a gentle first-order transition to the Ceramic Speakers at 125 hz.

Maple rods and a CNC’d pocket hold the Ceramic Speakers at a slight upward angle 26″ off the floor

Gryphon Audio Diablo 300 integrated amplifier DAC module installation

Few photos of the DAC module installation in the Gryphon Audio Diablo 300 integrated amplifier…

Alta Fedelta showroom

Few photos from the renovated show room at the Alta Fedelta, Italy with lots of renowned gear like Nagra, Magico, Wilson Audio, dCs, Dan D'Agostino...

Trafomatic Audio Experience Two Mk2 integrated tube amplifier unpacking

Trafomatic Audio Experience Two Mk2 integrated tube amplifier unpacking at the Салон Hi-Fi Audio, Russia…