Elīna Garanča: Meditation - Album trailer

Elīna Garanča presents her new album "Meditation" on Deutsche Grammohpon.

Trip to Daniel Hertz at Venice

More in depth report is coming out in a few days time, but as requested here are some of the moments captured at Venice, on the way to the island of Certosa and at Mark Levinson's Daniel Hertz demo room. Enjoy...

FM Acoustics Resolution series

It was interesting to hear FM Acoustics Resolution series after the full impact of the upper echelon setup. In the ultimate sense there are normally differences, but Resolution Series FM 155 line stage showed an impressive reproduction of the same recognised FM Acoustics house sound!

Dynamique Magellen USB cable

CONDUCTOR TYPE: Pure Silver (5N) & Silver-plated OFC copper (7N)
CONDUCTOR GAUGE: 2 x 22 AWG (Ag) solid cores (signal) 2 x 20 AWG (SPC) solid cores (power)
DIELECTRIC: Teflon, air-spaced
GEOMETRY: Twisted differential data-pair
DAMPING/SHIELDS: 1 x resonance filter, copper shield, non-metallic floating braided shield
Dual spiral wrap shields CONNECTORS (USB): Type A & B, palladium-plated contact pins

Blackwood three speakers

Blackwood  intermediate loudspeaker, sharing same technology and craftsmanship with our flagship model, but in a smaller package.

ceramic dome tweeter (1 x Accuton C30)
ceramic dome midrange (1 x Accuton C90)
aluminium sandwich dome bass midrange (2 x Accuton AS190 + 2 x Accuton P190)
vented box with passive radiators
class D monoblock per each driver
digital crossover
CNC machined aluminium housing

Apertura Audio Armonia speakers arrived

Apertura Audio Armonia speakers just arrived for test and review from France. More info soon. 

AudioSmile super tweeter arrived

AudioSmile super tweeters just arrived at Mono & Stereo from England. More info and first listening impressions are coming soon...

Supreme Analog Reference series turntable clamp NEW

Supreme Analog Reference series turntable clamp. A selected edition of special turntable weight from Serbia. 

Rachmaninov: The Complete Works NEW

All of Rachmaninov’s music - from his earliest student compositions to his final masterpieces – has been collected together for the first time on 32 CDs, in what is definitively the most complete and comprehensive edition of Rachmaninov’s works ever released.

Refernece 3A New Sema Zen Loudspeaker NEW

More info on all NEW  Refernece 3A New Sema Zen Loudspeaker:

Two specifically designed and hand built (in our own facilities) 8 ¼” hyper exponentially shaped woven carbon full range drivers are meticulously pair matched. Main drivers cover a wide range of the music and are directly coupled to amplifiers to minimize interruptions and alterations to the musical signal flow. 

Magnet Audio Hyperion Reference One amplifier

Magnet Audio Hyperion Reference One amplifier:

Dual Mono Class AB
Stereo - 250Wrms @ 8Ω
Stereo - 400Wrms @ 4Ω
Bridged - 650Wrms @ 8Ω

TechDas Air Force One

After spending some time and strength, Swedish Statement's Mr.Koo Shiuh Yuan and Mr.Lam, together with me, have shifted some components and the TechDas Air Force One unto the Stillpoints Rack.  An unexpected improvement over my usual system was encountered. I m impressed with what I heard. The PRaT, delineation and palpability of instrumentation, 3D-ness of soundstage improved with clearer separation, more dynamic and bass, faster attack and retreat...I m enjoying!

Audience In-Wall High-Performance Power Cable NEW

Conductor in-wall power cable was designed to provide the highest level of AC power delivery in custom-installation home theater, multiroom audio, architectural and other in-wall applications. 

“Our new Conductor power cable combines optimized AC power delivery with exceptional durability and ease of installation,” said John McDonald, president of Audience. “Conductor enables in-wall systems to perform at their best. Why build a custom-installation home entertainment system and wire it up with run-of-the mill power cable?”



JBL classics

Something timeless. Legendary JBL Mini Maximus speakers. I wouldn't mind having these in my living room. Some things never get out of fashion. Check out the pictures after the jump. 

Back to the future with EMT

Audio Graffiti shop feels like walking back into the era when things are of different value and execution. Enjoy the EMT pictures.  

Viva audio at Audio Graffiti Italy

Viva Audio goodies at Audio Graffiti in Italy. Check out the pictures after the jump. 

Audio Graffiti

Still continuing the Italy trip and we stop by the legendary Sergio Pozzi's Audio Graffiti salon and demo room. Here you can hands on wide array of classical and contemporary high-end audio products. There is no sign of any kind of audio recession and Sergio is as positively vibrant as it gets. 

Bowers & Wilkins CM Series Loudspeakers NEW

The new Bowers & Wilkins CM Series dramatically improves on the audiophile-quality performance and luxurious design for which the series is renowned. Combining the latest Bowers & Wilkins technologies – including Decoupled Double Dome tweeters – plus refined new styling and an entirely new addition to the range, the result is truly beautiful sound.