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Richard H. Mak joins Mono and Stereo team

It’s my pleasure and privilege to welcome aboard of Mono and Stereo's team Richard H. Mak as Senior Contributing Writer. 

Short Biography.....

Richard H. Mak has been an audiophile since he was 12 yrs old.   Born of Hi Fi blood, his focus is on analog equipment, he has set up over 3000 turntables in the past 8 years. Richard is a founding member of the Greater Toronto Area Audiophile Club.

Tenor Phono 1 review by Richard H. Mak

Tenor Phono 1 review by Richard H. Mak

It is often said that the “Law of Diminishing Returns” holds particularly true in the world of high-end audio. As one climbs further up the sonic ladder, improvements become much more difficult to attain and often require vast sums of money for incrementally small improvements. A fundamental paradigm shift in sound quality as a result of changing one particular piece of equipment is a rare occurrence. But rare as that may be, there are exceptions! My recent encounter with the Tenor Phono 1 preamplifier is a case in point. The Phono 1 fundamentally changed the sound quality of my system and vaulted it to a level of performance never before attained - so much so, that it left not only me but all of my audiophile buddies in shock and awe!

Tenor Inc. is a boutique audio manufacturer based in Montreal Canada. They have been producing exquisite high-end equipment since the beginning of the new millennium. Their chief designer, Michel Vanden Broeck, is the genius behind every Tenor product including this phono stage under review. Vanden Broeck has enjoyed a life-long passion for audio with a career in electrical engineering and an interest in psychoacoustics spanning over forty years. Prior to joining Tenor, Michel worked in the aviation, telecommunication, recording and audio industry. If you examine closely his amplifier designs you will find cable assemblies tucked safely out of harms way in the under belly (like a plane), high band width coaxial connectors to ensure the perfection of the connection (like in telecom) and a sonic presentation that sounds like real music (psychoacoustics). Clearly, he comes with plenty of experience under his belt.

Kostas Metaxas Reference Recordings high res free download

Kostas Metaxas Reference Recordings. This video and hi-rez wav download is supplied as a sample for precision hi-end audio system set-up. The video shows microphone placement and instrument layout.

Audiofilia AF-ATLANTIS single driver speaker NEW

AF-ATLANTIS is the first single driver speaker in the world that apply a new functioning technology. The parabolic design, the implementation of S-SYSTEM technology at 6 chambers make it a unique speaker in its genre. The result is a sound extraordinarily natural, musical and powerful with an frequency extension well beyond the audible threshold.

AF-ATLANTIS has a spectacular sound, warm and crystal clear, totally natural and realistic with a micro-detail from live performance. If you are a lover of single driver speakers, the realism, the finesse, the magic and the high resolution of the ATLANTIS will take you into sound worlds made of deep sounds and details never explored before. 

The Specs:

Drive units: 1 x woofer 8” Seas (in virgin papyrus fiber)
Tecnology: S-SYSTEM at 6 chambers
Type: 1½ way Reflex
Frequency response: 18Hz – 20kHz +/- 3db
Sensitivity: 95 db SPL (1W 2.83V / 1m)
Harmonic distortion: < 0,9% 63Hz - 40kHz
Impedance: 8 Ω
Connections: Gold plated, Single-wiring
Power Handling: 50w RMS (110w Peak)
Dimensions: H 900 x W 280 x D 810 - Base width 410,5
Finishes: Wood or Lacquered

Perplexing networks

Mighty perplexing Tatsuyoshi Moriyama’s crossovers networks, readjust and returned home from Lenco Heaven 2016, Belgium. Design by Mr. Yoshiyuki Naganuma "Kanno seisakusho".

The backstage of Lenco Heaven 2016

The backstage of Lenco Heaven 2016,Bergium. German Television broadcasting shoot a documentary. Via Tatsuyoshi Moriyama.

The cultural impact

Cover of booklet published by the Hungarian Government in 2011, when it chaired the Presidency of the EU, to commemorate the bi-centennial of Franz Liszt. This booklet and an accompanying compilation CD, containing two selections from Kavi Alexander (Water Lily Acoustics) recording of the Hungarian National Philharmonic, lead by Maestro Zoltan Kocsis, performing works by Liszt, was given to all the heads of state and diplomatic missions.

Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic™ speakers update

A little more of the Wilson Audio WAMM Master Chronosonic™ speakers.

“WAMM Master Chronosonic™ woofers were designed for the WAMM. Because of the extent and length of development for WAMM we were able to utilize the same woofers in the Alexx before the release of WAMM. They are a beautiful piece of this puzzle.”