Sonus Faber Ex3ma wood and aluminium materials mastery

Three wonderful moments taken from the work process on a side of Sonus Faber Ex3ma wood panel in the making. Other three shots are illustrating the mastery in working with Ex3ma aluminium parts. 

The fun time

Three sharp ear musketeers? From left to right. Myself, Igor Kante and Walter Kricher sharpening our ears for Accustic Arts electronics demo. Photo by Walter.

Primare DAC30 review

Scandinavians have a sense of style. Simple forms and raw materials appeal to customers looking for timeless elegance. Primare is one of the manufacturers who designed their own looks long time ago. The brand exists primarily as a manufacturer of amplifiers and CD players, however it has relatively quickly introduced new DAC3 converter and NP30 network player. You can also buy an integrated amplifier and later extend its functionality with network functions or DAC with USB input, thanks to optional extension cards.

Krolo Enhanser Isolation Footers

Uniquely designed Krolo Cone that incorporates dynamic spacing between two contact points. All elements are solid and CNC machined for precise accuracy. The Enhanser comes packaged in 3 Cone units. Three Krolo Enhansers are required per Audio Gear which are strategically placed in a triangular pattern.

Teac CD-P800NT DSD PCM high res player

NEW Teac CD-P800NT player is a full-featured hires support network/CD player. This is a full-featured hires network/CD Player for playback of digital music files through a network and acting as a next-generation digital player in addition of playing the standard rebook CD. It supports high-res audio files such as native playback of DSD 2.8MHz/5.6MHz files stored on your PC on the LAN, NAS and DLNA. Its also fully WAV/FLAC 192kHz/24bit is compatible.

Bowers & Wilkins competition for new 600 series speakers

We’ve commissioned a series of portraits of vinyl fans with their favourite piece of vinyl which we’ll be sharing with you over the next three weeks.

We’d like to know what’s the one piece of vinyl you can’t live without. Post an inspiring image of your favourite piece of vinyl on Instagram with the hashtag #LoveVinyl to win #new600series speakers.

Randy Kunin upcoming speaker

Randy Kunin first prototype of new upcoming monitor loudspeakers. Check out the Randy is high spirits after the jump.


THE GOLDMUND APOLOGUE ANNIVERSARY speakers system is still available as limited series for few of the lucky (and obviously wealthy) buyers. 

Schwarz Audio digital tube amplifier

NEW Schwarz Audio digital tube amplifier is a the result of our passion for good music, for old tube technology and the digital future. Convinced of the potential of local quality and craftsmanship, we build our equipment in the interplay of technical development and service-oriented production. 

This all combines a Schwarz digital tube amplifier with audiophile engineering, great craftsmanship and technical precision work at the highest level. We guarantee high-end approach with every detail  with each individual components being chosen. 

Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of Records

Explore the social and cultural phenomenon of listening to, collecting, and sharing records in Vinyl: The Sound and Culture of Records. Delve into a uniquely Californian take on this popular medium with experiences ranging from individual and group listening stations to informal talks and live performances. Organized by OMCA Senior Curator of Art René de Guzman, Vinyl opens on April 19, 2014, to coincide with Record Store Day, an annual event that celebrates the unique cultural contributions of independent record retailers worldwide.

Thomas Mayer 801A Drives 801A amplifiers

Unstoppable Thomas Mayer's custom tube amplifier production. 801A Drives 801A power amplifiers that comes in a set of four chassis. Two mono blocks and two power supplies. For this  model, white is a radiant covering paint for transformers and capacitors.

Harmonic Audio Labs Evoly power amplifier

Harmonic Audio Labs Evoly Stereo Power Amplifier in a n Class A/AB, with  Toshiba Audio transistors, fly symmetrical design and three Push Pull parallel pairs (Six transistors) per channel.

Analogue Productions Prestige mono 200 g vinyl

Analogue Productions is shipping there new Prestige mono 200 Gram Vinyl Records. Miles Davis / Bags Groove, Miles Davis / Steamin' With The Miles Davis Quintet and John Coltrane / Soultrane are ready to ship out.

Slonov Sound Series 220 speakers

NEW Slonov Sound Series 220 speakers were just revealed. Sound systems offered by the Slonov Sound Design represent embodiment of passion to music and technical professionalism of their creator. Fiddly development of each detail allows recreating live atmosphere of performance of musical masterpieces by the greatest world composers, conductors, and musicians. Let yourself to take daily delight in this magnificence!

While creating the highest system of production range, Alexey Slonov, the founder of Slonov Sound Design, has refused any compromises as to a speaker size, materials used or construction of internal space, and he concentrated the best state-of-the-art technical solutions available in the sphere of sound system designing in these speakers. Thus, a unique Hi-End audio system was designed.

Sound Carrier Audio Electron Supercharger mono blocks

Sound Carrier Audio sneak preview of Electron Supercharger 500 Watt monoblocks. More info soon. 

Estelon Extreme speakers

For the housing engineers used composite marble created in casting process. Its shape is chosen in such a way that the sound flowing around the speaker encounters no sharp edges. The interior of the chamber is formed to prevent interference of sound waves. The height of the whole cabinet varies between 170 and 200 cm, and is regulated so that it can be adapted to fit the listening room. Height adjustment can be performed by moving two independent chambers relative to each other. In the lower chamber we have are woofers - two 10-inch speakers with aluminum membranes. 

Ensemble FUOCO integrated amplifier

The FUOCO SONDORO has all the qualities and attributes to be the pulsating heart of a very high quality music system. With all the necessary controls available both manually and by remote, it offers both ease and the quality of touch. A few bars of music and the FUOCO grabs the listener’s attention through its natural expressiveness and lively immediacy.

Building on the very successful previous models, the FUOCO delivers the accumulated know-how like a musical tempest – ’con fuoco’ to use the musical expression behind its name. With it comes the ’plug and play’ guarantee of total satisfaction as part of an Ensemble system – yet its neutral, say very natural and balanced character also makes it an ideal partner for many other high quality combinations. It is known to drive many speakers to new, unexpected levels of peformance.

Universal Pluto Copper Mat

After years of experimenting, testing, adjusting and improving at last he is there: the Universal Pluto Copper Mat. Only 0.2 mm thick'''' consisting of woven specially treated copper showed this mat as the universal upgrade for each turntable platter. 

Audio Technica CKR Sound Reality

Audio Technica CKR Sound Reality headphones. Resolution / Sound Reality / High Response...