Vertere MG-1 record player system

Touraj of Vertere Audio on tour again at the Absolute Sound, Singapore today...showing and explaining the Vertere's new offering, the Vertere MG-1 record player system. A trickle down version of the famed Vertere Reference record player...always a delight to have the man here...enjoy

Audiofilia AF-PRE Class A Preamplifier

Audiofilia AF-PRE: Pure and Real Class A Preamplifier? Totally transparent and rich in detail, the AF-PRE sets a new benchmark for high-performance audio. Designed and built without compromise, the AF-PRE has a surgical precision, revealing all the nuances previously hidden in your recordings. The sound is deep, natural, extremely musical, with deep bass, natural mids and clear highs.

Why does vinyl sound better than MP3? - Gigwise Documentary

There's an undeniable magic about a vinyl record - dropping a needle of crystal into a plastic groove and getting lost in a world of sound. As the world continues to dissipate into 'the cloud', and music grows more digital, our love for the physical world of vinyl continues to grow - but why is the vinyl revival so seemingly unstoppable? Why does vinyl sound better than MP3? - Gigwise Documentary...

Mercury Vapour Madness

Thomas Mayer amps with power supplies using 866A mercury vapour tubes rectifiers. Nothing comes close to the "magic" glow of Mercury... 

Skogrand Wagner AC power cable review

The electricity is a strange phenomenon. The “objectivists” “know” that different powercords cannot possibly have any influence on the sound and they reject to be exposed to any “senseless” listening tests. Their “knowledge” is absolute and precludes continual questioning of their scientific fundamental truths.

Then there are “subjectivists” who dare to believe differently. The former believe everything is predictable and behaves according to the (known) scientific laws - no surprises here. The latter let themselves surprise, at least from time to time or shall I say, they form their opinion after being convinced by their aural experience. 

OK, I just realized my portrayal of “objectivists” perhaps exposes them as quite conservative and narrow-minded beings who blindly follow their (holy) scientific books BUT...had they realized these very men and women who actually wrote their scientific books...weren`t conservative and narrow-minded at all (quite on the contrary, in order to be able to explore all these great unknown territories and reveal mysteries, they HAD TO BE open-minded and adventurous in their thinking) - they would most likely somewhat adjust their “belief system”. 

It appears the “subjectivists” inherited more genuine scientific spirit than the majority of high-tech educated people. They are willing to put some effort into the listening tests, comparing various powercords and seeking for eventual differences. But why would anyone want to “listen to” different powercords and observe their effects on sound? Just to be different and to maintain odd philosophy? That would mean he/she is fooling himself/herself. What if audible differences really exist, among different powercords? Oh yes, almost forgot, audible means “imaginary” to objectivists...never ending story.

Athetis Classical A01 flagship speakers

Athetis new line flagship Classical A01 speakers getting their final touches before leaving the production.

Zellaton Grand speakers installation

Latest Audioarts NYC Zellaton Grand speakers installation. 

Physical Emotions Caeles turntable description

New picture and more official info about Physical Emotions flagship records player. Caeles is a belt driven turntable and made in Germany . 

- Horizontally and vertically operating air bearing with concentric accuracy of 0,1µm. World first implementation of additional axis with adjustable pressure to transfer resonance produced during playback to the sub-chasis. 
- Sub chassis with pneumatic, analogue motor controlled, self adjustable dampers. 
- Playback platter nearly completely decoupled from the drive platter, manufactured from POM and mixture of multiple metals that eliminates the disturbances generated by drive mechanism that can reach the arm. Play back platter designed with proprietary materials to eliminate stored energy. 
- Tone arm base and the tone arm are decoupled from the
sub chassis via mounting plate that is suspended using Kevlar strings.The tone arm and the base can be replaced within minutes without losing the settings. 
- All components optimized for freedom of resonances and vibrations creating an internal resonance of less than 1.3 Hz. 
- Extremely accurate and disturbance free drive system with a pulley of 6.3 inches in
diameter which also acts as a fly wheel.
- Wow and Flutter of dual or less than .005

Viva Audio at Munich High End Audio show 2015

Viva Audio kindly invites you to visit their cabin in Halle 2 section M05 at the HIGH END 2015 in Munich taking place on May 14-17.

For the first time at the Munich show you can experience the legendary Viva Audiosound on four different systems, including the all-new UNO hybrid integrated amplifier driving our handcrafted Agile speakers. We invite you to enjoy intimate listening with our new state-of-the-art Egoista 2A3 Headphone Amplifier making it’s debut at the show