Sonus Faber production

Another sneak peak into the daily production at Sonus Faber production. You can see the Sonus Faber Ex3ma getting ready as well as Olympica I speakers, Aida etc. 

EMMESpeakers DA VINCI speakers assembly

An exclusive look into the daily production. One of the kind EMMESpeakers DA VINCI speakers assembly in the Gold Leaf finish.

Codia Acoustic Design Stage 3000 Duo rack

Beautiful Codia Acoustic Design Stage 3000 Duo rack at Charisma Audio. Functional and stylish audio rack.

Le Son at Qualia Audio

Closing party to celebrate the successful events at the office of QUALIA JAPAN and few pictures of Yves and Augustin of Le Son at Qualia Audio HQ's in Japan for the listening and interviews and LS-001 and LS-002 shipping back to Switzerland where Manufacture Le Son is, and they will be checked up to be in good condition at MUNICH SHOW 2014 in next month. A power supply environment to LS Series is not switching type. They currently carry a 100V transformer to be demonstrated in Japan , so they will be replaced with a 220V transformer to a fit a power supply environment in Switzerland.

EMMESPEAKERS in Munich 2014 high-end audio show

An exclusive peak into what's EMMESPEAKERS will show at the Munich high-end audio show 2014 and what's happening at company lab on the daily basis. Check out beautiful rear side picture of upcoming EMMESPEAKERS GALILEO speakers in the new Cherry Lightning finish: red metal leaves as well the all new Blue Leaf finish for the DaVinci speakers and the new Beta loudspeakers in glossy/matte black. 

BBC Proms 2014

Details of the 2014 BBC Proms are announced today, revealing the wide-ranging programme of events planned for its 120th season. Opening at the Royal Albert Hall on 18 July 2014 the festival promises two months of many of the world’s greatest artists, composers, orchestras and ensembles across 92 concerts including four Last Night celebrations around the UK.

Global classical music is at the heart of the 2014 Proms with more international orchestras performing than ever before. Nearly 50 years after the first appearance of a non-British orchestra at the Proms, 10 international ensembles from around the globe appear for the first time including orchestras from China, Greece, Iceland, Lapland, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea and Turkey. Some of the world’s most renowned orchestras make welcome returns to the festival including the Berlin Philharmoniker, Cleveland Orchestra, Budapest Festival Orchestra, West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. With Promming tickets remaining at £5 for the ninth year running, the finest music making from around the globe is made accessible for the widest possible audience. 


Sony moves with fast pace into the high-res audio. With all NEW $599 STR-DN1050 AVR it  decodes native 2.8MHz DSD files along with WAV and FLAC music files up to 24/192 resolution.
With the introduction of four new A/V receivers, highest two of the line $599 STR-DN1050 and $499 STR-DN850 decode WAV and FLAC music files up to 24/192 as did their predecessors, but the NEW Sony DN1050 adds full native 2.8MHz DSD decoding. All audio files can be played through the USB, HDMI or home network setup. All will be available this month.

OBravo Audio HAMT-1 headphone

Combined one of the best tweeter technology, AMT tweeter and a great bass performance Dynamic driver, with a multiple countries patented structure design to create a brand new listen experience in over-ear headphone market.

MyST IzoPhones-60 Planar Headphones NEW

Upcoming NEW MyST IzoPhones-60 Planar Headphones. More info soon...

Furutech GT2 Pro USB 2.0 cable NEW

Following on from the success of their original GT2 USB cable, Japanese cable experts Furutech now introduce the higher specified GT2 Pro.

Featuring 24k gold-plated non-magnetic USB 2.0 connectors and Furutech’s new  Alpha* OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) silver-copper alloy conductor, the GT2 Pro is a beautifully engineered and built USB 2.0 cable, designed with the audiophile in mind.

PBN MONTANA Loudspeakers

The skeleton and chassis of a new custom version of MONTANA Loudspeakers, feauturing 8 x 10" heavy duty subwoofers driven by a total of 2000 watts (built in power amplifiers with room correction system), 4 x 5" SEAS mid range drivers and a special version of the legendary ScanSpeak Revelator tweeter. It had to be this tweeter to cope with the extreme dynamic capacity of this speaker design, and of course the Revelator reveals every detail stored in your recordings. 

Pass Laboratories brand new factory

Pass Laboratories, Inc. has centralized all its operations in a brand new factory offering significantly increased space and productivity. Located just a few miles from their long-time Foresthill, CA facilities, the new building is almost three times the amount of their former space. Among the many benefits of the location are: A more efficient layout for increased production flow; increased storage that enables Pass Labs to buy parts in larger quantities; closer proximity to transport that means faster shipping.

“Demand for our line has been steadily increasing,” said Pass Labs president Desmond Harrington. “And with the introduction of the 10 models in the new Point 8 series at the last CES, we desperately needed to increase our output capabilities across the board. The new, larger facility enables that, as well as many additional advantages — translating to benefits for our distributors, dealers and customers.”

Bryston Audio 4BSST2 amp production

Bryston  4BSST2 amp channels being assembled at Bryston audio manufacturing facility.

Xavian XN VIRTUOSA loudspeakers review

In for the review, this time came the Xavians XN Virtuosa arrived from the Czech republic Unpacking them was straight forward and once out of the box they looked drop dead gorgeous in the in the American walnut veneer. Setting them was much easier, then what it usually takes for speakersto be placed ideally. Normally it took me much more efforts and many repositioning to get to the optimal place. Xavians XN Virtuosa's seems to fit within my room acoustic very well and that might be one of the reason for the easy installation. I've ended up with having them ten feet apart, with three feet aways rear walls and five feet away from the side walls. Speakers already got good week of burn in prior to arrival, but for the correct and fair measuring I've decided to let them settle in my room for three-four weeks just to be sure they were stable in there performance.

Sonus Faber Ex3ma wood and aluminium materials mastery

Three wonderful moments taken from the work process on a side of Sonus Faber Ex3ma wood panel in the making. Other three shots are illustrating the mastery in working with Ex3ma aluminium parts. 

The fun time

Three sharp ear musketeers? From left to right. Myself, Igor Kante and Walter Kricher sharpening our ears for Accustic Arts electronics demo. Photo by Walter.

Primare DAC30 review

Scandinavians have a sense of style. Simple forms and raw materials appeal to customers looking for timeless elegance. Primare is one of the manufacturers who designed their own looks long time ago. The brand exists primarily as a manufacturer of amplifiers and CD players, however it has relatively quickly introduced new DAC3 converter and NP30 network player. You can also buy an integrated amplifier and later extend its functionality with network functions or DAC with USB input, thanks to optional extension cards.

Krolo Enhanser Isolation Footers

Uniquely designed Krolo Cone that incorporates dynamic spacing between two contact points. All elements are solid and CNC machined for precise accuracy. The Enhanser comes packaged in 3 Cone units. Three Krolo Enhansers are required per Audio Gear which are strategically placed in a triangular pattern.

Teac CD-P800NT DSD PCM high res player

NEW Teac CD-P800NT player is a full-featured hires support network/CD player. This is a full-featured hires network/CD Player for playback of digital music files through a network and acting as a next-generation digital player in addition of playing the standard rebook CD. It supports high-res audio files such as native playback of DSD 2.8MHz/5.6MHz files stored on your PC on the LAN, NAS and DLNA. Its also fully WAV/FLAC 192kHz/24bit is compatible.