Gryphon Headquartes Soundroom

A peak into the The Gryphon Headquartes Soundroom.

Magico MProject in Netherlands

Harry van Dalen from Rhapsody, Netherlands prepares for an Magico MProject event June 19 and 20...

Jadis Electronics and Long Play

Jadis Electronics..

During our last visit in Singapore, I had the chance to go to a bar called “Long Play” and featuring a JA200 in their sound system. It was a pleasure to enjoy tasty delicacies while listening to a breath-taking selection of jazz records. 

Pure relaxation moment…  On the last picture is the menu made into a 45rpm disc sleeve.

KL International AV Show 2015 photos

First photo batch (20+) from the KL International AV Show 2015. Enjoy…

Line Magnetic integrated amplifiers at Pitch Perfect Audio

Bright lights, big city: Line Magnetic integrated amplifier models from left to right, 219IA aka ‘The Beast’, 501IA, 210IA (rear), 211IA (front), 518IA, 218IA at Pitch Perfect Audio.

AE 3rd Super Hi End Show 2015 preview

A peak into the one of the systems, that will be presented at soon at the AE 3rd Super Hi End Show 2015.

Trinity Audio power plant

Dietmar from Trinity Audio will present his latest power plant prototype to the AE show and it will be exclusively used with his electronics. Few more latest insights:

“The power plant with a new much more robust and better looking enclosure and 8 US outlet connectors, since Chris has only US power cable. This system is free of ground wire loops as long as you wire each device direct to the power plant and avoid any “multiple socket outlet” for power distribution. 

The effect depends of course on your main power supply in your home. If your main power supply is already pretty good, since you use a single phase ( in Germany we have 3 phases) only for your audio equipment and so on, the effect will be perhaps not so important, but if you have very bad conditions like at a Audio-Show, or if you live in a high-rise building with a lot of “individual electricity consumers” the story cab be complete different.”

GIP Laboratory high-end series GIP-9501 tweeter

And another beauty from the GIP Laboratory. Custom handmade high-end series GIP-9501 tweeter driver with brass chassis implements lightweight aluminium diaphragm high-frequency resolution playback.

GIP Laboratory GIP-9501 features gold-plated mirror finish brass horn and equaliser which has been subjected to ultra-precision machining. Brass rings surrounding the outer periphery of the horn plays the crucial role of a waveguide improves the 12kHz vicinity of properties not only high-frequency,

● format: 2.5cm compression driver + horn type
● voice coil diameter: 1 inches
● Dimensions: W140 × H116 × D196mm / 6.4kg
● field voltage: 7V

GIP Laboratory GIP-9712 horns

GIP Laboratory custom handmade high-end series GIP-9712 horn.

● Model: Wood Horn
● cut-off frequency: 300Hz
● Material: birch
● Dimensions: W 900 × H 370 × D 675mm
● Weight: about 55kg