SoulSonic Speakers and Accustic Arts system

Unique and special system with SoulSonic flagship Impulse Speakers and Accustic Arts Amp II power amplifiers in the private setup at beautiful Slovenian seaside city Piran. Getting my close listening inspection soon. Stay tuned...

Haifonikku MC-A3 MC cartridge

Legend from the past. Haifonikku MC-A3 MC cartridge from the 1980's in the the inspection and simple cleaning before taking the duties.

Gryphon Pendragon spekers

The Gryphon Pendragon 4 Chassis loudspeakers system...They need some time to run in and speaker positioning. Will update you all. I love what I heard. The imaging is the best I have heard so far and the speed is also at the top. More to come...enjoy

Accustic Arts Mono II and Tube Preamp II review is coming

Accustic Arts Mono II and Tube Preamp II review is coming up. Very impressive, musical  and balanced combination at normal world pricing. Enjoy 20 + picture set and stay tuned...

Billboard 200 Makeover

The Billboard 200 albums chart will premiere its biggest upgrade in more than 23 years, transforming from a pure sales-based ranking to one measuring multi-metric consumption. Beginning with the top 10 revealed on Wednesday, Dec. 3, on (the full chart will post online the following day and in the Billboard issue dated Dec. 13), the chart, which currently tracks the top 200 albums of the week by sales alone, will be the first to include on-demand streaming and digital track sales (as measured by Nielsen Entertainment) by way of a new algorithm. It is the most substantial methodology update since May 1991, when Billboard first used Nielsen's point-of-sale data -- SoundScan -- to measure album sales.

Cutting vinyl at Abbey Road Studios

Video of cutting vinyl at Abbey Road Studios. Interesting remark regarding the source files. 9/10 the source masters are coming in digital format.

Paralyse Audio rack

Paralyse Audio rack: "We love music. And the perfect reproduction is more than an obligation for us. Because perfection means for us to combine the advantages of an absolutely stringent product philosophy with a maximum of know-how, experience and competence. Coupled with uncompromising enthusiasm we are now in the decisive step further. To experience the essence of the music."

Gryphon Audio Pendragon speakers

Gryphon Audio Pendragon speakers unpacking and installing. Another addition to the reference system of Mono & Stereo contributing editor and friend Dato' Danon Han. 

Ultimate horn stereo home system

Adam Teodorowicz ultimate horn stereo home system. Now, that’s impressive take on the horns and what it seems a long building process.