Bowers & Wilkins T7 portable wireless speaker NEW

T7: Hi-Fi to go. Bowers & Wilkins launches T7, its most portable wireless speaker yet...

Bowers & Wilkins T7 combines Bluetooth wireless streaming with compact size, and rechargeable convenience with Bowers & Wilkins legendary approach to high-quality sound and the first commercial application of Bowers & Wilkins Micro MatrixTM technology. The result is Hi-Fi untethered. 

EAT C-Sharp turntable NEW

All new EAT C-Sharp turntable with EAT Yosegi cartridge and EAT Flat Tonearm is coming to Mono & Stereo soon for an exclusive review. Very intriguing take on the high-end audio vinyl reproduction through the vision of  Jozefina Lichtenegger. Here is the official EAT C-Sharp info:

EAT , leaded by Jozefina Lichtenegger, a lady with distinct for elegance and design, went into the turntable business with completely new approach. High End turntables get big,massy and bulky close to phallic. When the technical design goes into extreme! 

Schiit Mani Phono Stage NEW

Prepare to rewrite the value equation in phono preamplifiers. Schiit’s new Mani gives you the flexibility you need for both moving-magnet and moving-coil cartridges, together with exceptionally accurate, low-noise performance—for far less than you’d expect!

New IsoVybra Audio Rack new and upcoming

At iHi-Fi, we’re proud to leak a second 48-inch, 5-shelf Audio Rack is imminent, with a whole different, forward look. Like the recent Masiv Audio Rack design (our first, with vibration damping,) it’s built from industrial framing system components and premium hardwood. This new IsoVybra type also benefits from 30+ years of design experience. It includes acoustic enhancement through vibration control at two levels. We believe any audio system will instantly sound better on this Rack. Anti-vibration suspension is maintained at two levels, at the floor and for each shelf. You can also easily add a third level at your components if you want the ultimate in acoustic isolation for your whole system. 

Prime phonic high quality classical music downloads NEW

Another high quality music download service is coming this fall. In both FLAC and DSD format Primephonic will offer exclusively classical music. 

Yoshiba Onkyou classical tube amplifier beauty

Yoshiba Onkyou classical tube amplifier beauty.

Rockport Technologies and MSB

Rockport Technologies hosting Larry and Vince from MSB last week SELECT DAC in our system. Thank you so much for the sharing your time and introducing us to this amazing product.

Norbert Busè & Christof Debler MARY WIGMAN THE SOUL OF DANCE

New York, 1930, in the sold-out Carnegie Hall: Mary Wigman, alone and barefoot, leaves the stage as “high-priestess of dance”. To this day, Americans celebrate her as the “New German Dance’s” pioneer. The life of one of the most exciting 20th century artists is shown on original sites featuring partly unpublished material: from the birth of “Ausdruckstanz” in Switzerland to her sensational tour across the USA. Choreographers Sasha Waltz and Susanne Linke and experts Hedwig Müller and Claudia Gitelman are interviewed, speaking about the life and work of Mary Wigman.

Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra New

It is a “symphony of everything, from chaos to glory, sarcasm to tenderness, from a funeral march to a seductive tango." Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela have just released a album presenting Mahler's Seventh! 

Fonolab and Spotmaster turntable

Great Spotmaster turntable with Fonolab SAEC WE-308L refurbished tonearm.

Fonel Victor MC and MM universal step up transformer NEW

Fonel Victor all new MC and MM universal step up transformer.

ELROG ER-300B first Impressions

Thomas Mayer first impressions on the all new ELROG ER-300B tube. After Thomas having new 300B for over week in various listening sessions and measurements he finds, that ELROG ER-300B tube is not just a mere copy of Western Electric 300B. He called it  the best sounding output tube he ever listened too!

Bryston BOT-1 Transport NEW

NEW upcoming Bryston BOT-1 Transport. More details soon.

Musical Stone Michelangelo speakers in production

Musical Stone Michelangelo speakers in production. Interior, reflex port, and system decoupling of midrange and tweeter.


Portable Headphone DAC & Amplifier for serious Headfiers. 24/192kHz(SPDIF Otical) 24/384kHz(PCM USB), DSD64/128, mSATA slot (mSATA SSD is user installable. Release date: 11/10/2014.

Sausalito Audio new upcoming

After the Acoustic Lens Technology Sausalito Audio are bringing soon the next generation ultra wide dispersion waveguide technology. More soon...

Magico S3 speakers Crossover

Magico S3 speakers Crossovers ready for installation.

Cecilia Bartoli – St Petersburg Launch in Versailles

Sparkling Versailles Launch for St Petersburg - An Album of Eleven World Premiere Recordings.

Tidal Camira DAC NEW

Upcoming new Tidal Camira DAC is fully balanced reference DAC. Two stack design. Unique internal reclock system. Fully discrete ladder DAC without IC and D/S topology. Optional Repulse deck three stack. When "digital" finally enters the level of best analog sources.... Coming soon.

Telos Audio Telos QBT Cable Run-in Machine

The core of the machine consists of a crystal oscillator feeding a 70-watt amplifier module, the module drives a load before entering the in-house developed control system. From the logic of the control system, current required for each cable will be adjusted on the fly. Thus, avoiding the problem of over-running or under-running the cables.