Verum Acoustics The Castle isolators NEW

There is no end to the high-end audio tweaks. Verum Acoustics The Castle isolators can act both as cable isolator and isolation feet. Check out more in depth picture of design and practical application...

Guru Essentials Infinity 6 power distributor

Another pure and exotic take on the power distribution. Guru Essentials Infinity 6 power distributor. 

Computer Audio Design CAD USB cable review

Ever since computer audio became an integral and very important part of high quality music reproduction, the notion of USB cables has changed quite a bit. Things that were once ignored because they were thought to have no influence on the data (and hence music) transmission are now being considered with utmost care and attention to the detail. A typical USB cable does not only transfer bits but also electricity to those external devices that need it and usually, the wires carrying the data and the electricity are running really close to each other, potentially causing a harmful effect on the former. While already the average computer data stream is not easy to transfer without losses (read: Bit Error Rate), the zeros and ones containing music proved to be as much if not even more sensitive to the quality and execution of the transporting medium. Things like jitter and digital distortion that are introduced by the computer are transformed into the digital square wave and carried further by the transmitting cable. 

Thomas Schick website preview

A little preview on the new pictures for Thomas Schick website. Photographer Natalia Le Fay and model Ninette made the pictures becoming a timeless moments. 

Hifi Stay Gyrotension VEGA Vibration Isolators arrived

Hifi Stay Gyrotension VEGA Vibration Isolators just arrived for test and review. Vega implements floating type vibration isolators radial symmetry silicone ring structure. They have adjustable tension setting by the number of rings and uses double vibration isolation design by silicone rings and 3-point support ceramic balls. Radial symmetry ring design absorbs, diffuses and dissipates all kinds of vibrations more effectively.

Chameleon Racks Linn LP12 Sondek Ebony Plinth NEW

Our Love and Respect for Linn Sondek is no secret and we would not like to hide it. Having our selves for many years the legendary Linn turntable, and always trying to find the best audio results, we really took care the turntable with no limits in quality. We replace and try all the market related upgrades and we left for the end our upgrade: The Manufacture of one Linn Sondek Exotic Plinth.

Our goal was to keep untouched the sonic virtues of the original Linn which only the people who possess one can understand instantly. But we wanted also to give a character of acoustic renewal and balance, along with a quietness that never existed. Gentlemen we believe that we did it, and we are proud of our work.

Thomas Schick new turntable

Thomas Schick introduced his prototype record player at event at Günter Tobian's listening room. with positive reactions. More info coming soon...

Sonus Aeterna loudspeakers

Sonus Aeterna is a unique company based in Greece, which designed and manufactured the very sensitive - ultrahigh fidelity Horn Loudspeakers. Here are few of their loudspeakers products and projects. 

One more major proof about the necessity of a matching transformer (this is the closest analog to the horn speakers), is our ears. The nature’s horn device. Our ear is a horn device which couples our inner diaphragm into the air. We are all hear through two directional horns. Horn loading can be thought as the acoustic analog, matching the driver’s diaphragm to the air. The acoustic analog of the output tube is the driver (speaker). The analog of the speaker’s load is the air and the acoustic analog of the output transformer is the horn device. The equivalent function of the horn is to work as an acoustic transformer, matching the driver’s high density diaphragm to the air’s low density mass. Horn loading gives the best coupling between the driver’s

Viva Audio loudspeaker NEW

Few pictures of all new smaller loudspeaker from Italian high-end audio company Viva Audio. I've had pleasure of hearing the first prototype at my visit and these speakers are keeping the same musical DNA as their larger Credenza and Master Horn speaker systems. There are few interesting twists and clever solutions hidden into the chassis, that makes these speakers sounding large, , musical, involving and horn alike.