Kraftwerk PopArt documentary

Another great video. Not only for fans of electronic music. Kraftwerk PopArt documentary broadcasted last Friday on UK BBC Four!

BT-4 BlueTube Amplifier

BT-4 BlueTube Amplifier brings back the feeling of the past century with the classical looks and tube at the hearth. Simple, contemporary take on plug and play... 

This hand built tube amplifier will look amazing and sound unbelievable in your office or home. The 3/4" thick walnut and cherry enclosures are hand rubbed with linseed oil, then waxed and are reminiscent of audio equipment built 50 years ago by craftsman. The retro feel of the exposed tubes distinguish a tube amplifier from any other type of audio player. When the lights are turned down, the tubes themselves produce a warm glow that makes this sound-system stand out from all the rest. This is a system you will be proud to show and a system that that could well be in your family for generations...

Aphex Twin free music downloads

For the electronic music fans this is quite a treat. Free unofficial set of what is surely seems like legit Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) work. You can enjoy it here...

Hiroshi Araki King of Audio Goodman speakers system

Taking things to the extreme. Hiroshi Araki King of and Audio Goodman speakers system move things up to the stratosphere of crazy good future retro concept. In the stomach of the creature sits Garrad 301 with famous Ortofon RMG212. Head acts as power amplifier with inter stage transformers in push-pull mode using 5998 (we421) tube with 15w of out power. To get even more exotic amplifier uses Tango and Tamura transformers. And for the left and right speaker creatures designer used legendary Goodman AXOM80 full range speakers. Check of the figure acts as preamplifier and implements the circuit of the famous QUAD preamplifier with a part of the nose acting as rectifier with stack out GZ37 tube.

L'Heptade Harmonium

Time traveling back to the 1970's. L'Heptade Harmonium hypnotic album brings some of the finest songs ever coming from Quebec. Check out two videos after the jump...

Dis-moi à quel âge
J'vais pouvoir voler
D'un centième étage
Où est-ce qu'il est le nord
Quand tu r'gardes dehors
Le monde s'endort

Arteluthe TAD horn speakers NEW

Arteluthe custom TAD horn speakers project. The horn is built from solid walnut and the inlay is amboina burl. Check out the complete production photo set…

Audio Tekne TEA 2000 Phono Equaliser Amplifier

Beautiful pro photo set of Audio Tekne TEA 2000 Phono Equaliser Amplifier. This Audio Tekne phono preamplifier implements ultra large super permalloy core and represents company best cost/performance model. All gain stages uses push pull fixed bias circuit. TEA 2000 also comes with large sized MC transformer built-in.

Vivid Audio Giya G1 Loudspeakers

Demo of Vivid Audio Loudspeakers at Fidelio Sound with a client, auditioning the Vivid Giya G1. More photos...

Monitor Audio GOLD 300 speakers 2015 series NEW

Standing at over a metre tall the 300 is a majestic three-way floor-standing loudspeaker comprising twin 6.5″ bass drivers, a single 4″ mid-range driver and a high frequency ribbon transducer. With such an impressive complement of drivers, the 300 has the power delivery and scale required to fill the largest rooms with jaw-dropping dynamics as well as the finest musical detail. Extending from below 30Hz to over 60kHz, its frequency range is among the widest available from any speaker, regardless of price. MSRP (Standard Finish): $7,195 /pr. MSRP (Piano Ebony Finish): $8,595 /pr.