IKA Audio record clamp NEW

Another addition to the vinyl accessories info just came in from IKA Audio Bulgaria:

Newly developed record clamp for turntable. Its made from selective wood that is dried for eight years under natural conditions. There are eight layers of high quality lacquer.The finish can be glossy or matte. There are superb diversion of vibrations. Clamp is lightweight and has a mechanism for pressing.

Natural Sound at Poland high-end audio show

Poland High-End audio show is almost here and this private invitation from Natural Sound just came in. I'll be reporting live from the show and this even with special exclusive Mono & Stereo interviews with Mr. Huber and both Iami gentlemen. This will be special:

We are honored to invite you to a private listening sessions of FM-Acoustics (Switzerland) and Audio Tekne (Japan) systems.

Mr. Manuel Huber from FM Acoustics and Mr. Kiyoaky Imai with his son Hironobu Imai from Audio Tekne will be present at the event.

JTL Audio Hi-End Line

JTL Audio Hi-End Line. Series includes stands PRS240, PRS200, PRS160, RA 108, and racks STY1, STR1, STM1, STM2. Holders of this series allow you to take full advantage of the options offered by JTL Audio so rigid mount speakers to the stands and stands attachment to the dedicated pedestals of marble or granite.

MyST IsoPhone 30 Ortodynamic headphones NEW

MyST IsoPhone 30 Ortodynamic headphones NEW.

Clearaudio Absolute Phono and Absolute Phono Inside Phono Stages NEW

Introducing the Absolute Phono and Absolute Phono Inside… could this little duo be a pair of world firsts? Another ground-breaker from German analogue innovators Clearaudio: two ways to solve the problem of a small signal making a long journey. 

Consider your standard phonostage set-up. The delicate musical output signal generated within the cartridge has to travel down the internal tonearm wiring and along the external arm lead before it reaches the phonostage, at which point it is amplified and then equalized before being fed out to the preamplifier. This signal is both very small and very sensitive, hence susceptible to electrical interference at all stages of its journey from the cartridge to, and through, the phonostage.

Sonus faber Homage Vox speaker stereo setup

After stand out results from Sonus faber Homage Vox speaker ignited idea of using them as mono high-end audio speakers I've requested Sonus faber for the second Homage Vox speaker. I really wanted to try them in a true stereo setup based on impressive sound performance in a mono listening system. 

TIDAL - High Fidelity Music Streaming 5 things

TIDAL - Introducing the world's first music service with High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos and Curated Editorial, by music journalists.

Time Capsule Dept. Tuxedomoon Desire vinyl

Where I was in 1981? What music was I into, then... why I never listened to Tuxedomoon? Laziness... stupidity... both?!?

Why... possibly because I was loosing my collector's energies after The Absolute Sound's crappy audiophile super-discs, forgetting that also crappiest recording of great music is better than a superb recording of shitty music...

TECHNICS new products

Official video introducing new technics products - Reference Class R1 Series and Premium Class C700 Series.

AudioSolutions Vantage speakers NEW

AudioSolutions just revealed all new Vantage speakers.

Designed around a custom version of the exclusive 6” SatoriTM driver with proprietary Egyptian PapyrusTM cone, neodymium magnet and vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis, AudioSolutions Vantage uses only the best drivers available to supplement it.

An almost full range operation of the midrange unit ensures, that most of the music comes from a single point source with virtually no phase distortions typical to ordinary designs. Extremely linear, full range driver covers most of the audio band for a naturally coherent musical experience. 

Taking DIY to the extreme

Talking about the completely esoteric approach. This is far out Italian DIY setup. Acoustic treatment alone is worthy the look. 

Existence Loudspeakers weekly music recommendations

Existence Loudspeakers's Marko Reinikainen newly music recommendations page was just started:

"Here you find weekly recommendations of music we prefer from now on and from all kinds of categories! Enjoy!"


LONDON GRAMMAR is one of my recent favorites and the entire album -IF YOU WAIT - is just pure and GREAT!

As I have listened it a lot it seems to move to my all time favorites as I haven´t got tired of it at all!
- Marko -

Audiozen Aedo Reference Tube DAC review is coming up

Audiozen Aedo Reference Tube DAC review is coming up as Nino Pistone package just arrived today. This is his ultimate take on digital to analog conversion. More info soon with full blown review coming up in due time.

ECM Records New Release: "Outland" by Jøkleba

Listen to free track + info:

The Norwegian trio Jøkleba was formed in 1990, establishing itself as one of the most unpredictable groups on the Scandinavian scene. The present disc – the fifth Jøkleba album, but the first for ECM – finds old friends Per Jørgensen, Jon Balke and Audun Kleive working with pulse and colour and texture in collective music-making, emphasizing electronics, trumpet and voice, in freely created pieces which hint at relationships between inspiration and instability. Track titles make reference to writings by Sylvia Plath, Laura Restrepo González, Sadegh Hedayat, Guy de Maupassantand Ken Kesey, in particular to their descriptions of the disintegration of identity, “the human mind when it gets lost”, as Jon Balke puts it. All three musicians have recorded prolifically for ECM in a wide variety of contexts, but the particular chemistry of Jøkleba is unique unto itself.

Viva Audio production

Mono & Stereo exclusive peek into the Viva Audio production and assembly. Artisan, handmade, dedicated work to compliment the music at its best. Enjoy 20+ picture set.

Trinity Supreme

Interesting elaboration from Trinity Audio CEO Dietmar at AE:

Enclosed a measurement result, which is related to the stereo mode you use at the moment in HK. It shows the THD of a half-bridge (one stereo channel) module driving a 1Ohm load. Just one note, that is the technical limit of my current audio analyser and not of the power amp module. 

The sweep goes from 0.1Vrms – 7Vrms, which is related to a maximum output voltage of 40V peak to peak. That means the amp drives +/-20A peak currents into this load and as you can see the output signal is distortion free. The maximum power is 194Wrms or 400W peak and the measurement frequency is 200Hz. 

Tube of the Month : The 6GE5

Thomas Mayer's pick for the tube of the month. Well, its not the 300B as might be expected.. Welcome the 6GE5 Compactron Beam Power Pentode. Thomas is fan of directly heated triodes and 6GE5 tubes are mostly ignored by tube amplifier builders.

‎Audio Research‬ Galileo GS preamplifier in production

‎Audio Research‬ Galileo GS preamplifier in production...

Ultimate Audio system in Barcelona

Ultimate Audio presented in colaboration with their dealer Audio Elite a fantastic system in Barcelona Renaissence Hotel.

  • Speaker Marten Coltrane II
  • Mono Amps VTL Siegfried II
  • Preamp: VTL 7.5 MK III
  • DAC: Trinity
  • Phono: Trinity
  • Turntable: Acoustic Signature Storm with 3 Motors
  • Cartridge: Ikeda kai
  • Cables Kubala Sosna Elation
  • Tripoint Troy Signature 
  • Conditioner Gigawatt PC4 EVO
  • Media Player Aurender W20

Shun Mook Ebony Dowsing Pendulum

Shun Mook's Ebony Dowsing Pendulum is probably the most esoteric turntable accessory :)


This device can be a bit far out for some user. We make use of the principle and technique of “Dowsing”. Dowsing is an ancient skill of channeling or sensing of subtle energy with the human brain aura, But this is truly an amazing device which have to be experienced.

For those "brave" enough :) read on...