Audio Note System at Audio Note S'pore

New Audio Note System at Audio Note S'pore in Singapore. Check out the complete photo set by Cecil Tan...

Concierto De Aranjuez - Chet Baker & Paul Desmond &Jim Hall & Ron Carter & Steve Gadd & Roland Hanna

What a masterpiece and beautiful take on one of my favourite songs. Mesmerizing, soulful, enticing and timeless journey to a intimate musical universe…

Trumpet - Chet Baker
Alto Saxophone - Paul Desmond
Bass - Ron Carter
Drums - Steve Gadd
Guitar - Jim Hall
Piano - Roland Hanna

TRINITY NEW modified preamp

The first Picture (still upside down)of the TRINITY modified preamp with a volume display running in the final burn-in phase. 

“Additional picture shows the distortion level of the new preamp measured with the new analyser. As you can see there is a noteworthy improvement visible. In the "old" preamp the distortion were excellent around -120dB now we are almost down to -140dB at the maximum level delivered by the TRINITY DAC. Every 6dB is an improvement of factor 2 and 20dB is an improvement by a factor of 10.”

Vexo S40 mkII Power amplifier

Another interesting push pull 300B power amplifier from Italy:

An amplification set with unequalled and unrepeatable features, as the result of the most advanced and mania-cal research by the Vexo team in audio equipments. Two separate units of absolute level, with a fully dual-mono and balanced design. The best of modern tube technology supported by a far out of the ordinary power supply. These pieces of equipment express an extreme, no-compromise vocation and reach a truly amazing level of smoothness, transparency, detail and overall quality. A combination of strength and gentleness that has no precedent in the use of the most beloved directly heated triode of all time, i.e. the legendary 300B tube: 50 +50 Watts into 4/8 ohms for an extraordinary experience of pure musicality and pleasure. A "real sound machine" which highlights and summarizes the philosophy adopted by Vexo:

Godar Furniture Grow Modular shelving for vinyl

Grow is a whole new type of shelving for vinyl and more, that might come as great alternative to the disconted Expedit range and the new Ikea Kallax. This patent pending system consists of 12 different parts that function as flat building blocks. allowing you to make infinite configurations to fit your shelving needs.

Divini Audio Design RASA speakers

Unique and quite intriguing Divini Audio Design RASA speakers.

Arteluthe speakers ...

A peek into the Arteluthe mind set using the speakers scale models: "The shapes are quite adventurous. First they wanted/need to make sure the format works acoustically, then suggesting the speed and stability in a two volumes shape. One part of the construction will use piano laquer and exotic veneers and the other part will be strictly business with textured matte black laquer and hard materials such as steel and brass. Part of it is inspired by a sloop, and the other part suggests the engine compartment in a kind of mechanical luxury amalgame. Building scale models is very useful (this one is 1 to 2.66) the judge the relationship of panel thickness to global volume. Arteluthe wanted the design to be elegant and racy. Some detailing is not shown - the back of the cabinet will be a lot more complex visually and should catch light in a nice way."

Wilson Audio Sabrina speakers in production

Wilson Audio Sabrina speakers in production and before shipping out. Second picture shows Wilson's paint department employe applying gel coat.

Thrax Audio Orpheus RIAA preamplifier NEW

Thrax Audio new Orpheus RIAA preamplifier will be born soon. Few of the innards highlights: extremely precise CNC cut aluminium panels, high quality components and bespoke craftsmanship.