New Halcro Eclipse power amplifier

Halcro is previewing the new Halcro Eclipse power amplifier finish. Worldwide distribution coming very soon.

The Vinyl Reckoning - Vertere Acoustics

Touraj Moghaddam from Vertere Acoustics speaks about the vinyl reckoning: How to take care of your precious record collection...

Goldmund - Swiss Acoustic Fidelity video

Goldmund writes: "Goldmund products are meticulously engineered in our factory in Geneva, Switzerland, achieving for every product a perfectly executed finish. To produce only the best audio systems, our artisans accept no compromise. Goldmund, Swiss Acoustic Fidelity."

Tidal Audio 20 years anniversary

Something special is coming soon for the Tidal Audio 20 years anniversary. Here is a sneak peek...

Kondo Audio Note Japan Ongaku system!

Our friend's Kondo Audio Note Japan Ongaku based system with a beautiful surroundings in NYC.

CH Precision P1 Phono Preamplifier review

CH Precision! A Swiss high-end audio wonder, that created further than just an abiding impact at our beloved high-end audio industry in a rather short time. And the lingering effect is nowhere near to echo out with the current state of the CH Precision creative and push forward mentality momentum! CH Precision represents the 21st-century ultra high-end brand, that implements the latest technological advancements effectively in their products. As many of us are also the watch enthusiasts and aficionados of different degrees, the IWC Schaffhausen somehow comes to a mind as the most analogous. The iconic CH Precision solid aluminum front plate is a vivid reminiscent of the rich Swiss industrial design tradition and if my memory serves me well, the prolific faceplates are actually manufactured in one of the companies that produce the upper echelon high-end watch cases. 


Funky and mesmerising! Stevie Wonder's seven minute live performance of Superstition at Sesame Street in 1973.