NIME Audiodesign Black Diamond subwoofer

Subwoofer need no hiding! Black Diamond subwoofer by NIME Audiodesign from Italy…

Real high end audio advancement?

Advancement in high-end audio? Indeed. Just gathering few thoughts I’ve written down late last night… 

We’re often criticize by outer parties regarding utterly pushing the limits of exotic, esoteric and high-end audio in general.

Like with any extreme related things or industries as small as they might be, high-end audio niche market and industry is trying to push the high-end audio performance to the maximum by all means. This should be the real agenda behind all the efforts. Not packing jewelry boxes with chew over high-tech concepts, but to provide something meaningful and of difference. 

Yes, things can go nasty in pricing. In most cases its tightly connected with smaller ventures pushing the limits of existing and in given circumstances. Even larger high-end audio companies cannot afford the R & D that were once connected with development of high performance audio. Reflecting the golden era of past century including (80’s Japanese domestic market) its almost impossible to invest such amount of funds and employ so many engineers under sole audio project development.

Anyhow. What is the sum up of my contemplation? Real advancement of highest performance high-end audio (including both digital and analog worlds) lies within the resolution. I’m not talking about fake, self proclaiming nonsense specced gear that promises heavenly audio abode. I’m referring to the real performing machines, that offers true advancement with their ability to reproduce music. 

This results in preservation of our beloved and most precious instruments. THE EARS!

R.I.P Toots Thielemans

And another sad news. Belgian/ American jazz musician Jean-Baptiste Frédéric Isidor, aka Baron Thielemans, aka Toots Thielemans known for his unforgettable harmonica playing and whistling passed away few days ago. R.I.P.

Lustful high-end compositions

Yeah gear galore visual nirvana :). Properly taken photos and lustful high-end audio gear are really working at their best in this visual composition of system based around Nagra, Tannoy, DartZeel...

Vinylogue - seaweed-based "vinyl" new formula for our beloved discs

Vinylgue: the first green vinyl from algae manufactured in Britain - thanking Nicanor Haon.

Vinylgue vinyl seaweed m com music production ecolo

This is a world first, it's made in France and no, it does not eat ... Audiophile gourmets, it will take a manufacturer recovers edible vinyl! Artisanal plant vinyls M Com'Musique based Ogères (Ille et Vilaine) completed its prototype of a Breton vinyl made from algae. An alternative to the use of plastics.

After much research initiated before the opening of its factory, M Com'Musique pressed and listened to his first vinylgue, a black furrow produced from a raw material in the Algopack society. The latter manufactures plastics materials properties from alternative materials to petroleum as waste and natural fibers including algae.

Small beads of algae in lieu of the polymers

It is these algae, added a bit of plastic that caught the attention of M Com'Musique, and can be provided in small beads such as polymers traditionally used to make discs. "We see that the heater is a little more fibrous" explained one of the creators of M Com'Musique reached by telephone. It will therefore further enhance the base material in order to have the same sound results than traditional vinyl and adapt the rigidity of the groove to take care of needles phonos cells. These additional research and possible changes in the production process will require fundraising by the company to enable to start production in 2018 vinylgue - vinyl master engraving

M Com'Musique going half speed ...

Alongside his research on vinylgue, M Com'Musique is preparing to relaunch the engraving in half-speed drives. The process, already existing, is to burn twice as slowly the master disc lacquer used to make the mold vinyl pressing. It to store twice as much information and thus provide a better return to listening. As the name suggests, the process takes twice as long, but in the factory, the result is there.

Rudy Van Gelder passed away... a lesser world it's, today

Rudy Van Gelder, an audio engineer whose work with Miles Davis, John Coltrane and numerous other musicians helped define the sound of jazz on record, died on Thursday at his home, which doubled as his studio, in Englewood Cliffs, N.J. He was 91.

His death was confirmed by his assistant, Maureen Sickler.

Mr. Van Gelder, as he took pains to explain to interviewers, was an engineer and not a producer. He was not in charge of the sessions he recorded; he did not hire the musicians or play any role in choosing the repertoire. But he had the final say in what the records sounded like, and he was, in the view of countless producers, musicians and listeners, better at that than anyone.

Franco Serblin speakers in production

Peek into the production of Franco Serblin Ktema and Lignea speakers. Ligneas are getting ready to ship out soon around the globe to the new, happy owners...

Jean Nantais Reference Lenco MKII turntable review

So where 21st century vinyl reproduction stands?

We hear many of the present triumphant vocalizations of massive machines impact, but these uber techno sculptures are more of Ibuprofen potency rather then being really musically inclined. The heavy weight championship trend, that is going on now for decades left an unsettling feeling and sadly driven away many of people to take vinyl reproduction seriously. Some of these iron sculptures actually put more of a stigma on our industry rather then welcome people in…

Many of audiophiles and music lovers are still waiting to be corrected with the latest and greatest analog replay machines and stood attached to the machines of the “past”. 

Bulky machines coming from the European industrial heaven sees to be more and more a matter of luxurious ego trips and material wellbeing showcase rather then a real high performance stand out products performing on the level of the dedicated pricing. I'm the first one to embrace the exotic and special gears when it comes to the high end audio, but I'm the last one buying into the nonsense and BS overtness. 

Chord classic SPM 1050 MkII power amplifier NEW

Chord Electronics has significantly upgraded its popular SPM 1050 power amplifier to MkII status, introducing a raft of internal upgrades, plus a number of aesthetic improvements over its predecessor (£4,995).

Chord Electronics’ new SPM 1050 MkII power amplifier, first unveiled at High End 2016, Munich, is now available worldwide. The new MkII version directly replaces the original and introduces the latest Chord amplifier technology, plus some key aesthetic improvements. 

The latest-spec MkII model offers reduced output distortion for even greater transparency and fidelity, plus improvements to capacitance for cleaner power delivery. The second-generation version also includes enhanced isolation on the mains transformer to reduce interference and enhance sonic performance. In keeping with the original, the SPM 1050 MkII uses Chord’s low-distortion amplifier circuitry and features four proprietary lateral-structure dual-die MOSFETs per channel (eight in total), enabling even the most demanding loudspeakers to be driven with clarity and precision.

The SPM 1050 MkII offers both balanced XLR and RCA phono inputs, plus two pairs of loudspeaker outputs with gold-plated connections. A single power button offers operational simplicity from stand-by mode and the amplfier’s status is indicated on the faceplate by a simple two-LED sequence showing power and relay functions. The casework is luxuriously Chord: machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium it offers a stunning aesthetic plus an enviably rigid environment to house the electronics and dampen unwanted vibration.