Raidho D5 speakers installation

Few photos of Raidho D5 speakers installations via Enéas Cibele Da Silva…

Wax Rax 45 RPM Vinyl Record Adapter NEW

Introducing the world's best 45 rpm adapter - The 45A by Wax Rax. 

The unique geometry of our design fits the hand perfectly which makes quick changes of your favorite 45 rpm singles easy. We added a bit more height to the taper so your 7 inch vinyl falls right into place ready to play. The shape catches the strobe light from the turntable and looks tripped out when spinning.

CNC machined from solid aluminum to RIAA specs with a gold anodized finish, the 45A is the world's best 45 adapter.  

HI-FI EXPO Sofia 2015

Time to pack for the tomorrow's HI-FI EXPO Sofia 2015. Flying out early and jumping directly into the "fire". Stay tuned for hands on reports as usually with the complete write up in due time...

Vitus Audio impact!

Our senior contributing editor Dato’ Danon Han share his thoughts about the Vitus Audio amplifiers:

“Vitus Audio make some really neat amplifiers in my book. I have invested a real deal of monies into their products after quite some experiences with Vitus Audio components. So you can understand my enthusiasm with Vitus Audio. The MPM (Analogue Fellowship Ed) is my amplifiers against all that are available to me. Many have claimed that their amplifiers are much better, but they do not sound right to me in my set up. In this competition, I have to be the judge since I have to pay with my money. Sorry, you have to work with your ears... But, I do enjoy the wonderful courtesy, generosity and honesty from a number of designers that visited me. They are a "blast" in my life... Enjoy!”

Vitus Masterpiece and Rockport Arrakis

Vitus Masterpiece mono amps MPM (4 chassis), 2 sets are employed to drive the Rockport Arrakis loudspeakers system in this Beijing home. Thus, total 8 chassis amps were set up here. Now, this is something I wish to hear...

Vermouth Audio Audio Rack NEW

Hendry Ramli’s Vermouth Audio upcoming audio rack, utilizing 30 layers of high quality laminated plywood, hollow design filled with anti vibration material and dedicated solid steel spikes. Finishes will include several veneer types. More soon…

Line Magnetic LM-126 integrated amplifier NEW

All new beautiful Line Magnetic LM-126 with 15 watts and 42kg…

Magico Ultimate 3 horn speakers

Magico Ultimate 3 horn speakers setup in Shanghai.

Exposure 3010S2-D preamplifier NEW

British brand Exposure Electronics has long been renowned for creating high-performance audio components with involving musical reality, yet with an affordable price tag. For high-end audio at mid-range prices, Exposure’s 3010S2 series is widely considered to be one of the best options on the market. 

In January 2015, the brand released a new, enhanced ‘D’ edition of its highly successful 3010S2 integrated amplifier, which has just scooped the AV Tech Media Award for ‘Best Stereo Integrated Amplifier 2015/16’. Now the preamp has been given the same upgrade.

Like its predecessor, the new 3010S2-D preamplifier comes with six line level inputs. However, one of these is now a direct AV input to enable integration within a surround sound system. There is still the possibility to fit an optional MM or MC phonostage, which is now joined by the option of a plug-in DAC board. The latter is capable of up to 192/24 bit PCM and DSD 64, and comes with two inputs: USB and BNC, with auto-switching between them. A tape output is included as well as two main outputs to allow for easy bi-amping.

As is the case throughout the 3010S2 series, much attention has been paid to the circuit design in order to extract the best possible sound quality. The 3010S2-D now sports a brand new circuit board which has been remapped and features high quality relays for input selection to ensure the shortest possible signal path. There are no integrated circuits, as the signal path uses all discrete components including special high-quality capacitors. The new power supply includes a large custom-made torodial power transformer and adds extra stages of regulation for improved performance. 

This all slots into an attractive, high quality aluminium casing with extruded front panel for improved resonance control and EMF screening. The overall build quality, fit and finish are excellent. Both the front and back panels are graced with clear ergonomics and simplicity in features, with a well laid-out and comprehensive remote control completing the package.