George Harrison - Isn’t it a Pity

Songs from the George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ album have been covered by Nina Simone, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, Marianne Faithfull, Edwin Starr, Johnny Mathis, Olivia Newton-John, Julio Iglesias, Richie Havens, Megadeth, Boy George, Jose Feliciano, Cher, Nina Hagen, Galaxie 500, John Mayer, Brian Wilson, Jim James, Bonnie Bramlett, Cat Stevens, Elliott Smith, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi.

Covers of George’s songs are not limited to the English language. Here’s a wonderful version in Spanish of “Isn’t it a Pity (No Es Una Pena)” by the renowned Argentine musician and singer-songwriter Pedro Aznar.

MSB Technology Corporation Select DAC production

A peek at MSB Technology Corporation Select DAC power base machining. Starting at 85lbs, 85% of the material is removed resulting in just 17lbs of finished "Kaiser Select" aluminum…

First semiconductor free microelectronic device

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have fabricated the first semiconductor-free, optically-controlled microelectronic device. Using metamaterials, engineers were able to build a microscale device that shows a 1,000 percent increase in conductivity when activated by low voltage and a low power laser. 

The discovery paves the way for microelectronic devices that are faster and capable of handling more power, and could also lead to more efficient solar panels.

Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur Franz flagship speakers

Few photos of the Wiener Lautsprecher Manufaktur Franz flagship speakers.

Focal prestige line speaker production

A closer look at the Focal Ébénisterie Bourgogne, the prestige speaker production facility at Bourbon-Lancy in Burgundy (France), where Focal combines a team responsible for the Electra, Sopra and Utopia loudspeaker line. 

Count Basie & his Orchestra - "88 Basie Street" album review #2

Evaluated by Claude Lemaire. Max. perfect rating: 10/ A+ [sound/music] Original review published Aug. 2010 


Originally on Pablo 2310-901 (1984)
Reissued by Analogue Productions AJAZ 2310-901 (2003)

Trafomatic Audio Experience series…

Beautiful shots of Trafomatic Audio Experience Phono One and Experience Elegance at Volta Hifi, Russia…

Silbatone Acoustics factory visit in Korea

Photo set from the Silbatone Acoustics factory in Korea. This is pure and mind blowing Wester Electric heaven galore...

Devialet Phantom Gold active and Expert 1000 Pro speaker system

“Devialet have successfully introduced in Malaysia the Phantom Gold active speaker system that have the nickname "Subwoofer with speaker", and the Expert 1000 Pro amplifier system.”