Space Tech Lab Deluxe QA-8001 preamplifier

Space Tech Lab Deluxe QA-8001 preamplifier Extreme series line stage full balanced pre-amplifier is a fully balanced input and balanced output state-of-the-art pre-amplifier with our newest new age circuit design which is totally differ from the other pre-amp series. 

This unit have our newest feature call "HD" (high dynamics/defintions), which can boost the dynamics and definition of any system into a new standard. At the same time, there will be no difference in measurements on any specifications in either normal or HD mode including frequency response, S/N...etc. This unit can output a maximum level of 100vp-p, which can drive a electrostatic panel directly with reasonable loudness.

Cabledyne Reference silver cables review

The Cabledyne Choice...

Cables...they keep coming...

The US based Cabledyne company sent their Cabledyne Reference silver power cord and RCA interconnects for a review. What seemed like an ordinary power cord and RCA on the outside, well made but not bulky in appearance, actually turned out to be one of the nicest surprises not only in the affordable range of power cords and interconnects, but regardless of price. 

Manufacturer`s description:

“Ultra pure solid 6N 99.9999% silver monocrystal conductors. No plating or dielectric coatings, a source of sonic brightness. Cryogenically treated. Hyflon fluoropolymer low dissipation air core cable structures. No lossy solid cores or bulk fillers that color the sound. Non-magnetic Inconel chromium alloy cable sheath. No sonically degrading plastic cable jackets. Premium Audiophile grade connectors. Pure OFC (copper) rod stock, direct plated (no nickel substrate). Solderless bonding. Cryogenically treated. RoHS compliant parts.

Tripoint Emperor

Yet another Tripoint Emperor ground box setting the pace of audio system. This time in combination with German B.M.C. electronics.

Magico MProject speakers

Magico MProject speakers arriving at Jeffu high-end audio boutique in Taiwan.

Mercury Living Presence: The True Story of a Legendary Label - Pt.1


The third volume of Mercury Living Presence recordings makes available the remaining recordings remastered for CD release in the 1990s under the personal supervision of the label’s producer, Wilma Cozart Fine. In addition, the collection includes 10 albums newly remastered and appearing on CD for the first time. Remastering has been done at Abbey Road Studios with the close cooperation of Thomas Fine. 4 stereo recordings engineered by the Mercury team and previously released on Philips are also included.


The limited-edition LP set features six outstanding Mercury recordings, justly famed for their exceptional artistic and sonic qualities. Selected from a collection of recordings (available in the 53-CD set, Mercury Living Presence — The Collector’s Edition, Vol. 3), they represent the very best of Mercury’s legendary sound engineering from the 1950s through to the early 1960s. The six original LP recordings are here newly presented in luxury 180gm vinyl pressings. In addition to the original sleeves, the set also includes a special booklet explaining the history of Mercury Living Presence and information on the recordings featured in the LP set.

Merging Technologies NADAC DAC

As requested here complete and elaborated info about the latest Merging Technologies NADAC DAC from Switzerland...

Merging Technologies introduces the revolutionary, the first Network Attached DAC. Supporting all resolutions up to 384kHz PCM, DXD and 11.2MHz DSD (Quad-DSD) with superb specifications, NADAC comes with a choice of three versions to suit all situations: MERGING - NADAC, NADAC -2 NADAC -8 NADAC -16, 2 channels DAC for the ultimate Stereophile converter on XLR and RCA 8 channels DAC for 5.1/7.1 multichannel Music on XLR and RCA 16 channels DAC for 3D Immersive Audio formats on RCA. Each model offers in input an Ethernet port to connect to any server, player or streamer on the network, an AES pair, a coaxial SPDIF, an optical SPDIF, a Wordclock and a DC power supply connector for an optional external power supply. 

NADAC connects on the network using the Ethernet based RAVENNA protocol to any Music Server, Player or Streamer supporting ASIO on Windows, CoreAudio/DoP on MacOSX and through a direct RAVENNA connection on Linux. 

Supreme Analog granite turntable mat NEW

Supreme Analog new upcoming granite turntable mat in production. It will be 10 mm thick with engraving in 18 carat gold or silver depending on the colour of granite. More info soon…

Sonus faber Olympica I speakers

Its time to say goodbye to these great little big fellas. Sonus faber Olympica I brings a grand portion of Sonus faber Olympica III speakers, but in a scale down, more small room friendly package. Aesthetics are the same as on the big brothers, only with added dedicated stylish stands. Olympica range managed to keep the recognised Sonus faber DNA with addition of few the 21st century attributes. They'll be missed...

Meridian Audio Sir George Martin Signature Custom Earphones NEW

Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) is delighted to announce its partnership with other leading British companies Meridian Audio and Asprey to create 1,000 very special sets of limited edition, bespoke moulded earphones, endorsed by legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, with a generous donation from each set going towards funding vital research being carried out by UK charity Action on Hearing Loss.  ACS-GM-2Further enhancing the package is a signed, limited edition portrait of Sir George painted by legendary drummer and painter Gilson Lavis. 

The concept of the Sir George Martin Signature Custom Earphone was sparked by Sir George’s desire to encourage research, education and awareness of the life-changing impact of noise-damaged hearing loss. After a discussion between Sir George and ACS founder Andy Shiach, this unique collaboration was formed to protect people’s hearing and raise vital funds for Action on Hearing Loss, the only UK charity dedicated to funding research into treatments, devices and cures for hearing loss and tinnitus. 

“The George Martin Signature Series earphones designed by ACS are at the cutting edge of earphone technology allowing you to experience the music you love with clarity at a safe sound level. I am also very grateful to ACS for supporting Deafness Research UK’s important work with a generous donation from the sale of each set of George Martin Signature Series earphones.” Sir George Martin