Perpetuum Ebner turntables NEW

Black Forest area, the home of the legendary Perpetuum Ebner and Dual turntables from the 60's golden era is a home of the new series of Perpetuum Ebner turntables revived by the WE Audio Systems. They brought the rights from the family and introduced few new models, following the heritage of this German decks…

Zeta Zero Orbital 360 3D flagship speakers

Zeta Zero Orbital 360 3D are Omni-directional (All-directional) wide band, 4 way  passive, ribbon loudspeakers (132 to 158 cm   high).

Radiating the acoustic energy horizontally in full 360 degree around plus vertical cone up-down support, giving fantastic acoustic space and realistic stage sound in the listener room, sound perfection completely unknown from any traditional-conventional loudspeaker box.

No directional radiating. No "hot spot", nor unwanted "sweet spot", no acoustic beam nor dipole effect on bass. No any drawbacks of traditional loudspeakers box.  

With Orbital360 all the room filled with the real live sound evenly distributed.  The sound first time"out of box".Total freedom for the listener's seating position.

ZORIN S7 flagship turntable

ZORIN S7 flagship turntable installation and testing with the wide array of cartridges: Lyra Titan / Koetsu Onyx / Ortofon Anna / Koetsu Tiger Eye (diamond)

You can see Ida Haendel's Famous Violin Compositions violin vinyl and few other rare gems in the pictures below...

Sutherland Engineering Argenta Phono Preamplifier (silver wire) NEW

The new Argentum Phono Preamp delivers the advantages of a silver signal path. – Ron Sutherland


The best starting point was the Phono Blocks. For many years now, they have performed beautifully, setting a very high standard. They compare very favorably with cost-no-object phono preamps.

Just buying a roll of silver wire was not good enough. This was an opportunity to refine and optimize every aspect of signal flow.

Audience's John McDonald in action

John McDonald, President/CEO of Audience educational discourse on his suite of products, The ONE V2 loudspeakers, power conditioners, power chords and cables at the My HiFi Shop.

“The ONE, great little loudspeakers, diminutive in size but filling our room with supremely coherent sound, excellent details and surprising amounts of bass coming from such small loudspeakers.”

from the treasure box…

Our friends Audio16 boys, take a closer look at the legendary Bang & Olufsen turntable. This was very interesting and complex deck for the time, that had quite few innovative technological  solutions...
"I found another table among my collection deposit. It must have been designated for a second or third room, a Bang & Olufsen (B&O) BeoGram 8500 Record Deck, manufactured between1990 – 1993, Designer: Jacob Jensen, Colours: Grey.

The technical aspects of Beogram 8500 were identical to Beogram 9500; it was only the finish that was different which was coloured soft grey instead of silver."

Western Electric 16A horns rarest setup

This seems like the only pair of Western Electric 16A horn speakers. With whooping efficiency of 116dB/m and crossover at around 300 Hz. This system has two 18" field coil bass units per channel in vast near infinite baffles “that deep bass shakes your chest” (Tim de Paravicini). Placed in a large temple space. 

Drooling time…

Billy Joel/Piano Man Numbered Limited-Edition vinyl available again

For all fans and those who missed previous batch. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Billy Joel/Piano Man Numbered Limited-Edition 180-gram LP Sourced from Original Master Tapes is back in stock. 

Estelon Extremes at Grammy award-winning conductor Tõnu Kaljuste presentation

Estelon Extremes were used to present Grammy award-winning conductor Tõnu Kaljuste's new album "Gesualdo".