On the road again...

Half way to the Munich...

Kondo Audio Note Japan Ginga turntable setup

Masaki San and Edward from Kondo Audio Note Japan setting up the Ginga turntable for the showcase tomorrow.

UBIQ Audio at High End 2016

Ubiq Audio will be present with UBIQ AUDIO MODEL ONE loudspeakers and new integrated amplifier UBIQU at High End 2016 at Newcomer area, Hall 1, MOC, Munich.

In the time of HIGH END 2016, from Thursday, May the 5th till Saturday, May the 7th demonstration of complete new set up of UBIQ AUDIO products will take place at: Sheraton Munich Arabellapark Hotel, ArabellaStrasse 5, Munich, Conference centre, Room Gartner. 

Demonstration of our products will take place every day from 9:30 to 18:30.

UBIQ AUDIO organizes as well a free shuttle from MOC Exhibition to Sheraton Arabellapark Hotel and back to MOC three times per day.

Detailed information are available at UBIQ AUDIO Info Counter at MOC. 

Bill Evans The Lost Session on 2xHD

Now here is something really special. Bill Evans Some Other Time: The Lost Session From The Black Forest mastered by René Laflamme on 2XHD.

This double album includes 93 minutes of never- before-heard studio recordings by the great Bill Evans with captivating performances by Evans in solo, duo and trio settings.  It is one of the most extraordinary musical archeological finds.  The recordings on this album constitute the material from a June 20th, 1968 session recorded by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer (HGBS) and Joachim-Ernst Brendt in Germany’s Black Forest that was originally intended for release on HGBS’s legendary  MPS label but for some reason were never released.  This is no ordinary recording.  It’s a remarkable document of an under-represented period in the career of one of the icons of Jazz.

2xHD is proud to be associated with Resonance Records on this exceptional project.

For the 2xHD transfer of this recording, the original 1/4”, CCIR master tape was played on a Nagra-T modified with high-end tube playback electronics, wired with OCC silver cable from the playback head direct to a Telefunken EF806 tube. The Nagra T has one of the best transports ever made, having four direct drive motors, two pinch rollers and a tape tension head.   
We did an analog transfer for each high-res sampling 

Each format (96kHz, 192kHz, DSD2.8mHz and DSD5.6mHz) was created using Merging Horus/Hapi and a dCS Vivaldi clock 

The DSD 5.6mHz is created with the Horus/Hapi set to DSD 5.6mHz and recorded on merging pyramix masscore using dCS Vivaldi clock.

Another transfer is done for the DSD 2.8mHz with the Horus/Hapi set to DSD 2.8mHz and recorded on merging pyramix masscore using dCS Vivaldi clock.

Another transfer is done with the Horus/Hapi set at 192/24 in to the NAGRA Seven recorder at 192/24.

Another transfer is done with the Horus set at 96/24 in to the NAGRA Seven recorder at 96/24.

Nagra Classic tube preamplifier NEW

Nagra will present their new Classic tube preamplifier at Munich High End Show 2016. You can visit them at room E217. More photos...

Radiohead - Burn The Witch video NEW

Video of the new Radiohead single from the upcoming album.

The Beatles - Walk of life

Walk of life....

Soundkaos Libération reference speakers NEW

Baffled widebander twins - Soundkaos will launch their new reference speaker Libération at the upcoming Munich HighEnd/Hifi Deluxe shows. They will exhibit with Korea’s SOtM in Hall 2/G07 and at the Marriott Hotel with Grandinote server and amplifiers, Entreq cables and music by STS Digital. "Libération eliminates the box and with it, box colorations, port issues, nonlinear pressurization of the drivers and attempts at choking half the speaker's output with internal damping materials. Unlike many other open baffles, Libération also eliminates the messy derriere by covering both front and rear in attractive phosphor-bronze mesh covers. The driver array combines two bespoke 8-inch Enviée widebanders with a Raal ribbon super tweeter and a massive 15" woofer to add scale and spatiality with real authority."

T+A at the Munich show

"Theory and Application will have two rooms with full set-ups of their new gear, the Pulsar Speakers and the brand new E-Series will be on display in one room. They will also have the DAC 8 DSD, which has been selling like wildfire here in the States, in suit D102. The Pulsar speakers, ST-20 Floor Standing and R-20 Bookshelves, are set to be the most affordable speakers from T+A yet! Even with the slim cabinets T+A set out to still have the ability to radiate low bass cleanly and at high pressure, while still having the treble and mid-range that T+A is used too.  In order to accomplish these tasks, the engineers were forced to develop all new driver technology. The bass units have complex baskets made of pressure-cast aluminum and extremely powerful magnets, with a brand new suspension system.

In suite D105 you will have hourly demo sessions with a complete HV series and the CWT 1000-8 SE speakers. The HV series will consist of a PDP 3000HV, P3000HV, 2xA3000HV, 2xPS3000HV and their power bar and wiring from T+A. This is the best of the best from T+A and you will not want to miss it."