Revox Joy Symphony

The Revox Joy S118 stereo reproduction offers a 2 x 25 watt sinus. The fully integrated output, in pulse width modulation technology, enables reproduction of the highest level that is clear and transparent and also powerful in the bass range.

A further feature is that the Revox Joy products can adjust the current Revox speakers perfectly to the amplifier. Fine adjustments to the speaker frequency response ensure musical enjoyment that is even more precise and at the same time, softer.

Sony Walkman® ZX1

This looks like an interesting player...

Enjoy High-Resolution Audio while you’re out and about with the Walkman® ZX1. Every single part, material and feature of the ZX1 has been crafted by Sony engineers to realise the ultimate High-Resolution Audio experience on the move.

Sparkos Labs Headphone Amplifier

So, I recently decided to design and build a headphone amplifier.  I had long thought that an SS3602 discrete op amp driving a diamond buffer output stage would make for some killer head gear.  After scribbling out some circuits and running them through a gambit of SPICE simulations, I found myself jamming components into a bread board.

I started out simulating and building the diamond buffer output stage.  The Diamond Buffer is a well known output stage that lends itself to be driven directly from an op amp.

Revox Joy CD player

For over three decades now, the CD has been a faithful and much-loved accessory for all music lovers. It represents a convenient and high-quality sound experience. Just insert it and enjoy. And that is still true today and going forward. In the same way as a collection of musical favourites, the CD player should be with us for a long time to come. With this in mind and with the goal of achieving the maximum sound fidelity, the Swiss audio specialists have developed their new Joy CD Player. Know-how, precision and accuracy in the production and the deployment of high-quality components form the basis for both the high technical and musical level as well as the longevity of the elegant miracle of sound.


The Vinyl Factory is excited to again collaborate AIR to release nine intoxicating new tracks on this beautiful vinyl-only limited edition - the duo's first new material since 2012. 

Jean-Benoît Dunckel and Nicolas Godin were originally commissioned to produce the soundtracks for the Palais de Beaux Arts in Lille as part of their Open Museum 2014 project. And the duo's compositions have been inspired by four contemporary artists featured in the museum – Linda Bujoli, Mathias Kiss, Xavier Veilhan and Yi Zhou – whose artwork is included in the limited edition. 

EMMESpekaers GALILEO bronze gliding process

Lorenzo Martinelli of EMMESpekaers just sent in few exclusive pictures of the gilding with bronze leaf of a EMMESpekaers GALILEO during the process. Full video of the process is coming soon, but here are few pictures to enjoy.

IsoAcoustics Custom Configurable Modular Series Acoustic Isolation Stands

To meet the custom requirements of sound designers, contractors, installers and even musicians for both small and large scale situations, such as studios, performance stages, nightclubs, theatres, concert halls and many other applications, IsoAcoustics Modular Series acoustic isolation stands are custom configurable to be able to overcome the isolation challenges of virtually any venue.

Acuhorn S2 stereo tube amplifiers review is coming up

We just set with Wojciech Unterschuetz from Acuhorn S2 for an Excluisve review of their intriguing OTL stereo tube amplifiers. This is single ended, class A. Hi-tech architecture amplifier with Vicor modules / DC-DC converters. 

Origin of the name: VALHALLA

Valhalla, known as the “hall of the fallen” is the home of Odin’s throne, which oversees nine worlds. It is also where Odin houses the most worthy warriors who have died in battle since the beginning of time. The warriors of Valhalla are fed pork from a boar that is boiled and reborn every day. Valhalla is covered in shields and spears and guarded by wolves and eagles. In order to prepare themselves for the final battle of Ragnarok (dome of the gods) against Fenrir the wolf, the men of Valhalla engage themselves in horrible fighting.

Auditorium 23 Hommage Ken Loudspeaker NEW

All new Auditorium 23 Hommage Ken Loudspeaker is a collaboration between friends Keith Aschenbrenner and Ken Shindo.

The speaker cabinets internal ‘labyrinth construction’ was designed by Ken Shindo, and utilized here with his permission shortly before his passing. This collaboration, as well as knowledge acquired by Keith Aschenbrenner through years of successful speaker design, is distilled into this project.

SAEC WE-407/23 tonearm

SAEC WE-407/23 tonearm at the Fonolab Lounge - Japanese analog audio heritage. Check the picture set after the jump. 

Russ Andrews Balanced Mains Unit BMU1000 NEW

New for 2014, all Russ Andrews Balanced Mains Units feature SuperSilent precision wound, adjustable transformer.

SuperSilent technology virtually eliminates any transformer noise through the use of innovative Core technology, higher quality materials and tighter quality control. This virtually eliminates transformer noise and DC.

Boulder Amplifiers extreme setups

Boulder Amplifiers being tested and installed in the two extreme high end audio and home theater setups...

Ars Aures Audio integrated amplifier.

Ars Aures Audio fully handcrafted integrated solid state amplifier. Single power and preamp section in one chassis, for pure sound essence.....

Burson's visual art contest with a hotter than summer prize. : )

To further promote the personal-listening audio culture, Burson is running a visual art contest. The winner will go home with a Burson Conductor SL9018 valued at 1550USD. The theme: Your personal audio space. (Show us your listening space!) It is open to participants worldwide and entry closes on the 6th of August. 

Supraphon Classics Pavel Šporcl, cymbalo band Gipsy Way Ensemble

Supraphon Classics Pavel Šporcl, cymbalo band Gipsy Way Ensemble and their special guest, accordionist Vojtěch Szabó recorded this week during two special concerts at studio Domovina their upcoming new album Gipsy Fire. Check our pictures and look forward to autumn when this live record will be released...


AK500N is all NEW network-enabled player with futuristic appearance of cube-shaped body. It spots a 7 inch LCD Panel and CD drive. On the there are various input and output terminats as well as wireless LAN(2.4GHz ).

AK500N can RIP to internal 1 T-byte SSD drive and can retrieve the CD and song information from Gracenote. Mechanism from ripped CD management and playback up to PC without it. In the prototype there was WAV only output format, but full version supports FLAC and AIFF. It cannot replay CD directly with this drive, but only transferred files. 

Clearer Audio Silver-line Optimus Reference Power Cable

Conductors 20% larger than Silver-line Optimus Power Cable; Six layer active copper-silver hybrid shielding system for the highest levels of noise rejection; Live, neutral and earth lines individually shielded; CL3 PVC insulation for safety; Super Suppressors remove mains noise; Furutech connectors.

SChuChtroNiC tonearm

Manufacturing of turning pick-up arms for the high-end taste. SChuChtroNiC stands for flawless engineering without alternative. What can be changed though, is the design of details. You might prefer to have a round pick-up arm or a coloured finish. Please talk to me when it comes to create something special. The system of the turning pick-up arm operates on a constant track angle. the needle is always perpendicular to the horizontal axis.