dc10audio GOTHENBURG ODIN Horn Loudspeakers Special showing at Ritz Carlton

dc10audio GOTHENBURG ODIN Horn Loudspeakers Special showing at the RITZ CARLTON HOTEL in Marina Del Rey,  California.

We are inviting special guests to join us for a pre-showing of the Gothenburg Odin horn loudspeaker.  

This new statement loudspeaker incorporates several acoustic innovations and was designed to play the largest scale music without sonic compromise. The system will include the absolute reference tube Audio of Audio Tekne from Japan, the new Saskia Reference II turntable, Ikea tone-arm and cartridge, MSB audio CD transport and DAC, audio rack system by Boenicke, all cabling provided by Hemingway labs.

3 days to explore:

Music, Audio Gear, Discussions 
Vinyl LP’s for sale during the event
Unique Wines from Europe 


The Ritz Carlton Hotel 
Marina del Rey, California.     
4375 Admiralty Way Marina Del Rey, California (Los Angeles Area)
Phone+ 1-310-823-1700

The Ritz Carlton Hotel is just 4 miles north of LAX international airport, close to Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Venice Beach, and Malibu is just up the beautiful pacific coast highway.


Friday   August 14th          3:00PM - 8:00PM          hors d’œuvres + wine tasting 5:30-8:00
Saturday   August 15th   11:00AM - 8:00PM         hors d’œuvres + wine tasting 5:30-8:00
Sunday   August 16th     11:00AM - 3:00PM         hors d’œuvres + wine tasting 12:30-3:00

Roksan K3 CD Di Player and DAC NEW

The K3 CD Di joins the K3 range as a combination CD Player and Digital-Analogue Converter (DAC), opening up a K3 system to more music sources than ever before. 

The idea behind the CD Di is to provide audio enthusiasts with a high-quality digital source that will not only play an existing CD library to the expected audiophile standard, but will also host an array of other digital sources as one audiophile ‘hub’. By incorporating both the CD player and the DAC into one box, users can both save space by avoiding the need for extra boxes and guarantee consistent audio performance across all digital platforms. 

The CD section of the CD Di is based on the established K3 CD. Incorporating premium components and first-class circuit design, the K3 CD Di delivers the same almost analogue sound quality when playing music from a CD. 

The DAC section of the CD Di features both optical and coaxial digital inputs that are capable of handling data streams up to 24-bit/192kHz, so a variety of alternative digital players can also be connected to it. By utilising these inputs, other digital sources can benefit from the highly coveted sound quality and the superlative signal-handling that Roksan electronics are renowned for. The digital inputs are selectable via the use of a three position rocker switch underneath the unit. 

Aesthetically the CD Di perfectly matches the rest of the K3 series, except for the inclusion of a bi-coloured LED that sits underneath the front plate. The LED illuminates to highlight which digital source the unit is currently set to (Coaxial = White LED, Optical = Blue LED). This adds an extra element to the product that is both striking and appealing. 

Angel City Audio Seraphim XE speakers NEW

Angel City Audio Seraphim XE speakers in new Cocobolo finish.

BurmesterMC update

Burmester Audiosysteme just updated their BurmesterMC App, that controls Burmester 111, 151 MusicCenter and 150 Networkplayer. It finally ads Tidal support…

Mitchell and Johnson HP1 Circus-Aural Stereo Headphones NEW

A truly revolutionary hybrid circus-aural design combining our super thin and lightweight DYNASTATZ flexible transducer with a 40mm dynamic dome driver module delivering clean bass and unmatched crystal clarity with virtually no distortion or hysteresis effect.

Our patented DYNASTATZ electrostatic technology is capable of reproducing high-frequency sounds up to 50kHz, directly translating electrical signal into sound without distortion or the ‘hysteresis’ effect of traditional dynamic headphones. The sound is crisper and more detailed due to the quick response and reduced colouration giving higher fidelity and lower interference.

Our real wood enclosures dramatically improve acoustics plus the natural wood-grain pattern makes each pair totally unique. These headphones are also super lightweight for a very comfortable listening experience. You’ll forget you’re wearing them!

Vinyl Stores

This new tumblr is dedicated to vinyl stores with post photos of record shops. You can also submit photos using the link below. 

Tektron TKPREMM tube Phono MM Preamplifier

TKPREMM by Tektron (High quality Stereo tube Phono MM Preamplifier) in black.

Features: Matched tubes: ECC83 x 2 - ECC82 x 1 - EZ80 x 1.
MM Signal input: 2 mV
Input impedance: 47 Kohm
Frequency range: 10 - 100.000 Hz.
Connectors: Connectors of very high quality.
Power Supply: 100/115/230/240 VAC - 50/60Hz. Other voltage are available upon request.
Dimensions and weight: 23,5 x 15 x 12 cm. - 2,3 Kg
Finish: Solid wood (several types of wood available).
Notes: Artisanal product made in Italy. Point to point built (NO pcb). High quality components.
Additional information: Brass top plate, in copper upon request. NOS tubes included upon request. CE - RoHs - RAEE compliant.

History of Japanese audio

Peek into the history of Japanese audio. Gobi Kosuke audio pilgrimage. Kano catalog - Wireless 0/1969 and WE12a test.

Gryphon Audio NEW Diablo 300 integrated amplifier update

Gryphon Audio Designs just updated official info with  more details on the all NEW Diablo 300 integrated amplifier:

Nearly 10 years ago, the Gryphon Diablo brought newfound credibility and respectability to the humble integrated amplifier. Previously the object of widespread scorn from audiophiles, the full potential of the integrated amplifier was finally realised in the Gryphon Diablo, so far ahead of its time that it - with typical Gryphon longevity – remained the absolute reference in its class for a full decade.

Gryphon Diablo is quite possibly the most popular High End integrated amplifier of all time. Despite sales of thousands of units, its virtual absence from the second-hand market is a reliable indicator of the extreme loyalty of Diablo owners.

Now, the Gryphon Diablo makes way for the Gryphon Diablo 300, a revitalised iteration of the technologies and components that made it the world’s most award-winning High End integrated amplifier.

Fortunately, in designing the Diablo 300, the Gryphon crew had the luxury and privilege of being able to draw heavily on concepts, components and technological breakthroughs that emerged during the evolution of the much lauded Gryphon Pandora preamplifier and Mephisto power amplifier.

The ultra-transparent, fully balanced volume attenuator topology fully exploits the two balanced inputs. Unlike the vast majority of solid state volume controls that typically introduce dozens of resistors in the signal path, the Diablo 300 employs no more than two for any given level setting.

The extreme wideband frequency response of the Diablo 300 extends from 0.5 Hz to 350 kHz and its prodigious 300 Watt (8 Ohms) power output capability represents a full 25% increase over the original Diablo. The extreme high current capability of the Diablo 300 allows it to double its output to 600 Watts in a 4 Ohm load and deliver a massive 950 Watts into 2 Ohms.