Red Wine Audio Sony HAP-Z1ES Mods

Red Wine Audio Sony HAP-Z1ES Mods RWA-Z1ES-1 first level modification service is now available!

We believe you will find that the RWA-Z1ES-1’s dual tube output stage addition (with dedicated, low-noise, linear power supply) delivers a much higher level of soul and vitality to your music. Our goal was to give the midrange more tone, more texture, and more life to both vocals and instruments. Be it piano keys striking, guitar strings being plucked, or hearing the body that should be attached to the person singing, everything should now sound fuller and more realistic while retaining all of the positive attributes of the stock unit.

ModWright Instruments Sony HAP-Z1ES new modification

ModWright Instruments new modification for the Sony HAP-Z1ES. 

Modification Details:
1) Stock IEC replaced with Furutech IEC, hard-wired to power input of player, eliminating molex connectors.
2) Stock analog stage and ALL op-amps are replaced with our choke/transformer inductive-coupled design, featuring a new passive I-V stage and fully balanced circuitry.
3) XLR and RCA outs both fed from tube stage. XLR outs are fully differential.
4) 'Truth' Umbilical made from 99.9999% pure Cardas Silver and Copper solid core wire and Cardas Litz for ground.
5) Upgrade of all critical digital power supply (Data, USB, and DAC supplies) with Os-Con capacitors.
6) Chassis damping applied.
7) External supply provided, to power tube stage only

JansZen zA1.1 loudspeakers

Latest zA1.1 in figured walnut, cherry or maple veneer, 17" tall, 30 Hz - 40 kHz, unique deep bass woofer at rear are ready to be ordered at $4495/pair (stands not included). These speakers don't attempt to conjure up a musical experience by complex technological artifice -- they just recreate the original for you effortlessly in the most elegant and basic way possible: electrostatic force vibrating an extremely light membrane. This is the simplest, most linear possible way of moving the air. Not simple to implement, but simple in operation. And it's unique how easily these particular electrostatic speakers bring you so close to the original performance and into a true musical experience.

HAD AudioLAB CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated amplifier

HAD AudioLAB CYCLONE GM70 SE integrated amplifier is a true DHT SE power. Designed as very powerful and reliable directly heated triode GM-70 has long be known to fans of triode sound. When properly drives, sound of this 28W power is completely transparent and linear. In our construction, there is no mystery - high-quality output transformer, mixed bias (automatic and fixed 70:30), richly designed power supply.


Hamburg State Opera production of Giacomo Puccini’s masterpiece “Madama Butterfly”. The internationally renowned director Vincent Boussard stages the opera, collaborating with star fashion designer Christian Lacroix and set designer Vincent Lemaire. Together they succeed in bringing to life the moving tragedy of the young Japanese geisha Cio-Cio San in a stylish and sophisticated production that focuses on the title role, impressively portrayed by Greek soprano Alexia Voulgaridou. Subtly conducted by Alexander Joel, the dynamic cast includes Romanian Tenor Teodor Ilincai as Cio-Cio San’s love interest, B.F. Pinkerton and Estonian baritone Lauri Vasar as Consul Sharpless. “Madama Butterfly” contains an enormous wealth of psychological poetry. Through his music, Giacomo Puccini lends his characters extremely rich and complex profiles and created an extraordinary explosive force.

New Sonos app is coming soon

New Sonos app us coming soon. With a sleek interface and streamlined search, our new controller apps for phone and tablet make it easier than ever to play the music you love today and discover the music you will love tomorrow.

211 Drives 211, Part 5

Thomas Mayer progress with the chassis for the 211 Drives 211 upcoming amplifier. Beautiful and unique round chassis looks wonderful. Elrog tubes on the top shines like a glorifications of this tube towers....

Qualia and STENHEIM speakers

Qualia Japan and STENHEIM ALUMINE 2+3 made in Switzerland. This particular system can play at low volume with sensitivity and with balanced nature. Pictures from Qualia HQ's. 

Verity Audio on Music Reproduction

Julien Pelchat of Verity Audio talks about his experience with music reproduction.

HA-1 Headphone Amplifier

Updated info on the new upcoming OPPO HA-1 Headphone Amplifier. It builds upon the success of the BDP-95 and BPD-105 audiophile universal Blu-ray Disc players. The BDP-95 and 105 have been selected as "Recommended Components" by prestigious publications such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. Discerning listeners describe the players’ DAC and analog output stage as very detailed, transparent and engaging. Bench tests indicate the players’ performance approaching the measurable limit of audio analyzing instruments. Drawing upon the proven circuit design of these award-winning players, the HA-1 combines an uncompromising Class A balanced power amplifier section with the performance of the ESS 9018 Sabre32 Reference DAC.

Wilson Benesch The Endeavour White Paper

This is a complete white paper of the just announced new Wilson Benesch The Endeavour loudspeakers. Check the whole lengthy elaborated insight into this unique product.

In June 2014 the Yorkshire based Audio innovator and loudspeaker manufacturer will celebrate its 25th- Anniversary and at the same time pay homage to the 250th-Anniversary of the launch of HMS Endeavour by naming its latest loudspeaker; Endeavour. 250-years ago on the month of June 1764 a ship, built by Yorkshireman Thomas Fishburn, was launched in the harbour of a small Yorkshire village called Whitby.

The HMS Endeavour would transport Captain Cook and his crew across the world and return them safely thanks not only to the design of the ship and extraordinary seamanship but also thanks to the state-of-the- art instruments aboard the HMS Endeavour which had been developed through the work of another Yorkshireman, the great Horologist John Harrison. Harrison solved the problem of the age, by developing the marine chronometer that allowed for the accurate measurement of longitude.

Los Pacaminos A Fistful Of Statins new upcoming album

Matt Ingham of Cherry Red Records just sent in the info about the the Los Pacaminos new upcoming album A Fistful Of Statins. Fronted by Paul Young, Los Pacaminos have been treading the boards and bars around the UK and elsewhere for well over a decade now, plying their infectious Tex Mex brew with good humour and plenty of talent.

Having made his name playing live with the notable Streetband and Q-Tips, not to mention a career as one of the most successful solo artists of the 1980s, Los Pacaminos released their self titled debut in 2002. Now 22 years after forming in 1992 the band return with their long-awaited follow up!

Wilson Benesch Endeavour Loudspeaker video

Luke Milnes of Wilson Benesch just sent more detailed info and video presenting the new loudspeaker; The Endeavour.

In June 2014 the Yorkshire based Audio innovator and loudspeaker manufacturer, Wilson Benesch, will celebrate its 25th-anniversary and at the same time pay homage to the 250th-anniversary of the launch of HMS Endeavour by naming its latest loudspeaker; Endeavour.

Phonon SMB-02 Subtonic Monitor Basic Headphones

Phonon SMB-02 Subtonic Monitor Basic Headphones favoured by audiophiles,  studio engineers and music lovers the world over.

Lica Vintage AE55 55w power amplifiers

Lica Vintage AE55 55w mono block power amplifiers. Check the beautiful vintage styled amps in the photo set. 

Signal Projects Audio USB cable

Signal Projects Audio Ltd's new solid core USB cable. New cable incorporate copper and gold as building materials.

Vaessen Audiodesign Orb Reference Monitor

Upcoming Vaessen Audiodesign Orb Reference 2-way monitor is coming soon. Some of the first production photos...

Garrard 301 with Schroeder tonearm

Sonare Coeli‎ Nigel's beautiful "vintage" Garrard 301. The tonearm is the new offering from Frank Schroeder, it's called the CB for Captured Bearing, hand made by Frank himself... The turntable is an Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 Statement model. 

Sonus Faber Ex3ma production

A look into the last two days of Sonus Faber Ex3ma production. They're already being made for 30 selected lucky customers.