Goldmund Apologue 25 anniversary speakers

Goldmund Apologue 25 anniversary speakers in all its glory. For many the most wanted speaker system.

Royal Device LAURA MK3 speakers

LAURA MK3 - the sound tuned onto the Italian pear-tree completely solid wood cabinet. Pear tree: one of the best sound of all the woods for side band speakers. Completely hand made in MADE in ITALY. completely sound accordingly to all musics.

Etalon Acoustics CURIOSUM loudspeakers

Etalon Acoustics CURIOSUM (Art of State line) Two ways loudspeakers...

Zale Voxhifi Big Mama loudspeakers

Now, these speakers looks highly interesting and intriguing...

Big Mama loudspeakers were designed for the wide range of the music lovers as well as for the big record studios, theatres, or concert halls. They are capable of ensuring the good sound in each and every facility. 

Crystal Disc NEW

There seems to be few of the Crystal Discs CD popping out at the market with the limited "pressings." I'll see into it and report more. Here are few pictures from AT with Danny Summer from WB ...

Avalon Acoustics Tesseract speakers

Some love them. Some dislikes the design. Avalon Acoustics Tesseract are for sure the company statement.

Lyn Stanley Potions insights

Lyn Stanley Potions [from the 50s] artwork in draft form for the LP. Very nice and with the spirit of the era. Coming soon...

Decca: Supreme Stereophonic Legacy

It is finally about to be launched - Winston Ma's legacy for music lovers worldwide - Decca: Supreme Stereophonic Legacy. 350page book with high-definition photographs featuring intimate stories of the Decca artists, producers, engineers and recording venues. 4 CDs with tracks carefully selected by Winston from Decca's 100 years of superlative albums remastered by Michael Bishop.

LiveSoundDesigns Grand Theatre System

Currently LiveSoundDesigns offer two products, the Grand Theatre System, and the Petite Theatre System. The Grand, pictured, is for the most discriminating of listeners who want the holds barred sound reproduction for their home theatre or audio listening enviornment. At 105db effeciency it takes very little power ot drive these to realistic concert levels. The Petite Theatre System, at 98db offers much the same sound in a smaller footprint, one driver speaker system.

Reite Audio PS-1 Phono Stage

The PS-1 phono stage is one of the quietest in existence. In fact, we can not make it any quieter because we are limited by the laws of physics. From a sound standpoint this means a jet black background that lets the music stand out. Differential balanced inputs aid in rejecting hum which means that you will only hear what is recorded on the vinyl and whatever rumble your turntable might have.

HiFiMAN HE-400i Headphones NEW

HiFiMAN, a leading designer/manufacturer of high performance headphones and portable audio products, announced their newest full-size planar magnetic headphone, the HE-400i, intended for high performance listening in the home or studio. Replacing the company’s highly popular HE-400, the new HiFiMAN model will retail for $499 MSRP and is available to order now with delivery in August. 

Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Capacitors NEW

In September 2014 Audio Note (UK)™ will begin releasing our new range of exclusively designed and manufactured electrolytic capacitors. The first model to be made available will be the standard ‘Audio Note (UK)™ Electrolytic Audio Capacitor’, closely followed in October by the ‘Audio Note (UK)™ KAISEI Audio Capacitor’. 

Extrema with Stillpoint Ultra 5

Sonus Faber (original) Extrema with Stillpoint Ultra 5 for extreme vibration control to bring out the extreme performance! 

Daniel Barenboim Schubert complete piano sonatas NEW

Daniel Barenboim's new album of Schubert’s complete piano sonatas. “Schubert’s sonatas are a revelation,” says Barenboim, summing up his feelings on recording these works in the studio. “The music laughs and cries and is both sad and happy at once. All that we human beings are incapable of expressing without music is achieved by these sonatas. Every piece of music can do this, of course, but this is especially true of Schubert’s sonatas.”

Sonus faber Lilium production

Sonus faber Production department, where comes to life the magic of Lilium...

Sonneteer Orton MK IV NEW

As part of a series of events marking the 21st year of Sonneteer the Sonneteer Orton integrated amplifier has been elevated to MK IV status. Firmly established as a hi-fi classic amongst the aficionados and music lovers alike the Orton has won many friends throughout the globe.

Few vinyl album recommendations

At my visit of good old friend I've taken few photos of great music on vinyl. I had no time to transcribe the names, but please kindly take a look at the pictures. You're always ask me for a recommendations. Here is small batch to enjoy. 

Magico S1 speakers arrived

Magico S1 speakers just arrived. Many of you asked me to get my hands on them as they offer an interesting choice. Magico S1 are slimmer as most floor standing speakers and easier to fit into the normal - smaller spaces, that we usually use for both as listening and living room. These pair will be deliberately tested in my living room to give hands on report for all of you wanting to integrated high-performance high-end "normal" sized speakers into your home. 

Audiovalve verto electrostatic headphone amplifier

The headphone market is growing. There are exciting new high end models available. But one thing remains unchanged – STAX headphones are still one of the most interesting offers in the high end market. STAX is a strong brand with a long history. And we are convinced also with a bright future. Many audiophiles regard the SR-007 and SR-009 as the best headphones in the world.