Aries Cerat Collatio II ultimate OTL power amplifiers NEW

Sneak peak at the upcoming NEW Aries Cerat Collatio II ultimate single ended OTL power amplifiers. More coming…

Master tape superiority

I was listening to the 1/2-inch 30ips master tape of one of my favourite albums, and it brought tears to my eyes. Is there so much music left on the cutting room floor between the master and the LP or high-res digital files that we can buy? Considering that this is probably the ultimate tape machine - a Studer A820 master recorder lovingly and skilfully refurbished and tweaked by a master reel-to-reel technical expert - I am looking forward to listening to the 1/4-inch commercial copies.

If you’re a R2R enthusiast, get into the queue at as there is already a back-order for this tape.

Skogrand Beethoven cables, TriangleArt and vinyl

I’m listening to this vinyl album of Ry Cooder and am greatly entertained. I am more enthused as I have just received the Skogrand Beethoven speaker cable from Knut P. Skogrand through HiFiCreation for review. 

Maybe some of you may recalled that Skogrand Tchaikovsky cables are so impressive in my then audio system that I have awarded them “The Cable of Choice 2013”. Some may have noticed that I have yet to award any such award to any component that have come my way and even those that I have purchased…wait for the review.

And these two vinyl albums are in heavy rotation at my audio system due to the arrival for review of the TriangleArt Apollo MC cartridge and the Skogrand Beethoven speaker cable. These recordings are wonderfully made and will really showcase the strength (and weakness) of an audio system. Those that have visited my audio den were treated with these fine music. 

The few whom have heard the TriangleArt Apollo MC have been intrigued by its contribution to the presentation. I will add that the Skogrand Beethoven speaker cable is another great advantage to any audio system…they sure help mine!

Omnipolar horn speakers NEW

Zoran Mihajlovic high-efficient (110 dB) omnipolar horn speakers project is slowly coming to an end. Consisting of over 2000 hand-bonded pieces, that took over seven months of hand work to assemble and finish…

Egglestonworks Andre III speakers

Egglestonworks Andre III speakers in custom black metallic with color matched aluminium panels.

Thrax Audio top class Orpheus tube RIAA preamp

The heart of Thrax Audio top class Orpheus tube RIAA preamp. Review is under the way and coming in due time...

Magico Q7 and S5 speakers in luxurious listening room

Magico Q7 and S5 speakers make their home in a beautiful new listening room at Steve Morey Audio in Dallas, Texas. Room design by Steve Morey Associates.

Boulder Amplifiers new factory

It’s official: we have broken ground and will now begin construction on a new factory just outside of Boulder, CO. The new factory will be a little bit more than twice the size of our current building and will allow our operations to be much more efficient. Jeff Nelson, the president of Boulder Amplifiers, is holding the shovel that broke ground and the rest of the Boulder staff is behind him.

As construction progresses, we will post photos so that you can keep up to date on our progress and see the new factory as it take shape. An image of what the new factory is going to look like is also included.

Telos Audio Quantum Magnetic Tuning Device NEW

Telos at Taiwan have been real busy cooking more tweaks an running devices of all sorts to improve any existing audio system. Latest from their belly is this Quantum Magnetic Tuning Device. More to report…