Gryphon EOS 2 Speakers.

More photos of Gryphon Audio Designs EOS 2 speakers system beautifully captured by Vu Nguyen at Eland Audio showroom.   

CH Precision Flagship 10 Series.

The CH Precision flagship 10 series were publicly demonstrated for the first time in Hong Kong at Jadis Electronics Limited. CH Precision L10 flagship mono preamplifier and M10 flagship mono amplifier are exhibited in combination with Wilson Audio Alexx V speakers. 

CH Precision Grounding/Levelling Titanium Spike Upgrade.

CH Precision writes: "The latest CH Precision components come with our new, composite grounding/levelling spikes. The polymer shafts mated to hardened aluminum tips allow you to get each unit not just level, but really, really level as well as perfectly balanced, optimising the isolation of suspended elements and providing superior dissipation of internally generated vibration. The flagship 10 Series are supplied with an even more effective version – the aluminum tips are replaced with titanium!"

New Engström EE845 Tube.

Engström writes: "These 845 power output tubes manufactured by Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GMBH are such a powerful match with the ERIC Encore, and so integral to its performance, that we had to give them the Engström seal of approval: introducing the EE845."

JMF Audio PCD 302. PCD 102.

JMF Audio PCD 302 and PCD 102, Orose® Silver and Black, final stage of manufacturing, December 2022. The PCD 302 and PCD 102 are mains filters that provide a cleaner power supply to the audio equipment for greatness in the musical rendering. The PCD 302 has been used by 2L to power their mobile recording equipment since 2016 and have participated to the production of numerous albums, among which several were nominated for the GRAMMY Awards.

New Melco S100/2 Audiophile Data Switch.

Melco Audio, the Japanese digital music expert, has announced a second-generation version of its ground-breaking S100 data switch, a device widely credited as being the original ‘audiophile’ network switch. As part of the Japanese factory’s continual improvement programme, the new S100/2 has been upgraded in two key areas and now includes higher-bandwidth connectivity, plus a new and improved internal Melco power supply; the S100/2 is hand-made in Japan. 

New Totem Acoustic Bison Series.

The Totem Acoustic Bison epitomizes Strength, Stability and Consistency. 3 words that accurately describe Totem Acoustic’s 35 year journey of continual global success as a loudspeaker manufacturer in the high-performance audio spectrum. Being the largest and most powerful terrestrial mammal in North America, the Bison is symbolically sacred to many indigenous tribes; a culture that has been a beacon for Totem Acoustic throughout the company’s storied existence.