Vietnam High End Audio Show 2022

Vietnam, Hà Nội High-End Audio Show 2022 is in preparation. Here are hundreds of photos and glimpses of the super high-end audio setups being assembled before the show, held in Pan Pacific Hà Nội Việt Nam.

New AudioNec SOTA Digital Front End

AudioNec writes: "It looks like there is something really new and big in WIP in our R&D department. Something that has never built before and will change the world of digital sources… To learn more, stay tuned!" 

Sonner Audio Insights

As supposed to mounting a port on a wide flat surface panel, Sonner Audio's port geometry allows air to flow seamlessly from the speaker because there are no secondary sound wave reflections. This makes a clean sound and unrestricted wide and deep soundstage.

Bassocontinuo CLASSIC LINE - Cymbalon 2.1

Minimalist approach, clean lines, and innate resilience for CLASSIC LINE - Cymbalon 2.1, Bassocontinuo entry level double width rack. In the photo with the legendary Primare 200 Series electronics. 

Ungnoi Crown Resonance Stabilizer

Ungnoi writes: “What you need to solve chassis & airborne vibrations issues. Ungnoi understands the importance of handling vibration. Through our successful Taichi series, we provide a series of solid quality foundations for your HiFi equipment. But when it comes to chassis and airborne vibrations, most products mainly focus on weight. It will result in neglecting the effect of vibrations in different frequencies. However, our Crown can do better."

Discrepancy Between Specs And Sound Quality

SOULNOTE Chief designer Kato continues his series of essays on design philosophy with Discrepancy between specs and sound quality.  

SOULNOTE Chief Designer Kato's Design Philosophy Series Part 1

SOULNOTE Chief Designer Kato's. Design Philosophy Series Part 1. Many of you may not know much about SOULNOTE, here is the part one...