New OMA Museum Speaker

The new Oswalds Mill Audio Museum Speaker was created for the Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York City and featured in the 2021 show Anthem. OMA’s newest speaker is an extremely powerful, compact, professional level speaker made from solid Pennsylvania ash wood, treated in a new thermal process called torrefaction. 

Thiele TA01 Zero Tracking Tonearm

The complex kinematics of the Thiele TA01 combines the exact and firm guidance of a pivoted tonearm with the advantages of a linear tracking tonearm. This design enables a guiding of the pickup with a lateral track- ing angle error of less than 0,036 degrees. The double wall tonearm-tube is filled with 2 component-gel for optimum damping. The design results in a unique spatial resolution, extreme richness of detail and perfect tonality. 

Thiele Zero Tracking Error Turntable

The Thiele Zero Tracking Error Turntable turntable is divided into 3 levels which, according to the principle of ‚Constrained Layer Damping‘, ensure that the unavoidable interference from the drive motor is kept as far away as possible from the tonearm and cartridge. 

New Jcat Optimo S ATX

JCAT writes: "The computer-focused audiophile market lacked audiophile-grade PSUs for computer-based transports. Optimo S ATX promises a small revolution by introducing the first-ever audiophile power source unit dedicated strictly to extreme quality audio playback from PC-based transports." 

Vivid Audio G1 Spirit

Eye-catching Vivid Audio G1 Spirit speakers at the music event organized by Zesen Hifi in Chaozhou City. 

Steinway Lyngdorf !

Lyngdorf Audio corporate film has won a Gold Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media and TW Awards in the category Corporate Image Films. The film is made by M2 Film.  

Vinyl Art Wall Rock Series PT 8

Here is the latest photo from the series "Vinyl Art Wall" of our friend and music colleague Claude Lemaire, this time Rock History PT8.

Albedo Audio Acclara Diamond

Albedo Audio Acclara Diamond loudspeakers in glossy piano Daytona grey finish.