Innuos Receives MQA Core Certification.

Innuos announces that its line of music server/streamers and network music players now include MQA Core Decoder technology delivering the sound of the original master recording. With MQA Core certification, Innuos is bringing new value and convenience to their award-winning HiFi lineup at no extra charge. MQA stands for ‘Master Quality Authenticated’ and ensures quality streaming even within bandwidth constraints.

KR Audio At Sohgom.

KR Audio's products on active display at SOHGOM's new showroom in Seoul, Korea. 

Dan D'Agostino Relentless Epic Upgrade.

The photos show a pair of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio System Relentless Epic monoblock power amplifiers being upgraded on site. 

New Metaxas Electrostatic Speakers.

A few glimpses of the manufacturing and assembly of Metaxas & Sins prototypes of the upcoming Metaxas electrostatic loudspeakers.  

New Tripoint Audio Emperor Statement Ground Cable.

A first look at the brand new Tripoint Audio Emperor Statement flagship grounding cable. 

Analogue Man, Retired.

Simon Yorke writes: "I’m sorry chaps, but I just can’t do this anymore. My analogue fingers seize up, I have forgotten how important tasks were once accomplished, I now require football-stadium lighting in order to see, I often need to take a pee before the glue has set, and farting has become dangerous. Oh, and: What did you say? There is no glory in any of this. For a man who used his hands to build things for over forty years, and no longer can, the frustration is depressing."

Audio Note. Bassocontinuo. EmmLabs.

Audio Note (UK) Cobra integrated amplifier, Audio Note AN -K & AN -E SPE HE speakers, Bassocontinuo Audio Systems high-end audio racks, and EmmLabs TSDX CD /SACD transport and DAC2 at Rotary Audio