Vitus Audio MP-L201 Mk.II Preamplifier

A magnificent pro level photos of the Vitus Audio MP -L201 Mk. II ultra-high-end stereo preamplifier from the Masterpiece Series; the badge Vitus Audio reserves for products that represent the very summit of their accomplishments in the sphere of audio engineering.  

Soulnote D-3 Reference DAC

Detailed photo series showing the inner workings of the very interesting Soulnote D-3 reference DAC from Japan, taken by our friend AudiophileLance.   

The Audio Gallery

GAV's latest installation and ongoing work for their client's private audio gallery in Bangkok featuring CH Precision, Air Tight, Göbel High-End speakers, Kronos Audio turntables, METAXAS T-RX R2R, etc.  

Aries Cerat & Cube Audio

The Aries Cerat Genus tube integrated amplifier and the matching Helene DAC with the Cube Audio Nenuphar speakers at Parmenter Sound.  

KT-Audio TAC4 Tube Active Crossover

Le Kim Thach's latest creation is a KT Audio massive TAC4 tube active speaker crossover. 

KBL Sound Himalaya II XLR And Power Pro II Cables Review

In parallel with the development of high-end audio electronics and speakers, the exploding high-end cable industry offers improvements to established solutions or new approaches that are more than ever worth discovering. 

Dynaudio - How To Clean Your Tweeters

Dynaudio writes: "Soft-dome tweeters are fragile - while you might be tempted to use a vacuum cleaner or dusting cloth for them while you’re cleaning, that’s dangerous territory – and you’re more likely to end up doing more harm than good."