LampizatOr Haven

Lukasz Fikus writes: “I went to visit a customer and I had no idea that he has such a beautiful house with a gorgeous room and LampizatOr Amber Amp, Lampizator Kraftwerk power filter, LampizatOr phono preamplifier, LampizatOr Pacific DAC, Lampizator p17 Piano loudspeakers, J.Sikora Turntables turntable with Aida cartridge, LampizatOr speaker bi-wiring cables and the Eames chair to boot.

Dynaudio Focus 50

Dynaudio writes: “No gimmicks, no nonsense – just clean, stylish Danish design and craftsmanship. From the anodised brushed aluminium cover rings around the drivers, to the subtle Dynaudio logo atop the speaker grille, and the gently glowing light (which changes colour to let you know what the speaker is doing) we’ve made sure Focus 50 looks the part when sitting […]

Stealth Audio Dream V.10

Stealth Audio Cables writes: “The Ultra high performance Dream V10 AC power cords are very thick (approximately 35mm= 1.38 inches in diameter), but flexible. All Dream V10 cords are made of multiple bundles of silver-plated OFC copper in Teflon insulation, in our proprietary “distributed LITZ” configuration – which puts the least stress on the wires and provides the least possible […]

Luxman Analog Line Expands

Laxman today announced the new lineup to expand the world of high-grade analog audio, the Armless Type Analog Player PD-191AL, the Tone Arm LTA-710 dedicated to knife-edge absorption, and the Phono Cable JPR-15000PH for D.U.C.C. conductor.

The Ten Collection

Absolute Sounds – The Ten Collection can be seen and experienced at the Royal Ascot during the UK HiFi Show Live. “Ten is a curated collection of exceptional audio creations chosen by Ricardo Franassovici, the founder and MD of Absolute Sounds. Distinct from the company’s main catalogue of 21 established high-end audio brands, Ten features products made by skilled audio […]