Kronos Discovery Turntable


Grand Audio & Visual - GAV third installation of Kronos Audio flagship Discovery turntable system with Kronoscope tonearm and AIR TIGHT OPUS -1 cartridge.   

KEF Muon Speakers

Epic high-end audio system with KEF Muon speakers driven by CH Precision electronics and connected to Aurender and Transrotor front ends. At High-End Avenue.  

Audioartsnyc - Quad Musikwiedergabe ESL63A setup


Latest version of the Quad ESL63A in custom champagne finish. Partnered with FM Acoustics and Linn’s latest Klimax LP12. At Audioartsnyc.

Thiele Zero Tracking Tonearm & Turntable

A few more photos of the Thiele TA01 Zero Tracking Tonearm and Thiele Zero Tracking Error Turntable. 

Cosmotron 130s and Jadis 800!


The utmost surreal cost no object high-end audio art deco installation featuring Jadis and Cosmotron 130s loudspeakers. Jadis 800 electronics curated by Absolute Sounds.  

SAT CF1 - 09 tonearm review is coming!

A few exclusive insights from the assembly and final inspection of the SAT CF1 - 09 tonearm that is coming for a review at Mono and Stereo.  

Zenith Cobra Turntable!

A Zenith Cobra turntable system is a new acquisition by OMA, a historical treasure they acquired from their dear friend Matt. It is now part of OMA's reference collection and will be featured in Oswald Mills Audio upcoming book on turntables.  

Ensembleexperience Dirondo Drive

The Ensembleexperience DIRONDO DRIVE – as a dedicated CD turntable – pushes the limits in the last remaining domain, which is in a more fundamental handling of the digital data. Thanks to a special algorithm, a DSP recalculates the data and puts them into a more precise time frame, thereby arriving at an enhanced virtual resolution of 19½ bit.