New J.Sikora Turntables Website

J.Sikora Turntables has just launched its new website, featuring a completely revamped design, updated images, and detailed product showcase information. 

Avalon Acoustics PM 2.2 Speakers

Airt Audio writes: "Its always nice to unbox a new pair of Avalons but the PM 2.2's make this extra special, not just because of the lovely finish but the promise that they share the very same distinct DNA that recently garnered the prestigious Grand Prix award for the mighty Isis Signatures - PM2.2s are going to be so special for so many music lovers". 

PIEGA Master Line Source 2 Gen2 - Conor Mccreedy

Piega writes: "In the heart of Zürich, next to the beautiful Limmat lies the studio of Conor Mccreedy, a contemporary artist whose creative roots spring from his South African heritage. Mccreedy’s artistry that is interlacing elements of chaos theory with an enduring love for the color blue, offers a unique lens through which he portrays his interpretation of the world."

Verity Audio At Munich High-End Audio Show 2023

Verity Audio's setup at High End 2023 in Munich this year along with a picture of the Verity Audio team. From left to right on this picture, Michel Boulé, Julien Pelchat, Maxime Julien, Jan Sieveking and Bruno Bouchard. 

YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2

YG Acoustics Hailey 2.2 speakers driven by Octave Audio electronics from Germany at the Công Audio showroom. 

New TAD-CE1TX Speakers

TAD Labs writes: "Introducing the TAD-CE1TX: an extraordinary evolution of our critically acclaimed speaker system. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, it faithfully reproduces every nuance of the original music, capturing the artist's vision like never before."  

Hemingway And AudioNec

The AudioNec speakers and reference system connected with Hemingway Audio Z-Core Alpha and Sigma cables and presented at the AudioNec Open Day.