New Ansuz PowerSwitch Generation 3.

Ansuz is proudly introducing the new PowerSwitch Generation 3 series. With the integration of technological advancements, Ansuz have significantly strengthened the X-TC, A2 and D2 Ansuz  PowerSwitch models.

Karan Acoustics. Kharma. Nagra.

Karan Acoustics PHONOa phono preamplifier, LINEa preamplifier, four POWERa monoblocks, Kharma Veyron speakers, Nagra Anniversary turntable, Wadax digital front end. At Guangzhou high-end audio show presented by Forthwise Limited and Hyper Audio Company Ltd.

RDacoustic Acoustic Solutions.

RDacoustic writes: "An acoustic solution for the demanding. Ceiling QRD hybrid diffuser - defined reflection and absorption. 67x67 elements in 67 different sizes combine into symmetrical patterns. It works over a wide range of frequencies and for all frequencies equally balanced."

New Cinnamon Ellipticum Speakers.

Cinnamon Fine Audio writes: "The first pair of Cinnamon Ellipticum loudspeakers. As they sit next to the larger sister Cassia, we’re proud of the achievement, a consistent sound signature with a dramatically smaller footprint, and a large step change in our build processes. These will find their way to southern France in the coming days and we will miss them!"

Nagra. Diesis.

Nagra Audio complete electronics with Diesis Audio speakers at Guangzhou High-End Show, presented by Forthwise Limited

New PBN Audio Olympia OCE Optical Cartridge EQ.

A sneak peek at the first production unit of the PBN Audio Olympia OCE optical cartridge equalizer in conjunction with the DS Audio optical cartridge.

New Tsakiridis Devices Reference Amplifier.

The new Tsakiridis Devices Reference tube amplifier will be available in September 2023. Great photos by Alexandros Vogiatzakis.