Sonus faber Electa Amator domestication!

Quite a few of you wrote me to try Sonus faber Electa Amator speakers in different, home-like room integration than my reference studio. Here is the first domestication... With Analog Domain M75 MK2 integrated amplifier and Totaldac D-1 Direct DAC the sonic outcome is captivating, vibrant and mesmerizing. Love it!

Arai Laboratory MT-1 MC step up transformer review

Micromachines! Don’t we all just love them!? Let them be in the form of mechanical watches, fountain pens or our beloved cartridges. We’re not merely affected by the rough and raw machinery mechanics, but also by the refined inner workings of the analog “klangmeisters”.

Nano-Audio Technology Single Ended 6A3/6C4c Amplifier

Welcome to the new wave of audio design. Nano-Audio Technology from Austrial builds Bespoke Single Ended Amplifiers using Amorphous, Permalloy or Teramoto Finement Nanocrystalline - Hitachi Metals output transformers (customer choice). The 6A3 uses a Loftin White inspired design.

Skogrand Rachmaninov special edition cables

A peek into the production of the Skogrand new Black & Purple SC Rachmaninov cable. This special edition has 12AWG solid core OCC copper wires inside instead of the usual Rachmaninov silver/copper multi stranded wires.

New Aesthetix Mimas integrated amplifier

Californian creator of very-high-performance audio, Aesthetix, has crafted its first integrated amplifier. “For years, our customers begged us to combine our Calypso linestage and Atlas power amplifier,” says chief engineer and company head, Jim White. “We listened, and got to work.” Four years in development, the Mimas integrated amplifier is now available to audiophiles and music lovers in the across the world. 

New Metronome LE DAC

LE DAC by METRONOME is actually joining LE PLAYER with the same philosophy of product positioning: to offer the same high quality of making and quality of sound reproduction as much more expensive products designed and made under the brand METRONOME. Both products are made in METRONOME’s workshops after being designed in METRONOME’s design office, having the objective to propose a high-end device with a smart price.

Sonus faber Electa Amator III speakers

The Sonus faber Electa Amator III speakers have just arrived here at Mono and Stereo. Of course, I've couldn't wait and leave the boxes untouched :). As always, here is the initial photo set (45+ photos).