JTL Audio EF2 Gold audio rack

JTL Audio EF2 Gold high-end audio audio rack and speakers’ stand in the black and gold finish. 

Top Wing Blue Dragon cartridge review

The most valuable treasure for me as a reviewer is enthusiasm. It needs to be kept intact and ongoing. A genuine enthusiasm is a very core, that fuels the constant forward momentum and most importantly, it prevents the casual and uninvolved dealings.

Wynn Audio at IDS

For the second year in a row Toronto’s ultra high end dealer Wynn Audio is participating in the Interior Design Show. Using an innovative approach, Wynn Wong, the company’s founder, is trying to bring high end audio to the a non-audiophile audience, catering to the affluent lifestyle.

AM Zero Circlotron amplifier!

A bit closer look at Mauro Accorsi's AM Zero, zero global negative feedback, class A solid state Circlotron amplifier. The cooling is provided by two large (20 cm) low noise fans controlled by micro processor....

Sonja™ 2 speakers & Line Magnetic

Sonja™ 2 speakers driven by Line Magnetic mono block tube power amplifiers... Thanks Tommy Nguyen!

Thailand Triode Meeting 2019

A short from excerpt from the Apirom album at the Thailand Triode Meeting - TTM 2019.