Ho Ngo 808 DHT amplifier

Ho Ngo writes: "One of the most beautiful tube, 808 DHT transmitting tube, and beautiful sounding too! Also known as Tennis Ball tube. Running in Class A2, 350 Volts @ 100 mA, it will put out comfortably 10 Watts SE. Circuit using C3G (triode mode) drive KT66 cathode follower directly coupled to 808. Transformer is limited to 100mA, or I would have push the tube more to get close to 15W. Power supply is more complicated than SE circuit, using two regulators, for output and driver."

CH Precision P1 phono preamplifier review is coming

The highly coveted CH Precision P1 (with X1 power supply) phono stage is in the review loop. Before you ask, yes the current mode operation is something extra!

Lawrence Audio Golden Harp speakers

And as requested a few more photos of the Lawrence Audio latest speakers. The all new 2019 model - Golden Harp.

New DaVinciAudio Labs Equilibrium turntable

New DaVinciAudio Labs Equilibrium turntable. Equilibrium = sound of la dolce vita. Designed by Sandro Figi and as always made in Switzerland. 

New Audio Feast AFT model 7 field coil driver

AFT, Audio Feast / Termoto model 7 (US$7,660 pair) is the company's first full range field coil driver. These drivers are specially hand crafted to their specification by Mr.Teramoto. Audio Feast is the exclusive wold wide distributor for AFT model 7. Mr. Teramoto is the man behind the Feastrex. He is the one and only master craftsman. The picture below is a spy photo of his first prototype. The finished product may have slightly different look. It uses pure iron magnetic circuit, stainless steel frame and hand crafted washi papers. Main diaphragm, whizzer cone, damper and diaphragm edge are made from washi. Specially selected copper wires are used for both voice coil and field coil. 

JTL Audio EF2 Gold audio rack

JTL Audio EF2 Gold high-end audio audio rack and speakers’ stand in the black and gold finish.