Franc Audio Accessories listening premises

Very stylish Paweł Franc Skulimowski's (Franc Audio Accessories) listening and drumming heaven....

Sonic Scientific Oracle-02 audiophile grade Opamp

Sonic Scientific writes: "After a very thorough evaluation process and having tryout hundreds of the different audio systems, I have verified that Oracles are very stable in the audio circuits and will not cause any oscillations. However, please also be noted that Oracles are the world fastest audiophile grade operation amplifiers with the highest possible driving capability, thus there are still opportunity that they will oscillate in some audio circuits."

Estelon XB Diamond Edition loudspeakers

Black Gloss Estelon XB Diamond Edition loudspeakers at Aphrodite's Vision wonderful showroom driven by the Boulder amplification and fronted by MSB Technology Reference DAC. 

DL Vinyl Care vinyl washing machines

The 4th generation of Daniel Lestard Vinyl Washing Machines are a fruit of Lestard' enthusiasm and efforts to create a reliable, quality and ease to use record cleaners. 

Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable review is coming

Pure Italian analog galore! The splendid looking Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable with B-7 Ceramic tonearm and Tuscany Gold cartridge arrived at Mono and Stereo for the review. This particular review sample is covered with 24K gold leaf coating and it stands out from the crowd with a timeless appeal and unique implementation of the Catenary curves/design principle. Stay tuned for the review in due time. As always here is the intail photo set.

Goldmund Telos 3300 Nextgen power amplifier

Goldmund writes: "Telos 3300 Nextgen power amplifier incorporates ultra linear power audio transistors and delivers superior level at near zero distortion. To mount the transistors on their electronic cards and build the Telos last power floor looks more like a Lego game. But don’t let its entertaining look betray you. Their conception was the result of our engineers’ unrivalled commitment to technology and performance."

Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable!

Gold Note Mediterraneo turntable with B-7 Ceramic tonearm and Tuscany Gold cartridge. This mighty package is in the review loop. What a looker!