Aries Cerat Aurora

PuraSound will soon receive the first set of Aries Cerat Aurora horn speakers in a mesmerizing new liquid white finish. “Starting as a personal side project, the design and breakthroughs we achieved merged into what is now our frontrunner in our speaker portfolio. The initial idea of the project was to design the best possible bass loading module (basshorn aside), […]

ZELLATON ULTRA Diaphragm – Speaker Line

After many years of research and development work, Zellaton has combined decades of experience with state-of-the-art technology in their new ZELLATON ULTRA diaphragm. The result is an ULTRA high-tech membrane that combines all the positive properties of different materials. A completely new concept was necessary to achieve this goal while retaining all the advantages of the previous ZELLATON diaphragm. The […]

Ultimate Audio Porto 5th Anniversary

Ultimate Audio Porto 5th Anniversary event with Audiovector R8 , Kondo Audio Note Kagura 2i and G-700, Playback Designs LLCLLC MPS-8 SACD Player , Innuos Statement Nexgen, Torqueo AudiodesignT-34 Limited with Ikeda IT-401 and Ikeda Step Up, MoFi Electronics MasterPhono, Siltech Double Crown Cables, Entreq Olympus Hero, IsoTek Systems Aquarios V5 conditioner and Neohighend racks.

Zellaton Reference Ultra Speakers

Zellaton will introduce its new Ultra line with the public premiere of the Zellaton Ultra speakers at the Rhapsody – Zen & the Art of Fine Audio showroom on December 8th and 9th. With this new overall concept, Zellaton sets the ultimate standard in loudspeaker design. For ten years, this design was developed, refined, and honed until Zellaton’s designers had […]

Vitus, Avalon, Entreq, Stillpoints

Vitus Audio – Airt Audio event at PJ Hi-Fi. Products used upper-echelon high-end audio set up include the Avalon PM 3.2 speakers, Vitus MPL-201mk2 pre amp, Vitus SM-103 mk2 mono amps, Metronome streamer, Stillpoints Ess rack, full Entreq Triton cable loom including mains, interconnects and speaker cables plus Entreq Olympus grounding and Acoustic Applicata room treatment.