New Amazon Music HD!

The hell freezes over!? Somehow I've got the feeling that Apple will be faster, but... New Amazon Music Hd streaming service. HD (50 millions+ songs up to 850kbps) 16-bit/44khz and Ultra HD (millions songs up to 3730 kbps) will offer up to 24bit/192 kHz streaming. For everyone that already has a Prime member account the cost is $12.99 per mont and $14.99 for rest. Family Plan HD (with up to 6 members) is $19.99 per month. 

Gryphon Audio Trident II

Gryphon Audio Trident II speakers driven by the Mephisto Stereo power amplifier. Thanks Hiep Ly and Nguyễn Thanh Tùng.

EMT 927A st turntable

JP Hans van Vliet's latest work. A fully refurbished EMT 927A st # 6737 from 1961. This one is  actually up for grabs... 

New UBSOUND speakers

"UBSOUND is very proud to present its new “VELVET Series” (VL42 & VL48) high-end premium Handmade Loudspeakers that are designed & engineered in Milan city and accurately Made in Italy. UBSOUND Group is an Italian company specialized in audio products, founded in 2011 in Milan city. The company’s core business is focused on high-end premium handmade loudspeakers, which are engineered, designed and Made in Italy. 

AudioSolutions Virtuoso S production

The latest video from the Lithuanian push forward thinking loudspeaker company. You can take a look at how the AudioSolutions Virtuoso S front baffle is being made...

Avantgarde Acoustic

Avantgarde Acoustic UNO FINO XD and Duo XD MEZZO horn speakers at the beautiful sourrudingte Đông Thành - Hòa Phúc Audio.

Ayon CD-10 II

Perhaps some of you might missed the released of the Ayon CD-10 II. "The new CD-10 II is as a result of fine-tuning our model CD-10. The CD-10 II is in many respects a ground-breaking CD-Player design with an advanced technology like a single-ended triode output stage, a new DAC design with optimized new low-pass filter technology and a new improved switchable PCM-DSD converter. Also, the power supply, the CD-mechanism and its new integral magnetic clamp were reworked. This Player is presenting a new level of musical performance with stunning vitality, clarity, natural warmth, superb dynamic contrasts and besides all of them a superb construction quality. With this CD-10 II we have created a CD-player/DAC combination which will set the standards for many years – at an unequalled price performance ratio. The CD-10 II is available in various models: CD-10 II “Standard”, CD-10 II „Signature“ and CD-10 II “Ultimate”