Zellaton - Nagra - Taiko Audio - CH Precision

Loudspeakers and electronics in the Hiend Panda showroom, including Zellaton, Nagra, Taiko Audio, CH Precision, etc. 

darTZeel - VPAcoustics - MSB Technology

VP Acoustics LINE ARRAY speakers powered by darTZeel NHB-468 MKII, MSB SELECT DAC, Living Athmos Anniversary Ultimate series cables, EMT JPA 66 phono preamplifier, etc. 

Magico A5

Magico A5 speakers in the Audio Styl showroom, surrounded by a wealth of high-end audio gear. 

Historic Components

Today’s Stig Bjorge (proprietor at Lyra phono cartridge company) rack shows only “historic components” which are not in production today. From the top is our own Lyra Connoisseur 4-3 Line Preamplifier in its beautiful handmade wooden cabinet by Jim Sweeney of Berkeley, California. The rest of the unit was entirely made in Japan. (There was also a separate phono stage version of this unit.)

Ballfinger M 002 P Tape Deck

First photos of the new Ballfinger M 002 P high-end analog playback tape deck from Germany without casing. 

Lundahl Transformers Gold Silver

Lundahl Transformers coils with gold plated and standard wire. The gold plated high purity silver wire, provided by Amtrans in Japan, is used in a batch of Lundahl MC step-up transformer LL1681.

Duelund Coherent Audio

Duelund Coherent Audio production in action with Siemens Paper in oil type capacitor windings, Duelund black series capacitor production, and Duelund full paper RCA plugs.