KT Audio Tube Active Crossover

KT Audio tube active speakers crossover insights and some of the high-end audio systems that implement it. 

New Chord Electronics Product

Chord Electronics will reveal something new in about two weeks. Here is a thought-provoking image. 

Bayz Audio Counterpoint Speakers

Bayz Audio Counterpoint speakers in matte black have arrived at the Rhapsody Listening Room in Portland, OR.  

MBL At High-End Avenue

MBL 111 speakers partnered with full MBL Top Line electronics on display in the High-End Avenue showroom.   

YB Audio HURACAN RS Evolution One

Beautifully crafted YB Audio Huracan RS Evolution One speakers with Scan-Speak Illuminator tweeter and Revelator mid and bass drivers. 

Cube Audio Nenuphar Speakers

The Cube Audio V2 Nenuphar loudspeakers have arrived at Parmenter Sound in New Zealand. "I have set the Cube Audio Nenuphar loudspeakers up with the AirTight ATM-2211 SET monoblock amplifiers. Cube Audio Nenuphar is a single driver loudspeaker based on Cube Audio F10 Neo drivers. State of art full-range drivers combined with very effective TQWT enclosure results in a really extraordinary experience." 

Leben | Well Tempered | A23 | Audio MusiKraft

Pitch Perfect Audio solid gold stack at their shop. Leben Hi-Fi RS-28CX tube preamp, Leben CS-1000P tube amp, Well Tempered Versalex Turntable, Audio MusiKraft moving coil phono cartridge, Auditorium 23 Step up transformer and full A23 interconnect and speaker cable. 

New Ikigai Audio Kinzan Cables

Ikigai Audio writes: "We want to start this year with a big BANG! We will introduce a new level in our cable line up: KINZAN! KINZAN will take it’s place above our KANGAI line." Kinzan is the Japanese frase for “gold mountain or gold mine”.