DaVa Mono Fc field coil cartridge

Latest creations by Darius Valiunas for his boutique analog handmade analog micro machine portfolio. DaVa Mono Fc field coil cartridge with the Baltic amber head-shell. 

Anlies Schmidt de Neveu Private Pressings

And more rarities for the vinyl aficionados... Very rare Annlies Schmidt de Neveu, German set of Private Pressings 50625-30, from 1958 French Ducretet-Thomson master tape recordings. - Saulo Zucchello

Diesis Audio triode mono reference power amplifiers

Many of you asked me to share more about the all new and upcoming Diesis Audio tower tube monoblock power amplifiers. So far the prototypes are being tested and what you can see on the photos are Diesis triode mono reference power amplifiers, that are tested with 211 and 2A3 tubes. This is a highly ambitious 50 Watt project without any feedback and many special solutions. More to follow...

Western Electric 300B tube heaven!

Wow!!! Our friends at Living Voice/Definitive Audio have found some W.E.’s! "When we were asked if we could find a matched quad of W.E. 300B’s we discovered that we had more than we had realised. These are all early to mid 1990’s vintage and all have had some use, but a lot of them took early retirement due to the luxury of plentiful supply and a small dose of profligacy. Most are very healthy with plenty of life in them. Spent the last couple of days measuring and matching them into pairs. Quite a task, but hey, time is plentiful at the moment."

New Aqua Acoustic Quality LinQ network interface

New Aqua Acoustic Quality LinQ network interface... "The new LinQ was created following a precise idea. Fast and standard technical solutions do not belong to the aqua philosophy. aqua has developed an extremely streamlined long-life platform and network bridge modules, focused on audio playback functions. We prefer to use know-how developed in-house, for a number of reasons in respect the aqua SQ standards. This has required a considerable effort in terms of time and resources, but the result is immediately evident on first use."

EPISPANDORA PHOENIX XLR interconnect cables

Handmade in Japan! Two photos of a pair of EPISPANDORA PHOENIX XLR interconnect cables made on request for one of Ana Mighty Sound's customers. 25 days of work, more than 600 cables of various materials and qualities adapted, polished and silked, then assembled together without any solder point in order to achieve the high-end version of EPISPANDORA cables.

Albedo Silver Cables BFT pure silver bananas production

Some snaps from the Albedo Silver Cables BFT Bananas production line, their recent and most wanted product. Two versions of BFT are either for OEM or for their own cables confection. In the first step after the right size mono-crystal is sourced the ribbon bar is prepared and ready for cutting. The Punching machine takes care of having the silver metal BFA connectors punched out of the sheet. The second step after the mono-crystal silver BFA connectors are punched out of the sheet, they are going to the automated Crimper which gives them a final shape and hardens the plug radius to make it springy.

Transparent "Ordinary to Extraordinary" Home Audition Kit

The Transparent "Ordinary to Extraordinary" Home Audition Kit is a limited-time, risk-free offer to experience The Link Interconnects and The Wave Speaker Cables in your home system. Packed with performance derived from Transparent’s flagship MAGNUM OPUS, The Link Interconnects and The Wave Speaker Cables free a basic system to provide a “you are there” music listening experience. These building blocks may be the best audio investment you have ever made, and you can trade them in at a later date toward higher performance level Transparent Interconnects and Speaker Cables through Transparent’s generous upgrade program. 

Albedo Silver Cables production

A sneak peek at the Albedo Silver Cables production... "Today we are making silver wires for our Blue range cables. This is how the process is looking like. BLUEs are a rectangular solid core type of cables. This basic interconnect in our offer is characterized by high universality and clearness which makes it a valuable part of numerous audio systems. Dynamics and contour of the particular instruments’ sound are without questions the cable’s biggest advantages. “Blue” uses silver wires with square gauge placed parallel to each other."

Micro Seiki RX-3000 turntable

A seldom seen Micro Seiki RX-3000 Belt-Drive Turntable Platter Unit at the Fonolab Lounge - Contemporary Analog Audio.