J.Sikora Turntables Reference turntable

J.Sikora Reference Turntable armed with two KV12 tonearms! Being ready for the trip across the Atlantic ...

Ruggiero Ricci!

This is the most sought after and high valuable of all Ruggiero Ricci LPs. Very first made in UK on Decca SXL 2197 WBG ED1 ffss Black & Silver Original Recording Stereo Valve Label, Matrix ZAL-4719/20 Stampers 2E I ET 1/2E N ET 1, Recorded at Kingsway Hall, London, in November, 1960, and Issued in a half moon Flip Back Cover. 

R2R Dreams!

R2R Dreams...Metaxas & Sins T-RX Tape Recorder...

Da Vinci Audio In UniSon turntable

"Clear design, elegant rendition and styled to impress. This classic beauty uses same physical principles of the cutting machine and cutting stylus. Check out how easy it is, to set up the In UniSon. It needs a stable rack..."

Agnelle Bundervoet!

Agnelle Bundervoet's ability to perform the Bach's piano repertoire, to the most difficult contemporary works equally brilliantly, earned her the admiration of the critics and also pianists as eminent as Yvonne Lefébure.

CanEVER Audio ZeroUno DAC-HPA!

The ZeroUno DAC-HPA is the latest member of the CanEVER Audio product family. It represents a top quality DAC based on the well accepted ZeroUno DAC, a strong headphone amplifier running in pure Class A and a remote controlled preamplifier able to drive any power amp or powered speaker – all in one box.