Playback Designs MPD-8 Dream DAC review

I've been in contact with Frank Pietersen before and during our correspondence, we have exchanged the views about the high-end audio brands and products. He and his business partner Daniel Gottschalk are running the Highend Scout (Gottschalk & Pietersen GmbH) that imports and distribute companies and products that they'll feet to stand out of the crowd. 


Stacore team from Poland is getting ready for the Munich High-End Audio Show 2019 (Halle 1 D05). They'll bring almost half a ton of their high-end audio racks. 

Riviera Audio Labs!

Riviera Audio Labs will also reveal something new at the upcoming Munich High-End Audio Show 2019. As you can see from the teaser image it will be a special edition product...

Rockport Technologies Lyra production

Josh (Rockport's new owner) and Barry bonding Lyra baffles and filling the Lyra enclosures with Rockport Technologies proprietary urethane core material... "A great way to get started in his first week!"

Arteluthe Stiletto speakers

Beautiful photos of the upcoming Arteluthe Stiletto speakers in quite a posh surroundings. 

Living Voice at the Munich High-End Audio Show 2019

Photos and info about the Living Voice setup at the upcoming Munich High-End Audio Show 2019. The main system will feature the Vox Palladian/Vox Basso combination. In between times and throughout the show they will be playing classic Living Voice OBX-RW3, which is wearing its new Piano Ebony livery.

New Living Voice Vox Basso

The Vox Basso is the latest addition to Living Voice Vox series of loudspeakers. The Vox Basso is Living Voice's take on a more physically demure subwoofer design with a smaller footprint than the Vox Elysian, and is ready to partner with either the Vox Olympian and Vox Palladian horn speakers, and quite possibly a whole host of other loudspeakers, too.