Munich High End Audio Show 2019 photo report part one

Here is the very first part of the Munich High End Audio Show 2019 photo essay from Mono and Stereo official photographer Laszlo Szabo. You can enjoy 200 beautiful, professionally shot and edited photos of an endless gear galore...

Esse Quadro L’UNA 146 Speaker review


Until recently, I had absolutely no interest in bookshelf speakers. I always thought small speakers cannot perform well in medium or large size rooms, and I was skeptical if I would like their sound enough to write a review.   But, all of this changed when I heard Esse Quadro L’UNA 146.  For the next few weeks, I listened to them diligently and was able to formulate an opinion.

Sigma Acoustics - Supreme Analog - BFA - Extreme Audio

Serbian-Italian connection at the Munich High End Audio Show 2019. One of the rooms where you could simply sit down and immerse into the music without thinking about the gear involved Supreme-Analog Tangenta Tornearm, Extreme Audio's Tourbillon Turntable, Sigma Acoustics MAAT speakers and Beyond Frontiers Audio (BFA) electronics. A sonic scape that, re-invited for further listening.

East of Eden!

Photos from the East of Eden – Jugoton 1947–1991 exhibition in Bistra that has been supplemented with an overview of different music players and acoustical engineering of the second half of the 20th century. The exhibition was also  accompanied by an extensive catalogue on the history of Jugoton record company. Take a look at the 200+ photo essay...

Definitive Audio - Kondo Audio Note Japan are parting their ways

Definitive Audio and Kondo Audio Note Japan are respectfully parting their ways. Definitive Audio writes: "We have always followed our heart because that’s where music communicates – it is fundamental to us that we feel a powerful connection to the brands that we represent. Over the years we have enjoyed a good working relationship with Kondo and it is now time for us to move on and make way for someone who feels as passionate about their new designs as we do about their originals. We wish them well for the future."

Japan Analog audio fair 2019

The Japan Analog audio fair 2019 show is very unique and differ from the other Japanese show with a strict orientation of exhibiting only analog high-end audio products. You can enjoy the photo essay below...