SW1X Audio Design AMP V Titan 300B

A very nice photography of SW1X Audio Design AMP V Titan 300B showing the inner workings of this tube integrated amplifier.  

Pivetta Silente Liquid Amplifier

Andrea Pivetta writes: "For years we have delved into the world of music reproduction to try to make it more and more credible and evocative. In fact, we are all aware that those vibrations that, in our listening, try to reconstruct the original event and try to bring us back to the ineffable charm of the "live" are, unfortunately and always, a little distorting mirrors ... 

MBL Radialstrahler 101 X-treme

A few photos of a regular Hecstore customer's new home with MBL Radialstrahler 101 X-treme loudspeakers and matching MBL reference electronics, plus the installation of custom acoustic front and rear panels from Hecstore and a thick carpet that hosts Gamut Hi-Fi Lobster Chair. 

Kondo Audio Note Japan & Lorenzo Audio Labs LM5

Kondo Audio Note Japan G-70i tube preamplifier and Melius tube power amplifier and SoulNote SACD with Lorenzo Audio Labs LM5 standmount speakers at Lee388 Hi Fi Circle.  

New Zingali Acoustics Quantum Array Series

Zingali Acoustics writes: "From the evolution of the Omniray® project comes Kompressor Array®, a technology capable of controlling the emission of the entire sound spectrum, keeping it within a dispersion angle of 90 degrees total." 

Arya Audio Labs RevOpod

Arya Audio Labs writes: "RevOpod lineup features multitude of color schemes, all with the same core technology to protect your equipment from the unwanted vibrations. Each of the lustrous titanium nitride coated parts goes through rigorous quality control before it lands in our build station. From there, each RevOpod is assembled fully by hand and has its intricate leveling mechanism tested to verify it will turn effortlessly under load."

Audio Physic Medeos Speakers

A short video showing the world premiere of Audio Physic Medeos loudspeakers at the Munich High-End Audio Show 2022.