Wilson Audio Certified Authentic™ Program.

Certified Authentic™ is the cornerstone of Wilson Audio’s ongoing effort to ensure that second-hand Wilson owners experience many of the same benefits as if they purchased their speaker new. The Wilson Audio Certified Authentic™ program is offered exclusively through authorized Wilson dealers in North America. If the Wilson speaker is Certified Authentic, you can be assured it has been subjected to a rigorous process consisting of over 80 steps, which include sonic and measured tests, resistor replacement, and cosmetic refurbishing. 

New Eon Art Squark Amplifier.

Eon Art is on tour to present the new Squark amplifier. "At only $17,000 cad it offers the vast majority of its famous big brother’s performance for barely a quarter of the price." 

New Castle Acoustics Windsor Earl & Windsor Duke Speakers.

Since its formation 50 years ago, Castle Acoustics has been famed for the quality of its hand-crafted cabinets, the ability to make the key components in-house rather than buying off the shelf, and – crucially – the wonderfully engaging sound produced by its loudspeaker systems. Castle’s current range includes various highly reputed speakers, including the latest versions of the classic Richmond and Avon models, but there hasn’t been an all-new Castle range since the Knights charged forth in 2010.

Life Audio Signature 1 Rack.

Some photos of the Life Audio Signature 1 high-end audio rack in the silver anodized finish.

AudioNec Evo 2.

AudioNec writes: "Kind of Blue, that's what we had in mind when we made this Evo 2 in a midnight sky bleu finish sprinkled with millions of little twinkling stars." 

New Thomas Mayer 300B Amp And D3A Phono.

Progress on the power supply for the new Thomas Mayer D3a phono stage and "quick & dirty" test circuit of a new concept for integrated stereo 300B amp/headphone amp in a single chassis. "I am getting many requests for integrated 300B amps and headphone amps. So I tried a new concept to get everything into one chassis. 6DN7 Driver tube."

Alsyvox Botticelli X.

Alsyvox Botticelli X installation by Jerry Barker, the owner of Rhapsody.Audio - Chicago with a proud new owner standing proudly next to Nagra electronics and the newly acquired Botticelli X.