Totaldac At Munich High-End Audio Show 2022


Few photos of Totaldac room at the Munich High-End Audio Show 2022 with the new Totaldac D100 wood speakers. 

Analog Domain At Munich 2022

Analog Domain will be participating in the High-End Deluxe Show. The setup will include an Analog Domain DAC1V feeding an M75 amplifier in direct mode, driving a pair of Analog Domain's new AURA loudspeakers. Sources will include a CD player and a PC via USB. 

Mono & Stereo At Munich High-End Audio Show 2022

Time to hit the road for the Munich High-End Audio Show 2022. Two years have already passed and this year super dense commitments will slow down my daily Mono & Stereo online contribution. I'll probably share some interesting things on the fly, but bear with me. I'll be back in full force and at a normal pace on Monday. 

New HOUCHMAND Luxury Audio System


HOUCHMAND writes: "Audio meets aesthetics. The HOUCHMAND audio system consists of one Monobloc player and two active Speakers. A harmonized system that breaks with everything you've heard so far. The design? Pure. The quality? Outstanding. The audio experience? Exceptional."

Artesania Audio At Munich 2022

A foretaste of what will be seen from Artesania Audio at the Munich High-End Audio Show 2022. 

New Albedo Audio AGADIA Speakers

Albedo’s projects philosophy has its roots in a thorough analysis of the two basic problems in the area of sound reproduction: on one side the technological development, and in this specific case, the state-of-the-art required for the design of a loudspeaker system, while on the other side there are the actual user requirements, as high quality sound performance, reliability and practicality of use. 

New Raidho TD6 Speakers


Raidho will introduce and launch the brand new TD6 loudspeakers at the Munich High-End Audio Show 2022. They will be on active display in Atrium 4.2 E227.