The audiophile heaven

The audiophile heaven. Quite a system with massive horns at an audiophile home in Japan. 

Classic Vintage Turntables Thorens TD124

Classic Vintage Turntables custom built Thorens TD124, custom Candy Red Paint, new wiring, plus Idler wheel and motor mount upgrades.

TriangleArt Turntable Master Reference turntable

Last inspection and testing of the TriangleArt Turntable Master Reference turntable before heading to the happy new owner.

New Vibex Granada Platinum Power Filter & Power Block

The very first photos (Costas Kekemenis) of the new Vibex Granada Platinum Dual D.C. Power Filter & Platinum Power Block!

Gold to the masses!

Our senior contributing writer Stefano Bertoncello is really excited with the real gold cables... "People need gold, folks! After experiencing Leif solid gold in cotton and Eichmann RCAs, I feel that such a joy isn't for a few... Every serious, passionate and dedicated music and audio lover should have a glimpse of heaven in his life, period. So, someone will say, here is a new load of hyped BS about a shitty piece of wire, while all the rest of public electric line and buildings layout is messed by RFIs and poor materials... A dear friend of mine - an architect and an audiophile - always well knowledge and informed, promptly tried to tame my enthusiasm argumenting gold is lesser than copper and silver, even worst than aluminum when tension transfer is concerned... all his fiery confutations without even listening to my system... but what really happens to signal? My illuministic approach is about ineffable: I try and get my conclusions."

High Fidelity Cables Pro Elite Power cable

High Fidelity Cables Pro Elite Power cable and Pro Elite power conditioner...