BFA and Tidal Audio

The latest BFA electronics setup with Tidal Agoria speakers in Manila, Philippines. The BFA unique hybrid monoblock power amplifiers deliver a mighty 1000W @ 4 Ohm. BFA electronics are without a capacitor or transformers in a signal path...

Metaxas phono preamplifier

From the Metaxas and Sins working bench... The latest Metaxas phono preamplifier photos...

Raidho D4.1 vs TD4.2 review part one

I've been using Raidho D4.1 as my main reference loudspeakers for the past year and they've proven continuously in various setups to be one of the true standouts when it comes to the upper echelon dynamic speakers. 

NSR Audio RF The Ultimate Reference Rack

NSR writes: "NSR believes that sturdy load-bearing structure is the most effective way to resist vibrations. Therefore, it has been the focus of our research and development in RF to connect very rack post and supporting plate into a monolithic structure by a variety of approaches. Though the experience of HiFi agency and sales experience in the past 30 years, we know very well what qualities and functions a top-end rack should possess!"

NSR Audio Vibrato NS380 power amplifier

"The NSR has been dedicated to the uncompromising art of sound, with guiding principle of musical purity above all else. Key to the exemplary purity and exacting precision of the NSR NS380 is that the digital section and analog section use independent power supplies to optimize power for the cleanest, most stable signals possible. Within the space saving unit, the least cables and cords are used to reduce the sonic loss through voltage or current interference. NSR engineers spare no expense sourcing the best possible materials from around the world, and take painstaking effort hand-matching each transistor up to a merciless standard." 

Franco Serblin Studio Accordo Essence speakers production

A few snippets from the daily beat at the Franco Serblin Studio. This time from the production of the Accordo Essence speakers...