Karan - dCS - Acapella - Nagra

Karan Acoustics POWERa mono power amplifiers, KA LINEa preamplifier, dCS Vivaldi One Apex, Nagra HD Preamp, GoldmundAcapella Apollon speakers.  

Negative Feedback!?

More insights into the mastermind behind Trinity's ultra-high-end audio products. This time Dietmar Bräuer talks about negative feedback. For general understanding, the negative feedback is a control loop that compares the input signal with the output signal and adjusts the output signal, if it deviates from the input signal. 

LampizaOr Horizon DAC Installation

Installation of the LampizaOr Horizon DAC in the system with DynamiKKs! speakers, Métronome digital front end, Telos Audio grounding, Audio Note UK electronics, etc.  

Field Coil & Active Tube Crossover

Le Kim Thach's latest installation of his KT Audio TAC5 active tube crossover in an impressive field coil speaker system with German drivers. 

New Silbatone P-107H Hybrid Power Amplifier

World premiere and first pictures of the new Silbatone Acoustics P-107H hybrid power amplifier on Silbatone SEA. With a power of 120 watts per channel at 8 ohms and very expensive vintage Western Electric 310A vacuum tubes in the driver stage.

darTZeel - Bayz Audio - Estelon

Beautifully designed showcase of darTZeel, Bayz Audio, Estelon, Vivid Audio, etc. from ZeSen HiFi. 

New Heretic Model 1 Horn Speakers

Brand new and upcoming The Heretic loudspeaker co. Model 1 horn speakers. The Model 1 is designed to provide true horn sound in a compact format.