Audio Engineers Zen Disc Series.

Zen Disc vibration control isolation devices are extremely effective products that contain specially selected materials and triple rolling-ball technology.  Each Zen Disc version uses Audio Engineers' unique design principles to provide extremely efficient attenuation.  

dCS Bartók Reaches Its APEX.

In 2018, dCS launched the Bartók – an upsampling network DAC designed to deliver exemplary sound quality with both high-end loudspeaker-based systems and headphones. Within its immaculately finished casework resides the latest evolution of dCS’s proprietary, world-leading DAC technology, with preamplification and network streaming functionality (the latter driven by dCS’s Mosaic software) and an optional Class A headphone amp stage – all uniquely designed and engineered from the ground up by dCS. The Bartók was not only created to be the entry point for dCS ownership; it was also the company’s first foray into the world of headphone audio.

New Ansuz Gold Signature Flagship Series.

Ansuz Acoustics proudly introduces their new flagship series of audio cables and power distributors - Ansuz Gold Signature. Michael Børresen, CTO of Ansuz Acoustics, in collaboration with his engineering and development team, has designed this new series that elevates any audio system to a level of performance never achieved before. This new range of audio cables and power distributors is the result of Ansuz's ever curious and exploratory approach to new product development, as well as its experience, and commitment to science and technology. The new Gold Signature series is built on a solid foundation of well-known Ansuz technologies, however, as the name of this series suggests, also draws on the material properties of gold in conjunction with these well-known Ansuz technologies. 

New Kroma Atelier Mercedes Speakers.

Kroma Atelier writes: "Following the successful launch of the Turandot flagship speaker at Munich in 2022, our Head Engineer, designer Javier Millan and Miguel Carvalho wanted to create a new loudspeaker which shared many of the qualities of the Turandot in a smaller footprint and lower price point and therefore accessible to a wider audience. The research in our lab started and with the use of components from our partners Purifi Audio, Mundorf and Duelund our new loudspeaker Mercedes was born." 

Aries Cerat Legend Series Homerus DAC.

A 200 kg, three chassis Aries Cerat Legend Series Homerus DAC comes with the latest generation of proprietary inverted triode technology, and two massive power supplies, each independently powering its respective channel via tube regulation. Photos by Phantom Audio during their factory visit to Aries Cerat in Cyprus. 

STABLE 33.2 Mk2 turntable.

A few glimpses into the making of Sylvain Pichette's proud creation, the STABLE 33.2 Mk2 turntable.  

Totaldac D100%Wood Super Tweeter.

The new optional super tweeter for the Totaldac d100%wood speakers. It extends the frequency response to 40KHz and makes the sound even truer. There is no cable visible, the super tweeter is simply plugged on top of the speakers and can be removed just as easily, for example before a delivery.