TechDAS Air Force Zero demonstation video

TechDAS Air Force Zero demonstation by master Hideaki Nishikawa at Munich high end show 2019. Video by our friend Krairerk Sintavanuruk.

New Origin Live Agile tonearm

The Agile (£9,750) tonearm comes from an ambitious undertaking: to create a high end tonearm which improves on all that came before it. To achieve this it would have to surpass tough competition from within our own ranks, that of the Enterprise.

LINN LP12 turntable

Our friend Joseph Ki Cheong Ming shares a few insights about his iconic LINN LP12 turntable: "When there are lots of new turntables coming into the market, new technologies flourishing alongside the rise in vinyl demands globally, it triggers my curiosity to explore my old faithful LINN LP12 that I am having in my rig."

New Allnic 300B amplifier...

Hammertone Audio shares the first insights about the all new and upcoming Allnic 300B amplifier: "About the new Something wicked (good) this way comes. Allnic's Kang Su Park has a new 300B design almost ready to roll out. If what I'm hearing is correct (and this is a bit premature) this amplifier design will be a push-pull 300B and rated around 22wpc.

JINRO 211 SET integrated amplifier

Another beautiful piece of photographic work, courtesy of Carlo at Audio-Philia in Edinburgh. This time the star of the show is Audio Note UK JINRO 211 SET integrated amplifier, equipped with the all new 4242E output valves. 

Audio Note (UK) 300B/4300E

This is Audio Note (UK) new 300B triode valve, the 4300E. They are produced exclusively for Audio Note (UK) by PSvane, to their specifications. No other company has these, even PSvane do not sell them. “It took a long time to perfect them, but here they finally are, and we are extremely proud of them, they’re the finest sounding current production 300Bs we have heard, by a dramatic margin.”

Cessaro and CH Precision

Cessaro Liszt II horn speakers installation at the Cường.Audio. With full blown CH Precision electronics.