Vitus Audio + Alsyvox

Vitus Audio SS 103 stereo amplifier, with SL 103 line stage and SP 103 phono stage, driving the Alsyvox Speakers at Cake Audio in San Clemente. Via High End By Oz.

Bergmann Audio Odin linear tracking airbearing tonearm

Bergmann Audio Odin linear tracking airbearing tonearm. "The linear tracking tonearm tracks the record as it is pressed = no tracking error. The benefit of this is a distortion free and relaxed reproduction, even during complex passages. An important advantage of the airbearing is the tonearm's immunity to acoustic feedback, as there is no mechanical contact (the moving part of the tonearm) to the turntable."

Nagra + Albedo

Photo of the full Nagra electronic setup driving the Albedo flagship speakers at Forthwise Limited Hong Kong. 

Magico - "You Really Need To Hear This" video

Latest video from Magico is showcasing their unique, propriety and industry first aluminum honeycomb core cone with carbon-fiber graphene skins. 

ERC True Mono additions

Two iconic Electric Recording Company publications and additions to my repertoire of mono vinyl reference records. Sonny Rollins Way Out West (True Mono) and Thelonious Monk Brilliant Corners. Way Out West needs no introduction, and for the connoisseurs, the same goes for Monk's masterpiece, reborn 64 years after the original release. Also a True Mono from the original analogue tapes.

VIMBERG Amea speakers in Velvetec finishes

VIMBERG Amea speakers in Velvetec finishes. Smartphone shots, no rendering, no Photoshop, the real thing. Velvetec ocean blue, lime green and sonoma orange finish. 

Estelon YB speakers

Estelon YB speakers in Red Racing finish. This is a rather striking and lively surface that radiates with elegance.

New Wilson Audio Pedestal

Wilson Audio is introducing Pedestal. "The Pedestal reduces musically destructive vibrations systematically. Its small bottom element partially absorbs vibrations traveling from the surface underneath the piece of equipment. Next, energy migrates into the Pedestal’s austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless-steel housing, where the material’s mass and solidity further turn unwanted energy into heat. Where other manufacturers use low-grade magnetic steel in their isolation pods, Wilson is committed to metals that have superior vibration-mitigating characteristics as well as the ability to minimize electronic interactions of the components which the Pedestals support."

YG Acoustics Vantage One speakers

Splendid photos of YG Acoustics Vantage One compact three way speakers. Vantage One are taking the spot between Carmel 2 and Hailey 2. On the photos in company of Dan D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, MSB, Audio Research, Nordost, etc...