Boulder present CD player

January 2008: Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2008 Consumer Electronics show was chosen as the venue for the world premier of the Boulder 1021 Disc Player. Press info:

"We're very proud of the 1021, as the Player is a tour de force of new technology and innovative circuit design. Owning a Boulder is always something special, and the 1021 breaks new ground in the luxury home entertainment field. And it does so with a user interface never before available on a disc player. Featuring a 6.5" LCD display that provides artist, album, track, and timing information in a format easy to read from across the room (either available on the disc, from an internal database, or downloaded directly from the internet) and completely new and unique digital and analog sections, the 1021 Disc Player engages listeners with a clarity and resolution never before heard from your existing music collection. Boulder's 24-bit, 705.6 kHz Upandoversampling software is run in tandem with the most accurate disc reading mechanism available, as well as an ultra-low jitter clocking circuit to eliminate the effects of clock timing errors on reproduced music. Two strategically placed RAM buffers isolate the disc mechanism entirely from the rest of the machine, completely eliminating the mechanism from having any effect on sound or sound quality - the mechanism is used purely for data retrieval purposes only. The 1021 can also be used as a source to drive amplification directly using the internal DSP-based volume control, taking advantage of Boulder's 983 gain stage and high-current output buffers in the analog output section. A huge number of programmable features and memorized playlists, ethernet and external VGA connections, and memory buffer playback indication are just a few of the few of the additional features and benefits of the 1021. Additional information about the 1021 can be found here or requested from the factory."