Burmester CD 061 review

Burmester CD 061 review

Burmester is well know in high end audio circles from early 80's. There is quite some patents that Dieter Burmester holds in his pocket for audio innovations.

Burmester components represent top of the class audio equipment in the world of high end reproduction. Distinctive high polished chrome looks of components are absolute eye catchers. Like i already mentioned in my 051 revies; where Buggati stand in car industry, Burmester hold the flag in audio industry. They produce high priced objects of desire. Both sonically and visually. With high price you should be served with high style. No buts! Paying few thousand dollars for single audio equipment demands a great looking "shell" that holds audio components and engineering secrets.

Burmester CD 001 already set high standards and shake quite some audio grounds with it's top class performance and analog like sound. CD 001 is a belt driven device based on Philips CD 2 Pro drive unit. CD 061 incorporate same unit, but its not belt driven. Their engineers did an inside job. They modified and improved servo unit of the original device.

Burmester 061 is very similar to the big brother. Face plate is almost the same. It's polished high quality chrome finish. Cd over is beautifully machined from blocks of aluminum and sanded by hand. I have to say that putting CD into tray is a pure pleasure. It reminds me on the vinyl ritual. Its more captivating and you have put some effort into listening. That way you are easily dragged into listening to whole albums instead of skipping songs via some digital media storage player. It brings album experience back to life. And these is good! We don't go through all the trouble and visit live concerts just to be listening to only one song; do we? Your millage and personal taste may vary but i prefer things in a classy old fashion. Call me old if you want :)!

Burmester CD 061 is a contemporary audio device with an old pedigre. New components are are strictly chosen for converters. This adds more dynamical and "debatable"transparent sound. I really like when audio equipment is designed well and easy to use. Burmester is know for that.

This is a different beast than 001. While 001 have a distinct analogue character, 061 packs more under hood more "modern" sound. Musical reproduction flows potently and with more noticeable attack. It give more impact and leans to resolutional side. Burmester 061 could almost be all rounder, but i would recommend it more to the lovers of present day audiophile sound requirements; resolution and dynamic. Rock, blues, electronic etc. will feel at home with CD 061. Bhrams, Mozart, Copland will wave classically very happily.

CD 0061 can act as stand alone DAC. You can connect your computer, cd, dvd or media storage player via RCA spdif or Toslink input and use high quality onboard Burmester converters. This adds a lot the functionality and make a longer term investment. Burmester seems to still avoid SACD reproduction. I guess they are sticking with CD while all these digital format confusion ends. And most of the titles are still backed on the red book CD format. For some this is enough.

CD 061 is delight to the ears and will play "MUSIC". I would suggest you try it in your system and see what CD 061 mens for your prefer genres.

Igor Kante of Ubiq likes to say: "You just lean back and listen to music". Thats all! High end audio should be no brainer. It should deliver pure musical reproductions without a hassle. And this is what Burmester CD 061 will do. And in a grand style. I can go on and on and multiply pages about what this machine can do. I won't. Take your quality time and listen to it. It is the more than worth of audition

Highly, recommended!

Matej Isak

Mono & Stereo


Technical Specs:

• Digital inputs:
2 x RCA
• Digital outputs:
2 x RCA
• Analog outputs:
1 x XLR (bal.), stereo
2 x RCA (unbal.), stereo

The new standard remote is included in the delivery along with the Burmester Power 1.5 power cable.

Weight: 11 kg


482 mm x 112 mm x 340 mm (W x H x D)
19’’ x 4.4’’ x 13.4’’ (W x H x D)

Price: 11.000 Eur