Burmester new 082 intergrated amplifier

One of my favorite High End brands German Burmester just released 082 integrated amp. This one will replace 032 amp.

Here are some specs and company info:

Our latest 082 integrated amplifier – like the 032 before it – comes from a long line of distinguished amps including the 909, the 911 and the 956 MK2, which have garnered high praise all over the world. As an offshoot of our power amp 036 and pre-amp 035 the 082 closes a gap in our Classic Line.
The new integrated amplifier 082 sports an upgraded power amp section. The new circuit arrangement is an advanced design based on existing Burmester power amps and it realizes our sonic ideals: Warm, spacious, powerful and at the same time detailed sound. Mechanically, the new power amps are fully compatible with previous models. Like all other Burmester power amps the 082 is stable even when driving impedance-critical loudspeakers.

Distortion characteristics, noise, damping factor and rise time are the best that are technologically feasible. Distortions are practically kept to the technically possible minimum even under full load. The damping factor remains very high throughout the full frequency and listening range even under full load. Acoustically, the new power amp is very fast and musical with extremely precise and detailed sound stage.

Special Features

• Balanced circuitry throughout like all Burmester components
• Input stages in Class A design
• Completely DC-coupled signal path without distorting capacitors
• Oversized power supply delivers high current
• High damping factor enables effortless control of any speaker over the full
frequency range, even at high frequencies
• Stable at any load over the entire frequency range
• Massive binding posts for speaker cables (best performance with spade
• Remote on/off: The 082 can be switched on/off or can be used to switch
other components by a 10V DC trigger current.
• A built-in protective circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 082 during
operation with regard to overheating, DC offset and overloading.
• 5 inputs of which three are balanced, plus 1balanced Thruput (pass-
• Tone controls (can be switched off)
• Adjustable pre-sets: Input sensitivity, output level, wake-up volume
• Pre-amp output