CEntrance MicPort Pro review

Do you find often troubled by all the preparations you have to do just to conduct simple basic things like for example recording audio? All the cables, boxes, settings and space that you need can quickly become burden rather than the inspiration to capture your ideas.

I was thinking a lot about recording technology recently. We came to the point where everything can be practically done inside the box. What does this mean? The whole recording production can be incorporated inside one computer program usually called DAW (digital audio workstation). Studio no longer have to consists of all the big boxes to achieve fine recordings. Outboard equipment is still out there and will stay, but you don't need it so badly to finish your project. There are almost vast ways to capture your performance and record it into digital format. We can see year by year big price cut downs and more affordable recording devices. For the money you had to pay in the past for single quality component you can build up your whole digital rig today.

Enter the world of CEntrance. Micport is more than a decent USB mic preamp. It's 24 bit and 96khz microphone preamplifier that converts you microphone signal to digital format.
At quick grasp Micport might give you an impression that this is just one of these contemporary quickly produced USB devices. But heck no! At closer inspection you'll find that enclosure is made out of solid aluminum. Micport feels really sturdy and a quality piece of technology. I'm always on the skeptic side when it comes to the overuse of plastic in the professional products. Discovering black anodized aluminum on the Micport was a great thing. Yep!

Any professional or audio rookie will understand the connections after spending few minutes with the device. On one side there is XLR connector for your favorite capturing (microphone) membrane and on the other side you'll find headphone output with adjustable gain knob and adjustable
microphone input knob on the top of device. There is also a little on/off switch for phantom power. Little LED light will tell you when it's turned on. Set up is plain and simple. You simply connect Micport Pro to computer via USB mini cable and instantly transform your laptop into traveling recording studio. I tried numerous mic's with Micport Pro and have to say that results are actually more positive than I expected. Voice recordings had enough space and depth to call them authentic. Even with affordable Beyerdynamic or classical Shure SM57 I found results pleasing. OK, it won't get to to the same league as Avalon or Manley, but Micport will provide enough quality to capture your creating moments.

Percussion can be quite a headache when testing for microphones and preamps. Micport rendered my tablas and mridanga (indian clay drum) surprisingly well with all the little nuances. I could feel that recorded instruments have a breath of liveliness in them. Remember how many great albums were recorded on 4 tracks? Numerous! And those were the times of noisy recorders, plain connections etc. The quality you're getting for today for the given prices is really a way ahead. I believe that in this day and age we should search for true musicality and talent in musicians and let the affordable technology become the via medium to capture the music. Most of reviewers will say that "budget" USB audio cards will give you the quality that is good enough to produce demos. Well, I cannot say this for CEntrance Micport Pro. With carefully selected microphone and enough knowledge, you can make professional recordings. Yes, bigger and better preamps will give you lots of options and a certain sound, but saying that you cannot make quality enough recording to release them would be simply misleading.

If you in a search for affordable and professional microphone USB audio device that will capture the essence of your "mojo", you really should take Micport Pro in consideration and give it a try.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo