Equinox voice

quinox VOICE
Sennhesier HD650

This is the new state of the art ultra high-end headphone cable from Stefan AudioArt and conceptualist / lead designer Kristof Rodzon. This collaborative effort has produced the most advanced headphone cable available which is made up
of the finest material from all over the world.

Master designer, Kristof Rodzon and Stefan AudioArt took the "nothing held back" approach and set out on a two year program which resulted in a signal transfer device which delivers the audio signal from a headphone amp. in the purist, most musically engaging fashion possible . The Equinox VOICE internal and external architecture insures the purist electrical signal reaches the Sennheiser HD650 headphones. The conductive surface consists of a new proprietary copper material which is surrounded by a proprietary silk based material with close to zero dielectric absorption. A new approach of using a specialized form of virgin cotton/ultra fine nylon and maple wood as external materials is also a major factor in keeping the signal resistance extremely low. With these parameters in place, the signal translated to each driver in the HD650 headphones is translated to a much higher level of overall musicality and this is something no other headphone cable in the world can deliver.

Ergonomically, the Equinox VOICE is far beyond any other headphone cable on the market. The soft outer cotton/silk/ultra fine nylon proprietary material hybrids provide comfort and noise free listening. This merger of comfort and perfect sound allow the most pleasurable and intimate musical experience possible.

The Sennheiser HD650 is not capable of delivering world class sound with the accompanying stock headphone cable. The fidelity absorbing material used in internal and external structure of the stock cable considerable raise the signal resistance. This along with the high gage conductor and thickly coated dielectric material on untreated connectors (the molecular structure of the connector material still in a formation that restricts the flow of the electrical signal) prove to be the biggest factors in degrading the performance of this incredible headphone. Thus, the rich engaging characteristic of music which every true audiophile demands in the listening experience is lost.

With the proper cabling (power and interconnect) and vibration control applied to each component in your system, the Equinox VOICE will reveal sonic perfection to your ears.


  • New advanced conductive surface material

  • Ultra-light material tuned structure

  • Specialized non-conductive component preparation

  • Channel matching with lowest capacitance available

  • Custom 1/4" and xlr connector with the most advanced treatments

  • Lightest, quietest most comfortable headphone cable available

  • Life time warranty

Noir Version
Finished in all Black with custom wood/Rhodium connectors

Classic Version
Finished in all white with custom wood/Rhodium connectors