Artisan Silver Cables

Artisan Silver Cables launch pure silver interconnects at affordable prices

Pure silver audiophile interconnect cables have traditionally been the preserve of the ultra high end, typically selling for £500 or more per pair & putting them out of reach for all but the most well-heeled audiophiles.

Artisan Silver Cables have set out to change all that. By bypassing the usual complex distribution networks, with their multiple middle-men, the prices can be kept down very much lower and the benefits of pure silver cables can be enjoyed by a wider audience.

99.99% Pure Silver – the world’s most conductive metal - is sheathed in deliberately slightly loose-fitting Teflon, so that the conductors are partly surrounded by air, which is widely agreed to be one the finest-sounding dielectric materials. They add in heavily silver-plated connectors, silver-rich solder & noise rejecting Litz-weave construction to give ultra-pure and sweet sounding cables.

Price for a half metre pair is £129, with the one metre version coming in at £149.

Artisan Silver Cables can be ordered direct from the web site at .