Crayon Audio CFA-1 Stereo Amplifier

Crayon Audio CFA-1

Crayon Audio CFA-1 Stereo Amplifier 3.240 Euro (40 Watt) or 3.800 Euro (90 Watt).

  • CNC milled aluminium parts form the case.
  • The remote control, comfortable in handling and performing all functions.
  • Massive heat sink with 8 chimneys for a good cooling

Invented in Austria, built in Germany. Switching net part from Switzerland

3 Line Inputs, 1 Phono MM / MC, Tape-out, Power Output: 2 x 40 watts/4 ohms (2 x 28 watts/8 ohms) Asia: 2 x 90 watts/4 ohms (2 x 60 watts/8 ohms).