Firestone Audio Cute Beyond

Firestone Audio Cute Beyond

The Firestone Audio Cute Beyond has a name that says it all: it’s cute, and it will definitely exceed your expectations. Don’t be fooled by its petite size. This little headphone amp is capable of improving the sound quality of a variety of headphones.

The Cute Beyond is the newest and final addition to the Cute family of headphone amplifiers, which also includes the Cute Battery and Cute Encore. This unique Firestone line is notable for its reasonable prices. Sure, $187 isn’t pocket change, but for the quality and design implemented into an amp such as the Cute Beyond, $187 is a very acceptable price.

This model is a class A headphone amp, designed to work favorably with varying load impedances. You can use a wide variety of headphones with the Cute Beyond: anything from the Etymotic ER4P(27 ohm) to the AKG K240 DF (600 ohm). With OPA2227 as its main amplifier, you’ll experience nice, full-bodied sound and dynamic transients.

Before even removing the amp from its packaging, you’ll notice the effort and quality that went into every aspect of it, from presentation to performance. For a headphone amp in this price range, we were surprised to see how much effort went into the packaging of the product alone. Even its manual was impressive, introducing Cute Beyond owners to their newly purchased product’s functions in simple and elegant form. Don’t expect cheap construction because the price is so reasonable. The Firestone Cute Beyond is built like a tank. Its main frame is manufactured with solid aluminum chassis and its face plate is made from anodized aluminum which comes in different colors like gray, red, violet, or blue.

Listening to music through the funky little Cute Beyond was nothing short of truly enjoyable. The bass is very balanced and deep. I have to admit that my HD-650's were singing.

I’m not saying its performance is exactly on par with the $1000 headphone amps out there, but what I am saying is that you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality you’ll get from an amp that costs a fraction of the price of comparable models. And though the Firestone Cute Beyond won’t overtake much space on your equipment table, it will take up a big part of your heart.

Technical Info
OPA2227 for main amplifier, current boosters made by NPN/PNP power transistors
Class A amplifier
Extra low output resistance ( Zo < class="strong">Volume control: free to switch to Series or Shunt (for more sensitivity) type
Size: 11cm(L) X 8cm(W) X 5cm(H)
Weight: 500g
Colors: Red, Blue, Gray, Purple(Violet)

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