Hephaestus Audio HMA-1000 - a kilowatt switching amplifier,

HMA-1000 - a kilowatt switching amplifier

"Hephaestus Audio, named in honor of the Greek god of craftsmen, has released the HMA-1000 - a kilowatt switching amplifier, that at only 9.0" x 6.75" x 2.25" / 3.5 lbs. represents the highest power density of any audiophile amplifier. Despite the high power, the amplifier is still perfectly at home with sub-watt operation, with an astounding unweighted 20Hz-20kHz noise floor of only 70uVrms (119dB SNR). The Hephaestus Audio design principles of Solid Execution and Disappearing Derivatives, along with an uncompromising commitment to minimalist design, yield beautiful audio quality and remarkable robustness. The HMA-1000 is priced at $4,900 per pair."