Sennheiser HD 595 review

Sennheiser HD 595

The happy trio of the HD clan (the 580, 600, 650) cause a lot of audiophile ears to be in a jolly mood. But to get the best from that triad, you’ll have to get some sort of an amplifier. On the other hand, for some headphone fans, the HD-s were a bit too laid back and the listening experience would kind of put you in second or third row seating (not first) and even further back with some recordings. But everyone has his/her listening preferences. Like with food, cars, cloths etc. often we prefer our own taste over what others might suggest us. For some black is beauty for others white is :).

The Sennheiser HD 595 is a different beast in the same jungle. So like old Gun’s ‘n Roses would put it: Welcome to the jungle. There is a place for every creature.

The HD 595s offer some distinct differences. Listener position is moved way forward and it gives the listener more of that jam feeling. If you thought the 600’s were laid back, try the 595’s. The HD 580, 600, 650 have 300 ohm impedance, while HD-595 boosts 50-ohm impedance. This difference gives quite a boost in performance without needed to use a headphone amp. Most mp3 players, cd players, computers and other singing boxes will drive the HD 595s more than nicely. But to get the best out of them let them, we still recommending having a nice capable amplified spruce.

Well I’m quite used to the HD 580,600 but at present, am happy using the HD 650's. The sound of these kind of grows on you. First thing I felt with HD 595 was brightness. Well some listeners already found the HD’s to be a bit dark, so for you, these might offer the right balance. I wouldn’t call them harsh, but immediate AB switching could lead you to that conclusion. They might have a bit more details, and some inherent warmness that gives vocals fuller and more upfront presentation. Like with all things in audiophile hobby (or life for many ;)) try them out if you can.

The HD 595 is an open designed headphone. It won’t block noise and sound from your environment and some listeners got annoyed even at little bit of music source in the room. So be careful about that. But to wear them is a privilege. Ear cups are nicely coated in velour and their future-retro styling with the slight touch of “chrome” circle round ear cups makes them quite a noble champ.

And not to forget, this headphone is a little less comfortable to wear for guys with glasses like me :). But it’s light and the overall quality is on spot.

The HD- 595 is well suited for any kind of music and they are somehow balanced over whole spectrum, so that no area of sound reproduction stands out too much. This can be nice for all-round listening and might suit most of listeners.

HD 595 is well suited for most listeners and for just about any kind of music. They are well balanced over whole spectrum. But watch out, they may be too bright for some and might not block enough outside noise as you wish.

If you need a headphone that will let you forget about amps, matching, differences and simply listen to music at most of conditions, you should try the HD-595.

Impedance @ 1kHz: 50ohms
Cord Length: 10ft.
Detachable Cable: Yes
Ear Coupler Type: Circumaural
Driver Type: Dynamic
Acoustic Seal: Open
Connector Type: 6.3mm stereo jack with 3.5mm adapter(both gold plated)
Weight: 9.5oz
Thd: <0.1% class="strong">Frequency response: 12 - 38,500 Hz
Maximum SPL: (1kHz, 1Vrms), 112dB

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