Sennheiser HD650 Headphones review

Sennheiser HD650 Headphones

Very few headphones deserve to be called a true "reference" but the HD650s are in very selected company of chosen masterpieces.

There are those in the headphone community who argue that a reference pair of headphones combined with a suitable headphone amplifier and top-notch front-end source is capable of besting a high-end playback system in excess of ten thousand dollars.

A great audio system needs high quality individual components to make a difference. There is also the need for proper room treatment and matching of each segment of the audio chain into a synergistic whole. All of this calls for experience and knowledge, not to mention time and the ability to test and match all the different units. With all of those factors in play, we have very few options for a perfectly integrated system that suits our needs and demands. Building a system based on reviews, is not only difficult, but somewhat of a crapshoot as well. Just because an audio journalist/guru waxes poetically about the ‘flavor of the month’ product from the new kid on the block, does not mean that the product is going to work and reproduce music wonderfully in the context of your own system. Loudspeaker, in particular, can sound very musical in one room, and absolutely dreadful in another. Such high-end performance comes at a steep price.

Headphones, however, can be the foundation of a highly satisfying audio rig at a far more affordable price. With headphones, all of the problems included with room acoustics are gone, and you simply have to focus on a good front-end and amplifier. You might ask why, specifically, a headphone amplifier. The unhappy truth is that most CD players, DVD players and receivers do not include quality headphone outputs. Fortunately, a high-end headphone revolution is underway. Sennhesier, AKG, Grado, and others have been around for decades, and thanks to the availability of affordable, quality headphones

What is so special about the Sennheiser HD 650? Well its lengthy family chain has culminates, until now, in the legendary HD 580 and HD 600 headsets. Many thought that HD 580 was the best-priced poor man’s dynamic headphone, with almost the same characteristics as those of the HD 600. HD 600 had to be one of the highest quality affordable dynamic headphones on the market. They found friends in many music and audio circles, from game, video, music, audiophile enthusiasts, to professionals in the music industry. For instance, Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering is using HD’s in the final checking of masters. In a similar manner, many audiophile engineers and field recordists use them.

While for some, the HD-650 can be a bit laid back and does not put you directly on the stage, it is still a great compromise to illusion that great intimate audio voyage of yours. It’s perhaps the best optimized for all round. But be careful! As with all things in this world, tastes differ in quality music playback. Down perfection lane, you might find yourself being over-demanding. But for those of you who already own special headphones for your rock escapades or who plan to own some in the future, you will find that the 650 take you a long way down the perfection lane.

For some, the HD-650’s best use is in classical music and jazz. But I would go even further. The HD-650 gains bass extension. You would be much more satisfied with those haunting synthesizer bass lines, lower register organ notes or timpani reverberations. You’ll find yourself happily tapping away to your favorite blues and techno artist.

As mentioned before, to get the best out of the HDs, you’ll need a decent headphone amplifier. But this should cause no worry. As in other niche businesses, you can start your personal audio nirvana even with a small budget. But if you demand more, be prepared for a money leap as wide as your wallet.

As I own the pair of HD-650, there were vast amount of music already following the rules of physical transformation of energy. From Pat Metheny, Raul Midon, Aphex Twin, John Coltrane, Chet Baker, classical recordings, dozen of movies and music DVDs.

With proper amplification, the HD-650 offers one of a kind aural beauty. They create an audible world of music synergy that is hard to match in this price range. Buy a headphone amp such as the Headroom micro amp. You will be trapped in your own universe. And you will not disturb your fellow aliens or inmates.

The audiophile HD 650 claims to be the ultimate in open, dynamic headphone design. Developed from the HD 600, the HD 650 features improved materials for even better sound reproduction. They captivate the listener with their expressiveness and emotion while maintaining absolute precision and lifelike reproduction. Enjoy perfection in sound.

With the HD 650, Sennheiser has followed the changes in the listening habits of music-lovers and the way in which they experience sound. In spite of all purism and the highest demands on precise sound reproduction, a slight change in listening behavior is detachable. Today many music-lovers want to feel the sound more instead of analyzing it. The HD 650 now captivates your senses where you used to be a mere observer. It allows total submersion in an ocean of music and lets you completely forget your surroundings. Enjoy this unique listening experience.

Impedance @ 1kHz: 300
Cord Length: 10 Feet
Detachable Cable: Yes
Cord Type: Straight Y
Coupler Size: Large
Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
Driver Type: Dynamic
Acoustic Seal: Open
Connector Type:

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