Stylos Sys HAD DAC review

Stylos Sys HAD DAC

When you finally get the chance to try out a Stylos Sys HAD DAC you’ll never feel the same way about digital-to-analog converters. Even in terms of just looks and design, the HAD is telling at first sight. You’ll understand it’s something special, something with deep insights. You might feel confused about the origin of this black mystical machine. It may remind you of ancient Greek temples and on the other hand, with its black monumental shapes, you may recall sights and chills from Kurbick Odyssey 2000.

The Stylos Sys HAD is manufactured by a Slovenian company called Stylos Systems. The finish and approach to their DAC reveals that this company set its sights on creating only the best high-end products. In this digital age there are only a handful of real contenders when it comes to top-class digital-to-analog converters. There is Zanden and a few others that make converting seem so simple when yet the technology implemented into their design is unparalleled.

Stylos wanted to build a musical device without any technical mumbo-jumbo. This doesn't mean Stylos products lack high-end topology and technology, only that users won’t have to deal with having to learn every aspect of the technology to get the product to work properly. And as Igor Jež said, Stylos Systems wanted HAD to play music not the specs.

Who actually needs such a device? One that costs over $10.000 for a digital-to-analog converter? Well, if you love your music and your collection is based on mainly CD's or digitally stored files, you are the right person for this product. It’s not just any purchase, it’s an investment. My good friend Iztok Zupan told me that his search for a new component is finally over… the HAD helped him end his quest. You might have to invest some more money to match other components, but this is absolutely a solid and topnotch start.

There is a distinct character that the Stylos Sys HAD brings forth. It's pure music. We all have different tastes and audiophile needs, but if you prefer to feel music, as opposed to just hearing it, do yourself a favor and listen to HAD.

I heard many stand-alone high-priced one-box or integrated machines, but very few can get close to what HAD can do. Please remember that your system must be matched to a full potential to hear what the Stylos jewel crown can do. If you’d like to venture into the world of pure musical bliss, then step onto the mystical grounds of this solid marble musical instrument. It won’t only play music as close and fair to the original, but it will also transform your listening living space into a luxurious island.

The Stylos Sys HAD DAC is a true representative of the rare and elite musical instruments that have soul and style. HAD is on par or exceed many high end DAC's from companies like Mark Levinson, Boulder, Esoteric, Ayre etc.

Highly recommended!

Technical Info

Discrete Mosfet class A, no feedback, servoless, DC-coupled, short circuit protected symmetrical output stage
XLR balanced output (4V RMS at 0dB)
RCA SE output (2V RMS at 0 dB)
Virtually 0-ohm output impendance
Linearity +/- 0.5dB (20Hz - 20kHz)
Dynamic range: 117dB ( EIAJ, A-weighted, Fs=44.1kHz )
Signal-to-noise ration: 117dB ( EIAJ, A-weightet, Fs=44.1kHz )
Channel separation: 115dB ( Fs=44.1kHz )
24bit/192kHz Texsas Instruments DAC
8 x oversampling digital filter
Low-jitter clock recovery
384 Fs system clock frequency
Jitter attenution down to subsonic frequencies
Price: $15.000

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