Westone UM2 True-Fit Dual-Driver Earphones

UM2 True-Fit Dual-Driver Earphones

Sometimes, we all need to disconnect ourself from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, many people don't always have the option of locking themselves in a room to get away. Luckily, however, Westone has created the UM2 in-ear headphones, designed to block the rest of the world out to provide the ultimate personal listening experience.

Listening to music is becoming every day more and more of a two way street. Though it's important for the listener to be able to block out extraneous noise, there's another factor that's now being taken into greater consideration. For the avid music listeners and audiophiles out there, listening to music through headphones is most likely a frequent, if not necessary part of your daily routine. Conventional headphones (that are placed over or around your ears) have the ability to provide a great listening experience. However, it's easy to forget that what sounds like music from the heavens to you may be disturbing (maybe even frightening) to your neighbors. Standard headphones have a tendency to seriously leak out music (maybe now you realize what those odd stares meant on your way home as you blasted Hit Me Baby One More Time on the subway). You don't always get total isolation and the person sitting next to you may be getting increasingly annoyed by your musical taste. I've been listening to Aphex Twin and I received positive confirmation on the subject matter from my girlfriend who has been sitting next to me. She can't hear anything and vice versa. Many times, this is a good thing.

The nice folks from Westone quickly responded at my inquiry, and it barely took a week to get the headphones (thanks Dale). I have to say I was quite impressed with the packaging of the Westone UM2. A very stylish yet classic blackish box is meant to greet you in a very elegant fashion.

The UM2 features dual balanced armature drivers, meaning that each earphone is designed with two drivers which are divided with a passive crossover. With very low frequency response, and clear, wholesome mids and highs, your music will sound colorful and rich.

Some music lovers and many audiophiles might be turned off by in-ear monitors. However, there are some factors with this type of headphone that must be taken into account. If you don't put them deep enough into your ears, they simply won't be able to present music in the way they were designed to. Some folks might not be able to stand the feeling of having something in their ears. Well, I have no complains about that. In-ear monitors provide a kind of intimacy you can't find with conventional headphones or speakers. The Westone UM2 block outside noise up to 25 dB's and there are four sets of compressible ear tips to help you find your perfect mold.

Whether you're a clubhead, a rocker, a classical gentleman or a Miles fan, you'll find that there's no other option but to be amazed by the character of the UM2. I must admit that I didn't just like them; I loved them.

Also, remember that it takes time to get used to putting these tiny speakers into you ears correctly. But once mastered, it's pure bliss. Westone really hit the nail on the head with the UM2. These in-ear monitors are sonically well-balanced and provide a clean, wholesome listening experience. Some in-ears monitors designed by other manufacturers might give you more bass, but I think UM2 provides very natural bass, and that's very important to me.

If you're in search of a quality set of in-ear monitors, then look no further. Westone's UM2 is an exquisite choice and highly recommended!

Matej Isak

matejisak at gmail.com