2L Nordic Sound

When Morten Lindberg send me first few sampler discs I really didn't know what to expect. Divermenti surely swept the floor with quite some awards including Grammy, but sometimes even if you are a true believer and lover of classical music it might be hard to connect on the higher plane with the musical and specially artist manifesto. Music is about feelings and emotions. A lot of contemporary recordings simply fail in their path due to lack of presenting and connecting the listener to the inner world of composer and performer. Not to sound prophetically naive, but we do want to enrich our limited time with something emotional and profound. Especially those of us who cherish good music and also true good sound.

Nordic sampler was kind of revelation to me. I surely didn't expect such an avid impact on me. Variety of songs is the king on the table here. Carefully chosen, Nordic sound tracks really stand out each on their own way, but yet combine a homogeneous presentation of an art itself. I had a chance to listen to some of the albums from which single tracks were chosen and have to admit that selection was more then just refined. They simply drag some of the best songs on this album and made it an Nordic sound landmark.

Whole disc is surrounded in Nordic sound Myst. Conveying this into words; captivating emotionally the life itself in the spirit of the north without earth bound limits. Some of your alter ego might expect the cold or emotionless music, but that would be your "salto mortale". Nordic sampler captivate the enigmatic soul of the Norway and go even beyond horizon that could tied up 2L to any conventional labeling.

Sound of the recordings is pure. Pure to the bone of acoustical "leit motif". Often recorded in the churches 2L took time and done homework more than right. Music reproduction simply took life of it's own and breath on your audio system. My Souns Faber Memento's are made for such music. If you love the world of natural timber and sounds, this is your home port.

Variety of artist gives Nordic sound sampler an additional value. I think that they more than succeed to avoid the genres limit here. Nordheim's Colorazione would take you through the one of the most surrealistic journeys, similar or even more bizarre then Bitches Brew. Ives's Overture & March 1776 put's you directly into the the march and awake your fighting gens. Vere Meininga twisted my mind and heart. Ellen Sejersted Bodtker double harp playing is gorgeously out worldly. It's a journey to the heart of the fantasy homeland of Mongolian shepards. I won't reveal more, since a sole review of her album is coming soon here on Mono & Stereo. If you are a true fan of violin and chamber music you would simply melt into the natural resonance of the strings.

This sampler is a must for every music lover and specially for true fans of acoustical music being audiophile or not.

Highly warmly recomended.

This is two-disc-box: Hybrid SACD + music Blu-ray.