How to create and infinite universe of musical journey that hold both contemporary vivid sound, dynamic and transparency with the ever fresh musical chemistry. Hard! Ellen Sjersted SONar is one of the kind album. I would call it most mesmerizing and mystical album of 2008. Quite a statement?!

It's rare that a musician with the help of expert sound recording virtuosos convey such a palatable and mystified journey into inner world of ethereal musical universe. This universe consists of so many little planets, little paths, hidden sideways and simply musical conversations, that will make you return again and again. There are so much hidden inside of Sonar that leaves one's mind spinning. Atmosphere and sound is simply top notch. You can hear the taps of the instruments bouncing and dancing with the space. Electric harp is on the kinder spirited dance with the acoustical one. Not a dance but lyrical dancing of the wind that caries soul of Mongolian shepherd. Everything is masterfully captured and transfered to notes by Ellen and strangely enriched through the specific mongolian scale.

I especially love "vere meininge". It opens and revealed itself like a modern fairy-tale and you're welcomed guest to interpretation.

This is where i can (and do) forget about vinyl. High definition record with well worthy material, done right. Did 2L missed your sonar? Retune your music direction and walk your ears to these sound jewels.

Highly recommended!