Musical Laboratory* Maedeup

"ML* is pleased to offer a preview of its top-of-the-line mono-block amplifier : The Maedeup.

The Maedeup is our cost-no-object project, which uses the Bosangwha internals as a starting point and builds on this. Some very exotic and rare passives are used in the transformation process, and the whole project is finally window-dressed in luxury wooden casings decorated with images of cranes (a national symbol of Japan), child-proof locks, which are decorated with traditional Korean macrame knots.

The design brief for the Maedeup was clear: The Maedeup should offer the absolute transparency, detail and soundstage capability of the Bosangwhas. However, the Maedeup will also be voiced to include certain sought-after artifacts normally associated with single-ended triode designs, such as bloom and body. At ML* we are known for continually striving to push the musical envelope in terms of what is possible. Can we deliver this? .... well, let's wait and see, shall we? ...

The Meadeup is due for release later this Summer."