Artisan Silver interconnect Cables

Artisan Silver interconnect Cables

I'm always in a cheerful mood when small manufacturers try to offer fairly priced products with heart and devotion incorporated into them. Meet the Artisan Silver Cables family. These days globalization has made a huge impact and what was almost impossible a few years back, seems like almost a common thing these days. Imagine getting a silver wire a decade ago. And imagine getting it at "normal" price. Internet, fast moving industry and affordable prices have made a path and an opportunity to offer some unique products to music and gear lovers. Having a silver interconnect for 220eur (£189) seemed like a fantasy in the past.

Artisan Silver Dream interconnects are made from four high-purity solid silver conductors, that are arranged in a double-balanced four conductor Litz braid, insulated with Teflon. On both ends, they are connected with heavily silver-plated RCA plugs. They also state that all conductive parts within the plugs are silver plated and feature Teflon insulation. Design and finish is top-notch and reminds me of the early days of Kimber cables and HGA audio, when they started to offer "reasonably" priced affordable cables.

I left them in the system for almost a month and spent quite some quality listening time with them. Normally cables circle in my different set-ups to see how they perform in tube, solid state and a simple few watt system (Musical Laboratory*). The Silver Dreams performed more than well and held their attributes strongly through the whole spectrum. They matched my Burmester 051 and 052 very profoundly. Compared to Burmester’s own XLR cables they lacked just a bit of attack, drive and presence. But do keep in mind that these are normal RCA cables VS balanced ones. I surely hope to hear the balanced version soon.

I’m always trying to restrain myself from falling into a specific genre type of music lover, but I have to admit that acoustic music with natural ambience is my heart and ear companion. There are a few things you could hide when replaying well-recorded acoustical performances and Artisan cables pay respect to it. Lately I have lots of 2L's releases on heavy rotation. Some of the recorded material they provide is bringing music back to where it belongs. The most important thing for me is to convey the pure emotions of the performer and the ambient feeling of the recording venue. There is not a lot to be missed with Silver Dream interconnects, but they do leave an open path for their premium line.

To speak in the language of music and measuring: bass is well balanced and present. In Michael Franks Abandoned Garden, Steve Swallow practically floats with flow of light eternal almost incognito hidden bossa nova. Artisan crafted cables helped restore that mesmerizing journey vividly and with few, or better to say no complaints for the given price. Some of songs from 2L sampler squeeze the last hidden resort of a system and component’s ability to reproduce the midrange and high range spectrums. My conclusion is the same. Artisan crafted some darn fine and affordable cables.

Silver Dream interconnects can be bought direct from the web site at ______________________________________________________________________