HDtracks.com to Feature Downloads of New York Philharmonic’s


HDtracks.com to Feature Downloads of New York Philharmonic’s
The Complete Mahler Symphonies, Live

Recordings to Celebrate Music Director Lorin Maazel

New York, NY—HDtracks (www.hdtracks.com), the world’s pre-eminent high-resolution music downloading Website, offering spectacular CD and DVD audio quality downloads, as well as full, descriptive PDF liner notes, announces the release of the New York Philharmonic’s live concert recordings of the symphonies of Gustav Mahler, entitled The Complete Mahler Symphonies, Live, conducted by departing music director Lorin Maazel, whose tenure will end with the completion of the 2008-2009 Season. June 23 begins the availability of symphonies no. 1-5 on HDtracks, and July 7 marks the release of symphonies 6, 7, 9, and 10. Symphony No. 8, the “Symphony of a Thousand,” featuring the New York Choral Artists, The Dessoff Symphonic Choir, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, and an extensive roster of world-class vocal soloists, will be available on August 25. Symphonies No. 1-5 are available now, sold individually, through the links below. A link to the HDtracks Website will also be available on the Philharmonic’s Website, http://www.nyphil.org.

The Mahler recordings join the 2006 New World Records album NY Philharmonic: American Composers, also conducted by Mr. Maazel, and featuring soprano Heidi Grant Murphy, on HDtracks.com.

David Chesky says, “A world-class ensemble demands the highest possible standard in recording technology. We at HDtracks are pleased to provide a superior, high-resolution, crystal-clear listening experience befitting the outstanding New York Philharmonic.”

The Mahler recordings are available for download through the following links:

HDtracks New York Philharmonic store:

Symphony No. 1:

Symphony No. 2:

Symphony No. 3:

Symphony No. 4:

Symphony No. 5:

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