HDtracks.com to Feature Harmonia Mundi Recordings in 88kHz/24-bit DVD Audio-Quality Resolution

HDtracks.com to Feature Harmonia Mundi Recordings in 88kHz/24-bit DVD Audio-Quality Resolution
New York
, NYHDtracks (www.hdtracks.com), the world’s pre-eminent high-resolution music downloading Website, offering spectacular CD and DVD audio quality downloads, including full, descriptive PDF liner notes, announces the addition of albums from Harmonia Mundi to its burgeoning classical music store. In welcoming the French label to its Website, HDtracks elevates Harmonia Mundi’s music to a new level of quality, purity, and clarity, offering, for the first time, the recordings in 88kHz/24-bit resolution, providing listeners with an unmatched downloading experience.

Harmonia Mundi recordings on HDtracks include, among many others, Beethoven’s String Quartets, opp. 74 and 95, performed by the world-renowned Tokyo String Quartet, as well as his Symphony No. 3, “Eroica,” played by the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Andrew Manze. HDtracks will also feature the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Jeff Tyzik and featuring pianist Jon Nakamatsu, in an album of American legend George Gershwin’s Piano Concerto in F, Rhapsody in Blue, and Cuban Overture. Ultramodern British composer Tarik O’Regan’s Threshold of Night: Music for Voices & Strings adds to the stellar Harmonia Mundi lineup. Harmonia Mundi’s albums on HDtracks are available through this link:


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About Harmonia Mundi

Harmonia Mundi is an independent, family-run record label. Founded in 1958 by Bernard Coutaz in Arles, France and currently based in Germany, Harmonia Mundi has become a leader in the exploration and recording of rare musical repertoire that extends from the Gregorian chant of the Middle Ages to the dawn of the Romantic era. Latin for “world harmony,” Harmonia Mundi’s catalogue is devoted to classical, especially historically-accurate period performances, and, through the World Village label, world music. In 1982, the company added Harmonia Mundi USA, encompassing the Hyperion, Alia Vox, and San Francisco Symphony labels, and, today, Harmonia Mundi also includes World Village and Le Chant du Monde.

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