Thomas Labusga Sonic Diffuser Stainless Steel

Thomas Labusga Sonic Diffuser Stainless Steel

Handcrafted in Germany, the Thomas Labusga ‘Sonic Diffuser’ is the ultimate expression of science and art. Uniform scatter of sound waves is achieved with complex algorithms and is presented with an elegant design that enhances even the most luxurious of listening environments.

Following the success of the standard diffuser, which is available in a choice of luxury wood veneers or custom leather, Thomas Labusga is proud to introduce the visually stunning stainless steel version.

Being first and foremost a room calibration tool, the acoustic properties of stainless steel dictate carefully considered modification of the original design in terms of size. To ensure identical performance, the dimensions of the stainless steel diffuser are more modest than that of the wood diffuser.

Whilst bringing the ‘Sonic Diffuser’ to a more easily accommodated size, the net result is the same – unrivalled performance with aesthetics to match.

For clients based in the UK, Thomas Labusga is pleased to announce that amplitune has recently been appointed as the sole UK distributor of Thomas Labusga products.

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