Trends Audio PA-10 tube preamplifer/headphone amplifier


Trends Audio seems to penetrated into global audio scene, magazines, audio forums and nevertheless into the homes of music lovers in a big way past few years. They became a synonym for affordable electronics, that are not only fairly priced, but well constructed and with good sound. These time PA-10 tube headphone amplifier/preamplifier came across my listening happy hours. Let us meet...

The machine

PA-10 works both as a tube preamp and headphone amplifier. Very nice design choice and it gives additional features/value to headphone enthusiast's. Size is only 75mm x 110mm x 45mm, but don't let that fool you. Read on... There are two inputs on the back side of preamplifier. One is with 3V max input and should cover CD, DAC (digital analog converter), phono and other traditional RCA based input, while other input is 0.55V max. This stereo pair of inputs will accommodate more contemporary mobile devices like Ipod, cellphones and other digital audio players. Suddenly this little machine is no mini box, but kind of Swiss knife audio gizmo. With it's flexible input routing, headphone output and preamplifier outs PA-10 will meet most of your audio demands instantly. It's no brainer and everything is laid out logically and it already deemed a great recognition among audio enthusiasts.

The looks

PA-10 represent a modern aluminum based enclosure with nicely brushed thick aluminum faceplate. It's very sturdy and and this approach is already well proven. With it's sleek and compact size it can be put anywhere.

In the hearth of the matter

PA-10 incorporate tube and two mosfet transistors into the heart of machine. There are some equivalents, that could help you shape sound differently. If you're a adventurous you can tube role it with 6DJ8/6922/12AU7 valves. This will take a bit more involvement and efforts, but results are pretty interesting. There is no danger of high voltage since everything operate under 24V, so this is a safe path to audio nirvana :). While PA-10 is not pure tube design it runs in A class.


I went through some of my favorite recordings to gave PA-10 a good run. My love for traditional jazz era of 50' and 60' is evident and there is not a single review without one of my favorite jazz artists swinging through the reviewed component. There is something different about music recorded six or more decade ago. It might be harmony and synchronous playing of musicians, simple direct method of recording, two-three channel "miked" rooms etc. I don't really care. I love the natural pace of the music and the way it pull me into performance. Let it be Miles, Coltrane, Rollins, Mingus, Cannonball etc. Trends Audio PA-10 gave a very involving presentation with enough musical drive to evolve emotions. This is what matters the most. In my past reviews I went through so many specifications about frequency range, bass, highs etc. I will conclude and sum my impressions simply and straightforward. PA-10 capacity to replay music can put many similarly priced products to envy. It's obvious that this mighty fellow was designed with music in mind.


Trends Audio PA-10 is a mighty machine. Well crafted and thought out topology brings out the fundamentals of music. This is not a budget machine, but affordable musical box, that will serve both headphone fans and music lovers in need of preamplifier. With it's open, dynamic and involving character it will give hours of listening fun. Don't be fooled by the price or size. PA-10 captivate what it's matter in the music with a generous style.

Matej Isak

Mono & Stereo
matejisak (at)

Technical specification:

Vacuum Tube 6DJ8/6922 series or 12AU7 series (exchangeable)
Output Stage MOSFET x 2
Amplification Gain x3 (for Audio CD/DAC IN)x6 (for Audio PC/iPod IN)Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 92dBDynamic Range 92dBTHD+Noise 0.05% @ 10k ohm0.15% @ 33 ohmInput Audio CD/DAC IN RCA (Left/Right) x 1 [3Vpp max.]Audio PC/iPod IN RCA (Left/Right) x 1 [0.55Vpp max.]Power Socket (5.5mm/2.1mm) x 1Output Audio OUT RCA(Left/Right) x 1Headphone OUT (3.5mm) x 1Other Switch & Knob Audio IN selection switch x 1Power ON/OFF switch x 1Power Indicator (Blue LED under Tube Socket) x1Volume Knob x 1Power Supply DC 24V-26.5V (max.)Dimensions(DxWxH) 114mm x 76mm x 46mmWeight 380g

Specification of the AC Adaptor

AC Input Universal AC 100V-240V/50-60HzDC Output DC 24V 0.6A (15W)DC Plug DC 2.1mmRipple & Noise <= 25mVOver-load Protection 105%-150%Over-voltage Protection 115%-150%Dimensions(DxWxH) 78mm x 50mm x 33mmWeight 150g

Packing List:

AC Adaptor
User Guide
Warranty Card x1