New LINNENBERG cdp3E CD player

The LINNENBERG cdp3E is now available. This player is specialized in playback of
Red Book CD’s exclusively.

As a solid starting point the cdp3E employs the famous CD-PRO2 mechanism. The
rugged die-cast mechanism undergoes extensive modifications in order to meet our
very stringent guidelines, in particular the jitter performance. Although completely
different in nature, jitter is the equivalent to harmonic distortion in the
analogue domain. Both have in common that it is not the absolute value of jitter, but
the harmonic content which counts. The majority of manufactures see the use of
asynchronous sample rate converters as a powerful tool in reducing jitter. Years of
research and development showed us that you can’t get rid of the jitter with these
devices: the former time distortion of the incoming samples is converted to an
uncorrectable amplitude distortion of the outcoming samples. We know better and
eliminate any time distortion in a closed loop arrangement driven by a single master

Of course the analogue stage is a non feedback design. A very short signal path,
freedom of all sorts of transient distortions brings back your music to life again.

Price for the cdp3E is 4500.00€

With the exception of some Asian countries, we do direct distribution and shipping is
world wide.