Robert Kŏda ‘Takumi K-70’


Robert Kŏda ‘Takumi K-70’:

A journey that spanned the globe over twenty years blossomed with the birth of the Japanese ‘Robert Kŏda’ brand. Ex-Audio Note UK and Audio Note Japan (Kondo) engineer Mr. Robert Koch merges traditional artisan techniques with lateral-thinking to express his unique philosophy.

The ‘Takumi K-70’ tri-chassis power amplifier is a marriage of a single-ended triode input stage, thirty-two power transistors and a 600 VA R-core transformer per channel, executed with a selection of highest-grade wiring harnesses and components.

Musicians ride a wave of 70 watts per channel of pure Class A emanating from the ‘Takumi K-70’. A unique circuit design with a DC Reactor Power Supply and an arsenal of 1,000 watts on the power rails provides for life-like dynamics and transient response.

The 80 kg tour de force is encased in luxurious aluminium and finished in alluring champagne-gold. Each ‘Takumi K-70’is expertly hand-crafted in Tokyo by Mr. Robert Koch in a strictly limited quantity of twenty units per annum worldwide.

Amplitune are proud to announce exclusive UK importation and also that the first and currently only ‘Takumi K-70’ in the EU is available for demonstration in Coventry, England. We invite all music lovers to experience for themselves this rare and unique amplifier by visiting our website or contacting us directly via email at

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