Heavens Gate Audio high-quality audio cables

After four years of intense research & development Heavens Gate Audio introduced a new series of high-quality audio cables in August 2010.

Christoph Kraemer, Chief Designer and President of Heavens Gate Audio said:

”Designing cables for audio applications is limited to some fundamental basics,
a balanced combination of various options and last but not least, hundreds of trials and errors.
For me, it's like the 'Old Masters' of Art. Whether Rembrandt, Rubens, van Goch, or Botticelli - they all used oil-based paint, brushes and canvas. It's a matter of balance, that creates real masterpieces.”

Heavens Gate Audio uses various conductor materials to manufacture their products:
Pure 4N-Silver, Silver-Gold-Alloys and Silver-Copper-Alloys. These conductors are aligned in a special way to optimize impedance characteristics, capacitive behaviour and electrmomagnetic fields.

Up to six pure-silver shields are used in an unconventional way to reject any source of high-frequency noice by adopting a passive filter network.

All connectors are choosen for best performance in combination with the conductor material used - Cardas, Oyaide and Neutrik.

The build quality is superior and allows the manufacturer to offer a life-time AND transferrable warranty to the registered owner.

Heavens Gate Audio offers a 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee for all products purchased through selected dealers and distributors.

A review of these products will follow soon.

Contact: www.heavensgateaudio.com
Email: info@heavensgateaudio.de