Introducing Gato Audio

Introducing Gato Audio

A "New" Name with a Long and Rich Scandinavian Heritage

While the name Gato Audio may be new to the consumer audio world, the history and experience behind the brand have deep roots extending all the way back to the mid twentieth century, encompassing internationally known Danish audio legends such as Rossing Electronic, Avance Loudspeakers, Holfi, Thule Audio and GamuT.

Conceived to represent the absolute zenith of Danish High End audio technology, performance and design, Gato Audio brings together decades of experience in the purest imaginable statement of Scandinavian excellence.

Managing director of Gato Audio Frederik Johansen announces, "We have assembled a young, ambitious team of highly motivated and skilled individuals steeped in Denmark's grand tradition of innovation and exploration in the audio field. Gato Audio has been fortunate to gather specialists with vast knowledge and extensive experience in High End and professional audio and a keen eye for the rapidly evolving needs and wishes of the critical consumer in a highly volatile technological field."

Audaciously launching the brand with amplification and loudspeakers, Gato Audio offers the AMP-150 integrated amplifier (2x150W, 8 Ohms), the ergonomically designed universal RC-1 Remote Control and two loudspeaker models available in Black Satin, White Satin or Walnut, the stand-mounted FM-2 and the floor-standing FM-6.

The forthcoming CDD-1 integrated CD transport/digital-analogue converter, currently an ambitious work in progress, will complete the Gato Audio stereo music system with an intuitive user interface, exceptional sonic performance and distinctive contemporary Danish styling.

Exceedingly rare in High End audio, Gato Audio will soon be able to deliver a complete High End sound system, from digital source and amplification to cables and loudspeakers with unrivalled performance built on a unique combination of specialized experience and finely honed engineering skills.

Kresten Dinesen, Gato Audio designer and creative director, explains the thinking behind the brand's instantly recognisable exterior design, "We consciously infuse our products with a contemporary Scandinavian style sensibility in carefully considered ways that contribute to their technical and mechanical superiority and longevity. After all, music is art, so why shouldn't your hi-fi also be a work of art?"

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