New room and high-end audio blog from Matej Isak

Many of you wrote me to share daily insights into happenings around Mono and Stereo. So I'll start with the new listening room.

I contemplated for days (weeks to be honest) about the colour of the walls. How to achieve a great sounding,  good looking room that will present all the audio gear and accessories, that come and go through the Mono & Stereo audio space in the best way. I wanted to combine the classical feeling with a touch of contemporary energy. Often, but not as a rule, our beloved gear is a beauty for the eyes. Olive green is natural colour and blend very nicely with the wood, metals, cloth and other natural materials.

Libra Acoustics will design the room acoustic and I managed to find a great wall paint olive colour, that will blend nicely with their acoustic cloth covered sound panels.

Acoustic Preference Maestoso 2.0 speakers are still waiting for their grand entrance and will match nicely  wood part of Solid-Tech rack.

The new room ambience is welcoming Robert Koda Takumi K-70 amplifier in a due time and some other fine gear, but more about that in upcoming blogs.

I'm inviting you to visit the site and blog frequently for some fun reading and insights into high-end audio. I'm sure it will satisfy both music and gear lovers.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo