Human Audio Libretto CD player

The beginnings:

Only a few friends, who for many years-decades in the hunt better and better sound, steadily and
persistently seek, build, buy, and experimenting, and then finds out sometimes (quite often), the
currently had a bad way and back to the beginning and starting it again.

It is possible that this is familiar to many of us - we recognize that it is very difficult to find a good
way, but we feel we could it now (at least to the satisfaction of their ears anyway)

We knew that a lot of compromise is with the audio CD in a lot of concern is the familiar analog
vs. digital war, but still we felt that there was indeed more potential in the CD technology, so we
decided in addition to the further development of CD, which also tried to give an amazing sound
experience even for the genuine analogue-fans as well. During our experiments, in many cases not
only our reference devices compared to our achieved results, but with the human voices, which was
produced live performers themselves, and a controlled side by side addition.

So that was the idea and thus was born a couple of years of hard work our Libretto called pride,
which will the public may hear this year (2010) at the Home Cinema & HiFi Show in the WestEnd
Hilton Hotel Budapest.

More goals and details:

As we proceeded in the development is increasingly conceived in us, whether we want to design
the outside look as the well-developed interior. Our team members have always had a aversion is
well accustomed ’big irons’ in the world of high-end, so we designed a fairly unique, more humane
and ’green’ appearance for the Libretto.

During our research we could not find equal solutions than our reference of to pure battery power,
so we thought a bold and designed the batteries into our devices.

This will have been fully exempted from the energy network interferences at the same time giving
the user great freedom of listening in terms of location and time of day. (As we know, sound
systems are strongly influenced by the current energy system in the quality and workload, including
significant differences as a 40-year old cabling downtown apartment and let’s say, a family house in
a newly build street with underground cabling on occasion of listening music. As well as it does not
matter whether this activity is even in the morning, or the busy, many interferences loaded evening
hours done)

The battery feeding also has its own problem, so I seriously had to keep in mind the power
consumption in order to reach the right operating hours, so the energy efficiency - the least possible
losses also came to the fore in pursuit of what so many of modern electronics manufacturers want to
tell about itself.

If already ’green’ in the interior, let's be the outside look also! As I said I did not want to ’big irons’
arsenal to expand, so the emotions are much more human, more intimate feel - the old music
instruments ingredient in the tree went back, but in a way that has never happened to us can be
criticized for failing to further reduce the already heavily narrow green environment. Therefore, we

chose to our best friend the bamboo, which is not only one of the fastest growing tree species, but
even I can tell that they are grown specifically for industrial purpose.

Back to the Libretto, we have to mention is that the nowadays available is still the most reliable
and most robust mechanics, the famous Philips Pro2 Industrial version was chosen. All kinds of
uncertainty without a rigid suspension is designed with a built-in base LIBRA special lenses also form
the basis for the appearance of the player unit is also implemented.

The accurately read digital signal is coming out on the DSP chip's output followed by a unique
configuration of hybrid DAC's output will be provided the pure analog signal by a specific, highly
stable J-FET stage followed, which does not contain any negative feedback! The outputs at the end of
the US Jensen audio transformers for use of specialized several megahertz vector also work towards
ensuring the perfect symmetry and the galvanic isolation of our source to the Amplifier direction.

The Libretto has separate batteries for both analog and digital circuits, and feeding, without any
kind of DC / DC converters. A compact size of charger is not inside of the device, so the raw voltage
inherent cannot getting into the devices, or even the charging can only be start just when turned off
sate of the device, but it automatically connects to the unit. Assuming full charge of the CD player's
battery the operating time is about 24 hours, so the largest number of cases can not be completed
before the time of the listening music because of the unusual energy source.

In the future we're planning to introduce an optional solar-powered battery charger as well, which
can achieve a complete and totally independence from the energy network.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price of about 6990 EUR VAT which includes a 5-year warranty
(2 years on batteries) and Lifetime technical support.

Krisztian Neukum

Sales Manager / Human Audio