Artisan Silver Cables “Silver Dream” pure silver USB cable launched.

Many of Artisan’s customers asked them for this product - which is designed to give the best
possible optimized connection between a computer and an external USB DAC.

Artisan’s head-honcho said the following:
“After all the nay-sayers who claim the USB cable cannot possibly make much difference, even
we were shocked at the magnitude of improvement over a stock USB cable.
The Silver Dream USB is available now and we are very proud indeed of the price/performance
ratio on this one - starting as it does from just £99, depending on length.”

To quote from the website:

“In the high-end hi-fi world everything matters. All elements in the chain affect the end result.

The new breed of computer audiophile - intent on extracting the best possible sound from
computers - knows this better than most. Many listen with external USB DACs and pipe the
resulting sound through high-end headphone amps feeding super-revealing headphones, or into
a high-end hi-fi system. This is high-definition listening and just like watching a big high-definition
television, non-optimum elements earlier in the chain are ruthlessly revealed.

This is when a high-quality pure silver USB cable installed between the computer and the external
USB DAC can make a huge difference (there are those who claim that it can't possibly make much
difference, but those folks have obviously not tried it!). Our cable uses 4 individual pure silver
conductors, arranged in a 4-way braid, each individually insulated in over-sized Teflon tubing.”

The Artisan Silver Cables “Silver Dream” USB cable can be ordered direct from the web site at

Contact: Alister Staniland at