CA Electronics Ceramic LP Puck Heavy Weight

CA Electronics Ceramic LP Puck

The CA Electronics Ceramic LP Puck HW is the latest addition to the product line-up of CA

The CA Ceramic LP Puck will prevent resonances from the turntable traveling to your
cardridge. The Heavy weight LP Puck wil also push the record towards the turntable
platter, so the record is stabelized and flattend.

All CA Isolators are hand crafted and hand polished in The Netherlands. They are made of
specially chosen and improved ceramic material which is smooth on the outside but very
irregular structured on the inside. Vibrations in the whole frequency range are transferred
in heat.

In short, they are ideal for the job.


••• Weight: 510 gram
••• Height: 59 mm
••• cross-section bottom: 72 mm
••• cross-section top: 80 mm
••• Made out of special and improved Ceramics
••• A bushing at the bottom ensures a good fit and keeps the ceramic protected
••• CA Engraved at the bottom

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