Fonel Audio CD player Simplicite arrives


As promised and by popular request I'm sharing the happenings in my review listening room. 

Today just arrived beautiful CD player from Highe-end audio company Fonel.

I'm impressed by the quality and handling of everything; from packaging to the aesthetics and gorgeous wooden remote. Everything is in style and match harmonically with Acoustic Preference Maestoso 2.0 speakers and Solid Tech audio rack.

It will round through Artisan Silver balanced cables into Burmester 051 amplifier. Since Fonel CD allows a volume control of output it would be nice to tried it directly as preamp.

No comment about sound yet, since I just connected it. It will stay here for few weeks and let it settle first for a while.

Now some eyesight enjoyment.

Matej Isak

Mono & Stereo 

Very well packed.
Open sesame!
Gorgeous wooden remote. 
Impressive stock power cord.
Fonel in the good company.
Wooden harmony
First minutes.
Front plate
Cd tray decorate with wood.
Display with volume digital meter.