KeyStrobe strobe lights & discs

KeyStrobe turntable essentials

John Daniel kindly send a sample of his KeyStrobe lights and discs products. With all the revival of vinyl this are simple and essential tools for any vinyl fan. I often check the pitch and speed with CD counterparts for my records to keep my review system balanced. KeyStrobe is an instant and simple solution for keeping your turntable at right speed.

"The vinyl renaissance offers a reassuring sound that is a echo of a warm past, like a good old friend. Like all loved things it must be treated with care. Incorrect speed will make notes tend to sharp or flat. Speed fluctuation is worse still. Checking a turntable’s speed is essential for good reproduction.

Some turntables have platter strobe markings for illumination by mains powered lighting or mains powered strobe lamps. These can be used to better advantage with an accurate quartz strobe light, otherwise a strobe disc can be used".