Michael Franks Blue Pacific vinyl LP

Michael Franks Blue Pacific

Michael Franks is surely one of the most underrated jazz/pop artist of past three decades. With impressive back catalogue and even more soulful lyrics and music, he's often a discovery for many music lovers. www.michaelfranks.com

Today vinyl copy arrived. After owning CD for more than 15 years I simply wanted to have this album on vinyl. Thanks God one can still trace most of the stuff on big black plastic spinner :).  

This album is not a milestone, but it might need to be. It's still same wit Michael capturing your hearth with his intelligent lyrics and music complemented with arrangements from Jeff Lorber, Joe Sample with list of guest artist that could evoke instant envy (but then again he always luckily had the best musician at the hand). If Tommy LiPuma, Al Schmitt, Dean Parks, John Guerin, John Patitucci, Peter Erskine etc. don't light you up, then Walter Becker and Roger Nichols that helped shape Steely Dan famous sound, should!

This album is a fine mixture of pop and jazz. While it might take few run through for some, this is a true pleasure for any music lover. Whole album renders like one song with continuing message. 

My wife Natalija nicely commented that is simply hard to stop listening to the songs on the album. This is also a magic of vinyl. No track skipping, just taking time for music to evolve and mesmerise. 

Sound is well balanced and nicely recorded. It took half hour for Miyajima Labs Shilabe to warm up, but after that everything came to life. It's hard getting into audiophile pin pointing of the sound. Why? Music just grabs you. Anyhow, on a good or even simple, but well balanced system you'll get your dose of audiophile vitamins. 

I even seen Blue Pacific back in 90's in few of high-end demo rooms at all the major international shows. His music might be more known to Japan audiophiles, but don't be a stranger to this true artisan of poetry, music and lyrics.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo audio magazine