FONEL presents new speaker «Eureka» .

Musicality and universality.

3-band speaker system FONEL «Eureka»  .

91,5 dB of sensitivity and active subwoofer?s  part to get for the new 3-band speaker system FONEL «Eureka» 
real universality. It has perfect compatibility with different tube and transistor amplifiers. 

The sound of «Eureka» are dynamic, responsiveness, musicality, energy and emotionality. 
The universality of «Eureka» also consists in its compactness which very good for small rooms 
and in its big nominal power which very good for large halls. In addition «Eureka» well proved
self as front or rear speakers in home cinema systems.

Features of engineering solutions, realized in Fonel «Eureka»:

        - Acoustic execution as a closed box, with high-quality paper loudspeakers, what is the
       best solution for the quality of sound,
        - The cases thickness is 22 mm with a lot of fixing bulkheads and with special damping 
       materials that provide resonance minimisation; outer surfaces are coated with natural 
       veneer, lacquer and leather,
        - A high quality Fonel crossover with film capacitors and air coils,
        - Automatic on/off switching of the active subwoofer's part;
        - Quality power sources, with powerful toroidal transformer and 50 000 mF capacitors in 
       every speaker,
        - Microprocessor operating system with signal, protection, supply voltage, heatsinks temperature 
       and other system parameters monitoring,
        - A level adjustment of the active subwoofer?s part.

Technical Parameters

Sensitivity                                             91,5 dB
Speaker system type                                     passive, 3-band, closed box
Frequency range                                                 22 - 35000 Hz
Nominal power                                                           260 W
Level adjustment of active subwoofer?s part             3 steps, ± 3 dB 
Supply voltage                                                          230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions                                                              1050 x 330 x 250 mm 
Weight                                                                  32 Kg (each)

Retail price        5 490 EUR (pair)