CA Electronics introduces the CA Diamond 1 Damping Plate

CA Diamond 1 Damping Plate

CA Electronics has yet again developed a new and innovative product, the CA Diamond 1 damping plate.

De CA Diamond 1 Plate is the ultimate in resonance control and shielding. The Diamond 1 is very effective in damping over a broad range of frequencies, but it does not  makes music sounds too damped. Instead, music flows more naturally, and has a lot more dynamics 
and a vastly improved sound stage.

Another great addition is the shielding against RFI, which has a bad influence on your audio equipment. Especially tube amps and digital appliances (amps and CD players for example) are vulnerable to them. The damping plate's are born after many months of designing, testing and trying different materials. We found the Improved Ceramics, as used in the CA Cones and Ca Ceramic LP Puck in  combination with the wood used worked very well. The addition of a massive shielding plates encapsulated into the ceramics will shield the equipment on top and below the plate against RFI.  

The CA Diamond 1 damping plate is hand crafted in The Netherlands. The CA Electronics Diamond 1 damping plate is available in High Gloss Black and in the size 40 x  50 cm (15.75 x 19.68 inch).  On request we can supply different colours and sizes.

For information and availability of the CA Diamond 1 damping plate,or our other products take a  look on, or contact us.