"Microphonics" in an amplifier

Do resonances and microphonics really matters

In few of Mono & Stereo published and upcoming articles I touched the matter of resonances and dealing with them. Many are sceptic about impact of air born and component inherent resonances on the final sound of any given audio gear. Here is a new article with sound recording from Robert Koch of  Robert Koda audio.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo

Robert Koch:

In recent years audiophiles have become increasingly aware that the equipment stands on which they place their equipment can make a difference to sound quality. While one possible reason may be as a result of electro-magnetic field alterations, the most commonly accepted reason is one of microphonics. Microphonics, the undesirable side effect when an electric circuit converts physical vibrations into an electrical signal is easily understood when looking at devises such as vacuum tubes.

However, microphonics is at play, even in one hundred percent solid state equipment.

The WAV file I have prepared demonstrates this fact. The circuit under test is a low gain line level circuit housed in an aluminum chassis. The cover removed and the "innards" are being probed and tapped with a thin wooden stick (click on the link for wav audio file). 

The impact of such vibrations can be more than clearly heard but it is important to remember that special test procedure's are required to demonstrate these kind of results.

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Robert Koch of Robert Koda

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