New products from Giant-Killer Cables

"Double Quad-Core Silver":

The "Double Quad-Core Silver" is our new top-of-the-range interconnect. It has the same materials and configuration as the "Quad-Core Silver", except that 8 individual silver-plated conductors are used instead of 4. This further lowers the resistance of the overall cable, resulting in the following sound-quality improvements over the "Quad-Core Silver": 

*The overall sound becomes fuller, with greater bass power and extension, yet at the same time more transparent.
*Even greater inner musical detail is heard. 
*Music flows with greater ease and naturalness.

Given the high cost of materials in this cable, we think we have successfully managed to continue our policy of offering maximum value for money.

Full details and prices here: 

XLR balanced versions of the "Quad-Core Silver" and "Double Quad-Core Silver":

A lot of customers have inquired about XLR balanced versions of our interconnects, so we are pleased to able to announce that the "Quad-Core-Silver" and "Double Quad-Core Silver" are now available with XLRs - just visit the individual products' pages to see the option of RCA or XLR connections.