NMC Recordings - March & April new releases

David Lumsdaine : Big Meeting An extraordinary collage of voices, speeches, songs, brass bands and their electronic transformations, which David Lumsdaine constructed from location recordings of the 1971 Durham Miners' Gala.
Location recording by David Lumsdaine (tape montage/re-composition)

Watch our Big Meeting short promo vodcast here.

NMC D171

Thea Musgrave : An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
Musgrave's 'opera for radio' sets a dreamlike tale of the American Civil War (150th Anniversary of the war this year) based on An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, Ambrose Bierce's short story. It is paired with Green, for 12 solo strings, and Wild Winter I, for solo voices and viol consort, both exploring different aspects of conflict past and present.
Jake Gardner, baritone; Gayle Hunnicutt, narrator; London Sinfonietta; Thea Musgrave, conductor

Red Byrd; Fretwork; Scottish Ensemble

NMC D167

Prism New Works For ClarinetThese new works for clarinet and basset clarinet - by Mark-Anthony Turnage, Emily Howard, Gary Carpenter, Patrick Nunn, Kenneth Hesketh, David Horne and Gavin Higgins - were commissioned by Mark Simpson, winner of the 2006 BBC Young Musician of the Year competition. Also featured is Mark's own work Lov(escape).
Mark Simpson, clarinet & basset clarinet
Ian Buckle, piano
NMC D139

NMC's Annual Digital Subscription

Earlier this month NMC launched its new Annual Digital Subscription
This way of selling product works well for labels like NMC that have a strong, consistent and unique artistic remit that is identifiable across all of its releases, and we have had a steady flow of subscribers since we launched the offer last week.
Our online store is run by our digital distributor State 51. They look after a lot of small indie labels, the majority of which are non-classical. It means we get to experiment with marketing and sales techniques that are more common-place in the pop world. 

The up-front income generated from the subscription offer will be reinvested in making new recordings, which is particularly important at the moment as funding for arts charities (NMC is a registered charity) is under increasing pressure

Pay an annual subscription fee of £80 and we will send you the digital (mp3/FLAC) version of each NMC release on the Friday ahead of its official release.
There are usually 12 releases per year, which means with this offer you get 3 recordings absolutely free! (based on FLAC pricing)