Speakers Corners Vinyl Highlights Vol. 2

Wizz Jones "Right Now" 

Columbia S 64809
"Right Now" - Wizz Jones (voc, g); Sandy Jones (bjo); Pete Berryman (g); Reanna Sutcliffe (p, har, voc); John Renbourn (si, hca); Andy Fernbach (p); Sue Draheim (v); Malcolm Pool (b); Ian Hoyle (dr)
Format: 1LP 33rpmRelease date: 07.03.2011
Configuration: standard sleeve

Wizz Jones might not be well known to most of you, but if you're a music traveller of 70's you'll surely don't wont to miss this one. There are many ways one could pin point Wizz Jones to a certain genre, but I would avoid it. This album is a creative work with the clear sign of incoming influences of the era. Funny enough you can clearly hear that artist like Jose Gonzales didn't draw inspiration only from the legendary melancholic Nick Drake. Man, do I miss the past decades when writing songs, lyrics and recording them was an art and true effort.

Very nice stereo recording with depth and space around instruments. I wish more titles would give so much late nice pleasure as this release. A true treat with both music and audio. Silent pressed vinyl and another fine release from Speakers Corner. Don't be stranger to get it "Righ Now". Recommended.

Ben Webster "The Soul Of Ben Webster"

Verve V6-8359
"The Soul Of Ben Webster" - Ben Webster, Harold Ashby (ts); Art Farmer (tr); Jimmy Jones (p); Milt Hinton (b); Mundell Lowe (g); Dave Bailey (dr)
Format: 1LP 33rpmRelease date: 10.02.2011
Configuration: standard sleeve

Probably the most soul-full record that came from legendary Ben Webster. I don't wont to repeat myself with time date and era, when this recording was made, but you'll recognize the spirit of late 50's instantly. Webster accompanied by true jewels (some from Duke's orchestra) managed to push traditional jazz into sentimental mood that rarely evoke. There is no pushing notes, or solitude science, but melodious interplay of sensible moments of collaboration. It feels like friends playing jazz not only for fun, but as writing and poem to the loved one.

It's never too late to respectively step out of clutches of hard bop, be-bop, avant-garde etc. for an hour. There is always a gentle nature of every jazz giant and we've heard it from the Trane, Miles, etc. I'm glad Ben revealed his gentle side.

I simply love the sound and quality of sound engineering that is so to say almost traditional. Kudos to Speakers Corner for noiseless and quality pressing. Not only recommended, but a must for every jazz and music lover.

June Christy "The Cool School"

Pure Pleasure T 1398
"June Christy: The Cool School" - June Christy (voc); Joe Castro (p, celeste); Howard Roberts (g); Leroy Vinnegar (b); Larry Bunker (dr, vb, bgo)

Format: 1LP 33rpm
Release date: 11.01.2011
Configuration: standard sleeve
Manufacturer: Pure Pleasure

What exactly is the reason behind "The cool School". This album is a profound music in the core of child simplicity. Almost mystical interlude of children songs conducted through a spirit of June and expertly shaped by the Joe Castro Quartet. I found constantly intrigued, yet drawn into the music. The boldness of June determination is soften by her tender, silk like voice. She knows what she sings, expertly, but the emotions are were they needed to be-in the performance.

This is an album, that will stay and play with your sub-conciousness. I'm sure this was never supposed to be a statement, but more like expression of adult dealing with the childhood pastimes and emotions. Everything around June Christy is simple via-medium of her expression.

This is mono recording, but don't let this stop you in any way. Often proved mono records managed to capture the spirit of the momentum in a unique way. "The Cool School" is no exception. If you're not familiar with the richness of monaural recording gift yourself with this record. Very musical and fine recording from the era that will hold unique aura forever. Fine craftsmanship and respected quality. This is something different, for the analogue fans and those who cherish intimate vinyl music.

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Pure Pleasure ST 2904
"Quicksilver Messenger Service" - John Cipollina, Gary Duncan (g, voc); David Frieberg (b, voc); Greg Elmore (dr, perc)

Format: 1LP 33rpm
Release date: 17.12.2010
Configuration: standard sleeve
Manufacturer: Pure Pleasure

Music for free spirits and vagabonds? You'll hardly find an album that capture the spirit of  60's psychedelia. It was the time of exploration and mixture of everything, but your rock DNA will instantly channel with a true vibe of Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Instrumental "Gold & Silver" takes you on the interplanetary journey where one could easily meet Hendrix, Santana in the intergalactic pub.

Quiet vinyl and the monumental carved stone of musical era, that so easily revive the human quest into the realms of musical odyssey. If your heart is tuned to the reflections of freedom you'll get hooked by the first riff on the record. It's an essential repertoire of psychedelic era and wishful step to the understanding of something greater, perhaps even transcendental.

We often search for a vinyl records to complete something substantial. Here is a great chance, to dive into scratch and dust free memoriam.

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