Cult Favorite WyWires Debuts LITESPD Digital Cables


California  -  March  27,  2011
WyWires, cult producer of hand-made high-end audio interfaces, announces the launch of its latest product  -  the  LITESPD series of digital audio cables, priced  from $329.

"The LTSPD series  makes  WyWires'  engineering  accessible  to  every music listener who owns a Digital to
Analog converter (DAC), a laptop computer, music server  -    any  digital  source  component  that  has  USB,  S/PDIF and or AES/EBU inputs and outputs. The LITESPD series of cables  will bring your  digitally-based music system  to  the  best  performance  level  possible,  even  rivaling  analog  in  most  cases" according to President & Chief Engineer Alex Sventitsky.

"With  the  ubiquitous  nature  of  on-line music downloads and the storing of music files on computer hard
drives, the WyWires LITESPD series fits an important niche in the audio market.  WyWires  cables  have
developed a reputation for detailed, accurate, organic and  majestic  sound.  The  digital  interfaces  are  no
different in that they dramatically improve the sonic performance of digital components with a very detailed, spacious and non-fatiguing presentation. The LITESPD USB cable enables any laptop computer to perform as well or better than any expensive high end CD transport.

This extraordinary claim is based on WyWires' construction techniques and patent pending wire formulae –
ultra high-speed data transfer along with very low capacitance and a natural ability to completely reject

The introduction of the LITESPD series of digital interfaces marks the fourth launch of custom-made audio
cables for WyWires since it's inception in 2010.  It opens up a new market segment for the company, both
in equipment interfaces and in demographics.  The LITESPD digital cable is priced to attract the broadest
audience and allow digital-only listeners to easily upgrade systems with the least expensive and most
noticeable results.

The LITESPD is already in the market with several customer reviews…

"Female vocals were drop dead beautiful. The WyWires cable seemed to bring more texture and humansounding flesh to vocals and organic elements like guitar picks and vocalists breathing etc.  I guess it is
just the WyWires effect!"   Clayton B, British Colombia, Canada.

"I experienced a very high resolution, rich and sophisticated sound which really let the music through in a
pleasing way. Warmth, holography, human, emotion."    Fred A., Long Island, NY, USA

"The new cable has provided the needed sparkle in the treble region without increased treble energy,
totally non-fatiguing. The increased resolution is throughout the entire range of music and the bass is
tight and without any bloom. It has taken my system to a level only thought possible with "cost no object"
components. If you're in need of a digitial cable and want awesome transparency but with dense rich
musical ability, you have got to try this new WyWires digital cable. VERY impressive!" Keith N, Austin, TX


WyWires' product line is a truly revolutionary departure from industry norms, even for cables in upper
price ranges.

The company produces a full line of cables  – analog and digital  interconnects, phono, CD and speaker
cables, and power cords - all with WyWires' hand-crafted and proprietary wire formulae.

All WyWires products provide greater retrieval of musical detail, a heightened sense of realism and
eliminate listening fatigue with a natural, organic presentation.

WyWires cables have virtually no shielding, and are made with a proprietary Litz wire formula  -  not  premanufactured wire made in China.  All  components  are  made  in  the  USA,  Canada  or  the  EU  -  and  cable crafting is done locally in Los Angeles. Each cable is tested before it goes out to the customer and no sale is made until a consultation session is completed. The company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

WyWires products are available for purchase on a factory direct basis as a global distributor/dealer
network is being built. Please visit for more information about the company and
its products.

For product and technology inquiries, and to purchase: Alex Sventitsky