Advanced Acoustic celling panels are up in the sky

Floating heaven

Another late night work shift. Man, with high-end and things audiophile related, you must me "madchen fur alleas". Many thanks for all the emails and requests, that I post pictures and write above my listening room progression. So, here are two flying lotuses on the celling. I installed them right above Acoustic Preference Masestoso 2.0 speaker. They're actually a 60 % closer to my listening position and 40 % of the panels surfaces are looking towards the back wall. 

What did I gain or lost?

Finally there is a right harmony between left and right speakers. It seems that combination of Avcon panels and Advanced Acoustic panels managed to cure tinny lack of right channel separation/reflection. Now instruments are freer (so to speak) and they are way out of the speaker(s).

There is still some bass management to be done (especially in side wall upper corners), but I'm quite pleased so far with the sound. Nothing killed musicality so far, yet there is always a thin line with any new room treatment. 

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo high-end audio magazine 2011