Chisto Analoguer and Black Analoguer cleaning/treatments review

How to keep our disc and minds cleaner 

Yuri Zamazeev contacted me about two months ago with the offer to test two new products from his company Chisto (which means clean) the "Analoguer" and the "Black Analoguer" (dics and label side treatment products).

They we’re both packed nicely in really well designed small carton boxes, that extend the great impression of Chisto website. You’ll find an interesting slogan therr: "Yet another CD cleaning product. Yes but it works!".

Does it?

When it comes to the cleaning products you’ll always have different poles; those who think that they’re vast of your hard earned money and time and others who simply cannot live without them. Being around long enough, I have experienced both the birth of CD, computer and all the multimedia derivatives later on. If you remember the maintenance of the early CD mechanisms and CD’s, you’ll recall quite a delicate handling of both medias and lasers. As soon as you’ll get few of the fingerprints or scratches on the CD, hick-ups and skips would appear and all of your listening fun went other places. It was the same with first versions of “perfect” digital extractors. Not only you could go mad with instability of computer drives, but additionally even small fine scratches would kill the process of extracting.

Technology of digital media handling seems advanced in past two decades, but so did our quest for perfection and detail. These days everyone wants a clean and perfect bits by all means necessary.

Chisto Analoguer and the Black Analoguer works also as antistatic fluids. There is no need for elaborating on nasty returning effect of the dust particles all over your/ours bellowed silver discs. As soon as you clean the darn thing, you’ll instantly get another portion of microscopic covering; all thing unwanted. Chisto successfully incorporated right chemicals composition to avoid this instant phenomena.

Scam’s R us

I’m not used to advertise or review snake oil products. As much as I love great working solutions, I also hate down to my guts all high-end audio scams. Often shine examples of bright minded “audiophile” loving crowd simply try to exploit good willing music lovers who trust so called bonafide reviewers. I’m still standing in a proud ovation on the other side :). No worries about Chisto here. Read on!


Whenever it comes to sublime and delicate improvements within audible universe  I took the safe shelter of late night listening. Be the combination of good clean electricity, peace of mind, absence of day’s hectic; whatever. I don’t care. It simply works for me at those solitude hours.

Putting all our magic pen markers aside, what did actually happen? I managed to “cure” my long time favorite Michael Franks’s Sleeping Gypsy CD from skipping. Luck of the Irish? I doubt.  For that alone Chisto is my new pal.

While all the sublime changes in sound can be based on differen and oftent altered states  of mind, I must say I felt that something did happen to the way I perceived the music from my CD’s with Chisto doing their magic. With DVD’s and Blueray’ it is often easy to see visual improvements. Withing audio and music those distinctions are sharper and harder to experiance. I can stand behind all the technological benefits of both Analoguer and the Black Analoguer without a doubt, but for audible changes you’ll simply have to trust my “sharp” ears or try it for yourself. As I said, something changed and changed for good without placebo effect.

Chisto Analoguer and the Black Analoguer are tools for any serious audio/video media enthusiast  regardless of music or movie camping. With Bluray becoming a major step up for  video and fort-coming audio reproduction Chisto Analoguers’s place in market is more than safe and dare I say needed.

Both Chisto Analoguer’s are packed in 100ml plastic bottle, that should countsfor  350-500 cleanings/treatments. Withing a stylish card box you’ll also find fine reusable cloth.

Recommended treatment for all circle spinning transducers, that simply ceased to die. You can always try those two cleaning/treatments for yourself and you’ll not brake a bank.

Matej Isak: text
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