Fonel Phono preamplifier just arrived

MC and MM goodness from Fonel

It's crazy day for sure. Mactone 300b is almost here and along LessLoss cables Fonel Phono preamp surprise me nicely today. It will be deep nights of weekend audible joy.

You can dive into more info at Fonel website. In meanwhile here are some highlights:

- antiresonance design of cases, made by means of milling work; the design is developed specially for reduction of delayed side-tone and microphone effect;
- high class power supply, performed with usage of a massive toroidal-core transformer;
- stabilized power sources for DC filament heaters;
- high voltage filters of a high degree of accuracy;
- circuit engineering without feed back;
- an original system of optimizing regimes of tube stages, developed with the object of minimizing distortion;
- usage of precision film resistors and capacitors in passive circuits of RIAA-correction; - usage of high-quality valves or Sowter transformers in input stage of MC, MM/MC phono-preamplifiers.

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