Giant-Killer Cables launch the “Ultra-Power” cable and moving magnet phono stage

Giant-Killer Cables launch the “Ultra-Power” cable.

In response to many customer requests, Giant-Killer Cables have now launched their first speaker cable.
The “Ultra-Power” cables use a beefy high-current, low impedance design, in an attempt to remove any stress on the amplification normally caused by driving the cable. The idea is to allow all of the amplifier’s power to get through to the speakers, resulting in a full-blooded full-range sound.

High purity OFC copper is used to preserve purity and a sweet tonality.
The cables are terminated with gold-plated banana plugs (or spades on request) and are available in lengths from one to seven metres.

 “Ultra-Power” speaker cables benefit from a 21-day trial period and can be ordered direct from the web site at  

Giant-Killer Cables a moving magnet phono stage.

This product is designed to offer maximum performance at a sensible price-point. The PCB is carefully laid out to maximize audio performance and uses good quality components throughout. Extensive DC power filtering is employed to maintain low noise and purity of sound.

The company boldly claims the following:
“For those of you running a vinyl-based system - here's a product that will transform the quality of your turntable sound… We haven't gone for fancy casework - all the money has been spent on the high quality internals - allowing it to out-perform any other phono stages at this price-point.”

The Giant-Killer MM Phono Stage  has a 21-day trial period and can be ordered direct from the web site at  

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