Launch of Sablon Audio Panatela Interconnect

This just came in from Mark of Sablon Audio:

"Panatela features the finest sounding silver wire we could find, insulated with natural fibres, and arranged in an extremely low capacitance geometry using the superb Xhadow plugs. It's a very purist design and, whilst the prototypes have elicited an overwhelmingly positive response, it took a little more time to make it sufficiently rugged to ensure reliability.

Sonically speaking, you will hear a stunningly natural musical presentation with remarkable detail. It delivers accurately and evenly across the full frequency range with no 'tipped up silver signature'. The cable has been voiced neutrally for widespread applicability and makes a wonderful partner to our power cords, Robusto and Gran Corona. I'm confident that it continues to deliver on Sablon Audio's reputation for high fidelity with great musicality. Work is now underway on a matching speaker cable............

Panatela is priced at $850 for a 3 foot pair, terminated with Xhadow rca plugs, subject to the usual Sablon terms regarding loyalty discount / DHL shipping / trial period. Full details are now uploaded onto our website and this will shortly be updated for the xlr version once finalised."

Sonic evaluation

-Natural tonal reproduction and weighting
-Neutral and even presentation across the full frequency range
-Detail is presented with a high degree of accuracy and order
-A very low noise floor presents a still and quiet background
-Non-fatiguing yet detailed high frequencies
-Expansive and multi-layered soundstage with an intimacy as if recordings were closely miked
-Relaxed, grain free effortless presentation, carefully tuned to appeal to both heart and head
-An excellent sonic match with either of our Robusto or Gran Corona power cords.

Pricing Model
In the best interests of transparency and providing value to end users, we have adopted an internet direct sales model, with pricing being inclusive of expedited worldwide shipping by DHL and paypal commission. Panatela is being offered at $850 per 3ft pair with Xhadow RCA plugs, with longer lengths being subject to a $150 up-charge per stereo foot. An XLR version is under development and details will be posted once finalised - please register your early interest in order that you may be added to our mailing list / order book.

Matej Isak
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