LessLoss extended power of the truth

LessLoss Anchorwaves speaker cables

In the spirit of initial late night encounters with LessLoss's impressive
power cables, I'm continuing my exploration into unknown territory.

The Anchorwave speaker cables came with easy-to-install Furutech spades. A
little handyman job and they're ready to hopefully sing along. As with
other cables, we can argue about burn in time. I still haven't reached 300
hours burn in time, but either you'll hear and experience the major impact
at once or there is something wrong (no?) with either the cables or the
listener :). What I'm trying to say is that most of the time trained ears
in the company of a well known audio system will recognize the effect or
defect of the cables instantly.

The LessLoss Anchorwaves appear to be an extension of the attributes and
so called character, that convinced me so fast with DFPC.

It was interesting to hear what exactly was happening. The Fonel Audio
phono preamplifier was just entering a day or two of settling in time.
Switching from Tom Evans to tube-based phono surely made things different.
More interestingly, swapping the LessLoss Anchorwave speaker cables
introduced much more drama than expected. In a positive way!

With shielding, resonance control and low resistance, LessLoss managed to
expertly balance the flow of music. Not only do all those Nanoparticles
resolves the mystery, but also clear the field for a technical and logical

It's always almost a burden to unload the wicked ways of the mind, that
can so easily get lazy and accustomed to some initial impression. Have you
ever found yourself in the land of harshness, that would later on became a
rendez-vous with your dreams? The mind can be tricky when we trust it and
allow it to grab us to its safe anchors. Even if you feel that something
changed, how do you know what is reality and what is a lie?

That's why we should call our critical listening an art of science. We
need trained ears and passion to recognize the balanced interconnectivity
of a certain added audio component.

There is something on a vast scale happening within the little universe of
my audio system when having both LessLoss power and speaker cables perform
their duties jointly.

Synergy might be the word. While I'll delve deeper into the science and
mystery of the music caressed by LessLoss's materialized know-how, I can
report even now that there are evident benefits and the system is
harmonically structured the right way.

Thanks for all the inquires. There is no demystification needed. I'm happy
to reveal these cables to all of you dear readers without a trace of
phantasmagoria. The Anchorwaves are, along with the DFPC power cables,
well executed building blocks for refined music, a compliment one another
as a set of high-end gear one can call a high-end audio system.

Matej Isak
Mono & Stereo