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Nano particles, molecular science and audio universe

"How far can we go in the physical realm to stop vibrations once they have manifested themselves in physical stuff, like copper strands, plastic, dielectric materials? Also, let us provide uncompromising shielding, making sure this doesn't influence the sound quality, meaning let's keep the shielding effective in only the highest frequencies, leaving anything remotely close to audio frequencies (< 500,000 Hz) completely alone."

This quote is directly from LessLoss website. Lately so many people asked me about importance of cables. What can I say about them? We came a long way in past century and technically advanced to the state where science fiction meet the real science. With advancement of molecular science and super conductors, we can expect improvements in the cable manufacturing. While we still cannot afford 100 C below zero in our listening rooms (or can we?) and 20 years aged silver cables are out of reach for many, where do we turn for real audible improvements? Let me start exploring the joint universe of LessLoss tonight!

Matej Isak
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