New floor installed in my listening room at Mono & Stereo

African walnut floor for faster sound?

Managed to squeeze energy and time to install new floor at the first half of listening room. I wanted to create a little faster and more dynamic sound. It's major misconception, that room floor needs to be completely covered with rugs and textile. There is always possible to over damp the room and I've seen/heard it too many times. Let me hear it tonight what have I managed to do.

Acoustic Preference Maestoso 2.0 speakers, Advanced Acoustics panels and Solid Tech rack really nicely blended with the new dark brown floor. I wanted to achieve kind of classical feeling with green walls and brown floor and it seems, that it came out fine.

Still waiting for Avcon panels to arrive and then I'll reposition Shunk Mook Mphingo discs and report more on their impact. Still have to work out the reflections in ceiling and install two Organ Acoustic panels on the rear wall. Skogrand Cables (as seen in the pictures) already made fine impression. I'm looking forward to hear refreshed room with Gigawat, Lessloss, Skogrand, PBA, CA Electronics etc.

Many thanks for all the email, so as promised here are the pictures and little heads up.

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Natalija T. Isak/photos
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